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HomeBrand Cat Litter

HomeBrand Cat Litter

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Woolworths Home Brand cat litter has changed

I have used this litter for 2 years now and it was great but it has suddenly changed. I agree with previous review from Val, doesn't clump well and leaves lots of little pieces scattered through the rest of the litter and impossible to pick put. It is also very dusty, the floor has a white tinge to it now and also the skirting board behind the litter tray has a layer of white powder on it. What has happened?

Unfortunate change in product

We have used Woolworths Essentials Clumping Cat Litter for several years and found it excellent.

It formed solid clumps didn't which rarely broke up.
They lifted easily from the tray. No sieving needed
If the cats scattered litter on the floor it was easy to sweep up.

However, the last 3 packs, have been different and of poor quality

It forms good clumps but they stick to the tray which makes it difficult to lift from the tray.
The clumps partially break up leaving many little bits behind so they have to be sieved.
Any litter scattered dry to the floor sticks making it hard to sweep up.

Why the change and why to an inferior product?

Val Ferguson

The new one is really bad old home brand was better

Woolworth use to have a really good home brand litter up until 4 months ago.
Now there litter is unusable:-(
I had been using home brand litter for the last 6 years,
And was so upset when they changed the type of litter.
Why the change ?
I don't understand:-(

What happened to the white Homebrand litter?

I have been using Homebrand white (diatomite?) cat litter for years and have always found it to be an excellent product which I was happy to recommend to new kitten owners. I was horrified to find they had changed to a clay based one which turns into a horrible brown lump on the bottom of the tray. The last time I tried the Coles product it did the same so refused to buy it. My kittens got the brown residue on their paws and walked it all over the floor. I also had some who would eat it which can't be good for them. I am now in search of an alternative until Woolworths sees sense and brings back the good white stuff.

Worst clay litter on the market

I'm a petsitter so I see a lot of different litters. The Homebrand clay litter is the worst litter I've come across. Once it's wet it just turns into a stinky clay lump that is really hard to scoop as it sticks like concrete to the tray and scoop.

If you want a cheap litter the Coles equivalent is so much better or look at buying a bulk size of something like Mistys (which is an excellent clumping litter)

Woollies homebrand clumping cat litter

I don't like the new formula of the homebrand clumping cat litter.. it becomes hard like cement.. and sticks to the litter box like glue.. prefer the old formula.. much better.. I'm worried as my cat has begun
to eat it .. and am worried it
will block her bowl... not going
to use it anymore... What is it
made of exactly.. ? Would like
an answer , as might explain
her eating it if I knew what was
in it.. ? Anyone know, or could
someone from Woollies tell
me please. Thanks. Anyone
else had this problem.?

2016: Excellent Product, with a caveat.

July 2016: Supply has been consistently good for the last 12 months. I would recommend this product to anyone, with the caveat that you make sure the colour is grey. If you open it and it's the red stuff, return it immediately as that stuff is terrible.

It seems that this product's rating is subject to your local supply.

The Bad:
Late 2013 I had to stop using this product as it had become a red dirt. The red dirt left behind a fine dust that induced severe sneezing in both myself and my cat, making it essentially useless as cat litter. I started using it again late 2014, as it now turns out to have been restored to its original supply.

The Good:
As long as your Woolworths provides the litter that is grey in appearance, it will be fantastic! It clumps perfectly and makes it easy to clean any debris from the tray.
Old formula was perfect - easily manageable cat litter.
New formula / supplier has made this product essentially useless

Woolworths Homebrand Cat Litter

I usually buy the 6L & 15L Homebrand cat litter in Queensland as that's where I live and it's a great product. But recently when holidaying in NSW, I bought the same product off the local Woolworths shelf and it was a very different product and was aweful. it didn't absorb, was hard and messy. Why doesn't Woolworths use the same supplier in NSW as in Queensland??

Worst product ever bought

Needs a jackhammer to get off tray. Tried changing after only one morning and made no difference. Turns to clay/cement like consistency. Took an hour to clean up. This product is a pisstake pardon the pun.


For years I have bought this product, but some time this year they changed the composition of it such that instead of changing my cat's letter once a week, I now have to change it every 3 days and it holds the moisture unlike the previous stuff that dried out. Please give us the previous stuff. This new product is dreadful.

For years I have bought this product, but some time this year they changed the composition of it such that instead of changing my cat's letter once a week, I now have to change it every 3 days and it holds the moisture unlike the previous stuff that dried out. Please give us the previous stuff. This new product is dreadful.

Homebrand cat litter 10kg. is disgusting!

The new 10kg. bag of litter is really bad and very heavy and the same price as the old 15kg. bag. The old one was fantastic! When soiled, the new one, is very heavy, especially hard, as I'm disabled and find it difficult to empty the litter. It goes into a heavy sticky slush. Wont be buying it again unless it changes back to old one.
Heavy, smelly and the cats hate it it.

Cat litter .home brand

They changed it from good to bad, we bought 50 bags the10kg. ones I will have to return the lot. the cats hate it .cant tell if its wet or not .looks wet all the time. dust all over the place ,even as I fill out side it still comes out on their feet.

Woolworths Home Brand Cat Litter (15L)

Until recently, (Xmas 2012), this was an excellent product and great value. However, lately the formula has changed. It used to be a course material that caused absolutely no tracking when the cat left its tray. Now the product is dust like and the cat walks the dust around the house. We are now using the Coles Home Brand litter and it is perfect and exactly like the WW's one used to be.

Formula changed to a dusty dirty useless product. It deserves no stars.

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I have found lately the Coles brand litter is useless. Far less absorbent than it used to be & I have been using it for years. They have changed the product as now its darker in color too. Hate it now.

Sticky awful mess!

Have to say that I detest the cat clumping litter as it is sticky and hard to get off the cat litter tray.
Bring back the pebbles cat litter! Much easier to dispose of!
Sticky mess!


This has been a good, reliable product, but unless it reverts to its original quality I won't be buying it anymore. Some of my dissatisfied customers tell me that they have tried the Coles brand since, which is better than the current Woolworths variey. A great pity in my opinion. I hope they can get back to the original quality.
The 'clumping' variety is great. You only need to remove the clumps, and the rest of the litter stays without odour. Very efficient and cheap.
However! over the last few months it has changed. It doesn't clump well at all, and the stones are too big to soak anything up. The urine goes straight to the tray base and the litter just sticks there in a 'clag'y mess. Stays wet and gooey and smelly. Have been seriously considering another store's Homebrand, which I don't really want to have to do... I am a service cashier at a Woolworths store and have been asking customers for their views on this product lately. Without exception they have felt exactly the same as I have.

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Have to say that I detest the cat clumping litter as it is sticky and hard to get off the cat litter tray. Bring back the pebbles cat litter! Much easier to dispose of!


I recommend you try this product just once and you will be surprised how good it is!!! It will save you so much money. The large 15L bad lasts for a very long time. I actually prefer this product to cat crystal litter which is three times the price of this one.
This is such good value for money!! Its very cheap to buy, but the quality is still very good. It is so economical compared to other kitty litters on the market
I have nothing bad to list about this product, only that I wish i had found it before now!!


It is cat litter and it does its job fine for a reasonable price although I notice that it doesn't really clump that much, but that could be due to a rabbit using it instead of a cat. Otherwise it is a good product.
This might sound a little strange but we have a rabbit and he has a kitty litter tray. We only buy the Homebrand cat litter because he tends to kick some it around the onto the floor. However, it does the job of keeping his cage clean and smelling ok, handy when he lives in our garage.
I am not a fan of sweeping it up off the garage floor everyday.


Ive bought this a few times when the usual one I buy is sold out. I was suprised at the decent quality of the product as the price is so cheap. The pebbles did get a bit messy when the cats would kick the litter out. I did find though that if there was a lot of urine in the tray the pebbles would stick to the bottom of the tray. The packaging is very poor though and did rip in my car making a big mess.
Cheap, pretty decent quality for price
Can be messy if not using a hooded litter tray, poor quality packaging


My cat has been using this litter for years and it has never posed a problem. It is easy to replace and there are no problems cleaning it out. Unlike other litters, it does not go clumpy or stick to the bottom after use. I highly recommend this product based on the fact it is so cost effective, the bags last for ages, and my cat has never complained about using it. For a homebrand product it is definitely worth giving a try.
This product is extremely cheap compared with other products on the market and comes in a large enough bag that it can last for ages before you have to buy more. Very easy to clean up and it does not leave a mess in the litter tray.
No cons to think of.


We often buy this for our two cats as it is very cheap and you get a massive amount in the bag, which can be re-sealed using a rubber band or metal clip. Absorbs both the scent and the liqued from the cat urine, doesn't leave a lingering scent through the house.
Very cheap, doesn't strain the budget, actually absorbs the smell really well, doesn't have a natrual smell to it, absorbs the urine well and doesn't require hourly changing like some cheap brands
Nothing, a pretty satisfactory product considering the brand doesn't have a great reputation

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What is wollies clumping cat litter made of.? My cat has started eating it.. and is bloated.. but she won't stop.. wondered what it was made of.???
1 answer
Most clumping litters are nade of bentonite clay but but idk bout this band

Will woollies be bringing back the home brand cat litter, and when?
1 answer
Since the WW Home Brand cat Litter changed some 12 months ago to a dusty material that our cat inadvertently carried away on his paws around the house we have not purchased it. We now buy the Coles Home Brand cat litter which is not dusty at all and works perfectly.

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