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HomeBrand Cottonlined Rubber

HomeBrand Cottonlined Rubber

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Woolworth "Homebrand" Rubber Gloves are getting worse

Years ago, Woolworth "Homebrand" Rubber Gloves can be last for months, later the life of this brand gloves keeping shorter and shorter, now they can only last for a couple of weeks, the rubber start feels like going to melt. The worst one I bought only used once and it start leaks. "Homebrand gloves" are made of rubbish.

about average so far

I bought the homebrand rubber gloves as my old gloves were too small and hard to use from Woolworths fairy meadow supermarket nsw and so far so good @ it's a tiny bit tight though nothing to worry about and they are soft on the hands not to mention they are not an annoying to look at it @ so far they are good / they are cheap and affective so I would recommend the homebrand rubber gloves to anyone who needs to do some cleaning or just wants to pick up something to move it that is not sharp

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They would be even good for someone who wants to wash the dishes whether they do the dishes because they haven't got a dishwasher or the dishwasher broke down in between

Great gloves

I have really sensitive skin and sadly i don't have a dish washer. So often when it comes to washing the dishes and doing the general cleaning i cant do it with out wearing a pair of rubber gloves to stop the harsh chemicals from coming into contact with my skin. I find after a while it doesn't actually matter how much you pay for your gloves they all end up in the after a while because they have developed holes or tears. I really like these gloves they are cheap and are normally 99cents for the two pairs which is a really bargain and you just cant complain for that fantastic price.


These are good and reasonably priced cotton-lined gloves which can be used for common cleaning around the home. They are sometimes hard to find, which maybe because they are so reasonably priced, so if I find them in the size I need, I buy a pair or two.
These are pretty good gloves that come in a range of sizes and are priced very low. They are handy to have around the house when you are going to do some cleaning. They are durable and don't crack or break at the finger tip if you are doing a lot of scrubbing. Plus, they come in a pack of 2, so thats even better value since most of the others only come in a single pack.
I haven't found anything bad about this gloves and they are cotton lined. Sometimes, its hard to find the size I am looking for, so if I find it, I usually buy a spare pack.

Questions & Answers

Howdy - I have dermatitis so I have to use gloves when touching dishwashing liquids and have hands that fit large or extra large gloves / would these homebrand gloves be suitable for me? - Or do they tear easily?
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I now bought some homebrand gloves a few weeks ago and so far so good so basically i don't need the question answered anymore


HomeBrand Cottonlined Rubber
Release dateNov 2010