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Good value nappies

Always was using Coles comfy bots these are just the same great value for good quality nappies and they are also the same price as the Coles comfy bots no leaks even with a full nappy no nappy rash either and for the price why not would recommend to mums to use .

great nappies, soft and dry, cheap too

great nappies, soft and dry. Not too thick, so great for summer too. It is better than coles comfy boots and baby love ( them ones the connect points too hard, hurt baby's skin). Better than huggies (the size too small). Better than Woolworths once upon a time & Little Explorer Coles ( not absorbent).
it is also very cheap price.

Just as good as any other brand, only half the price!

Decided to give these ago on my 4 month old, i was quite impressed by the quality.
never experienced leaking problems.
they fitted nicely and securely.
in my opinion they worked as well as huggies or baby love ect.
greatly priced, only $11 a packet which would last about a week or a week and a half.

good value for money

I use the toddler size on my 17 month old son and only use them during the day, im too scared to use them at night as he always seems to leak through, at the moment we use a walker size huggies nappy with a snuggler one over the top! Anyway my sister put me onto these nappies and at $16 for 50 nappies I thought that was a good price, so far they seem to hold alot of wee for the 3 hours in between changes. I never in my right mind would ever think to but 'cheap' nappies but with the cost of living constantly rising I think this nappy will do for my bub for during the day.
great price, cute design, good to use during the day when nappy changes are more frequent.
i think the tabs need to be thicker

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Finally tried these on my son at night and they leaked, disappointed!

Great Value and Quality

Having looked on this site after one too many overnight leaks with another cheap brand of nappy, I decided to give these a go. Have only had one small leak overnight since using them over the last 2 weeks....and I can't imagine ANY nappy withstanding the volume that night. My baby's skin is dry and no sign of any skin irritation. This is definitely a situation where price does not always reflect quality.
Price. They work!

Basic nappy which does the job

This nappy kind of reminds me of the aldi nappies the only difference i can tell would be that these have designs on them whereas aldi's dont. When nappy begins to fill with wee the nappy looks a little gross because the printed dotted designs are green coloured which make the wee more visible through the nappy.

This nappy does what its meant to and is inexpensive which is even better. I would probably only use these nappies while at home rather than when out and about.

I wouldnt go out of my way to rave about these nappies to friends but if asked i'd say there ok
Cheap, stretchy tabs
Bunches up at crotch, thin / flimsy, only has 1 inside leakage barrier

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