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HomeBrand Nappies

HomeBrand Nappies

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Great product

These nappies are great and are of good quality for home brands
They are great in price at $10 i buy these and have had no problems my opinion they are better than the dearer brands which this product has great absorbency and are great fitting

Purchased in July 2019 at Woolworths Physical store for $10.00.

The worst nappy ever!!

We bought the homebrand nappies last week and they were keep leaking! Its been the 3rd time changing my bed sheet in 5 days!!! Luckily it is summer now so they dry faster. We never had such problem and frustration with almost any other brands. What a waste of money!!!

Very good the old home brand one.bad little one

The old one was very good, but the new one bad and keeps leaking out. Rash and im not happy, I love Woolies, I call them and it was fantastic customer service, she gives me a 50$ voucher.but said the old one never will come back to store again.sad sad

Shouldn't have changed them!

They've recently changed these nappies, and they're AWFUL.

Before now, we used them just fine with both our boys. But since the change, wee and poop leaks out every. single. time. They're the worst. All of the padding just goes straight to the bottom of the nappy as soon as anything touches it.

Fantastic nappies!!!

I am so happy with my Woolworths nappies. Money is tight so I was looking for a cheaper alternative. These nappies are of a high quality, have not leaked, fit my baby really well and no nappy rash. I have picked them up on occasion for only $5! Excellent quality, highly recommend

Best nappies

Best nappies out there
They are so good in everyway heaps absorbent,
Cheap, good quolity, stretchy , and the only nappies my 2 year old will wear i have tryed otheres typs even huggies and woolworths homebrand but she just Cry's and complains,
she wont wear them,
will Only the cole homebred onces witch is fine they must be more comfortable for her
So i drive nearly 2 hours to get them for her as we only have a Woolworths in Gloucester
Wich is fine because they are good nappies
I rate them a 5 out of 5

never again will i buy this crap

these were the worst nappies i have ever used. i ran out of the coles homebrand nappies which i love and have never had any problems with so i had to go to woolies because coles had shut so i figured wont be much difference with them and i cant afford the other expensive brands. well for the last 4 nights my boy has woken up all wet along with the bed but the nappy hasnt really had that much in it and yes the nappy was on properly. im so angry i will never buy these ones again. what a waste of money buying these ones.

Good price and good quality.

I was surprised by just how good the quality of these nappies are. I have been using these nappies since my baby was 2.5 months old, he is now 5 months & Homebrand is great so far. They are soft and not too thick. If you buy the right size for your child's weight, they do the job really well. They're a great price too.

Bad rash

Brought infant homebrand nappy to try and my newborn had bad rash, it looked like he got burnt with red swollen patch,his skin was peeling. I had to rush back to the shop to buy huggies. Maybe he might be too sensitive to use this brand at the moment.
Now im left with 59 homebrand nappy =(

Just thought you should know

I have been using your nappies for my 6 month old since he was born on as well as aldi and have never had an issue but today i put one on him and with in 10 minutes he had a horrible red rash all over his nappy area and inner thighs if you would like to see a photo i have one. People i have spoken to have said it is a chemical burn how is it possible for a small childs nappy 6-11kg to have something like this happen now my poor 6 month old is completly covered in nappy rash which is red raw and that combined with the heat in summer is making me have one very uncomfortable 6 month old. Thankgoodness it was one of the last nappies in the pack so i can just throw the rest out i just want other people to be carefull

great nappies, soft and dry, cheap too

great nappies, soft and dry. Not too thick, so great for summer too.It is better than coles comfy boots and baby love ( them ones the connect points too hard, hurt baby's skin). Better than huggies (the size too small). Better than Woolworths once upon a time &Little Explorer Coles ( not absorbent).
it is also very cheap price.

Thes are good nappies for the price but I prefer Aldi/Coles

These nappies are ok but not great. They are plain and simple and does the job most of the time. I would buy them if they are on sale etc but elsewise I prefer the aldi/coles nappies. The aldi nappies haver better fit as they have tighter wasitband and leg padding and the coles one is thicker and absorbs more (crawler version only)

Awful! Leaking nappies!

I thought these would be as good as Comfy Bots from Coles but they're terrible. In the last 48 hours I have had to change my sons outfits at least 8 times due to a leaking nappy, which leaves him soaked in wee, his bedding, and creates a pile of washing. The waist band feels like firm sand paper, will definitely find another nappy, these are awful.

Cheap but the best

Have used h.b nappies for both my kids the best by far. Have tried huggies and baby love but found that theses are super absorbent and comfortable. recommened them to friends and family 1st time mothers and they have been happy with the product.

Love them!!

I bought these as ran out of nappies before pay day and all I can say is wow they are awesome , they fit my baby well and are comfy I defiantly save some pennies now after buying these !! Even though plain design i needed a pair of plain nappies for my baby's photo shoot lol !!
Comfy feel
Plain design

Great value

It is an excellent day time nappy, I use them for my 16 month old boy who is in junior size. They hold a good amount of liquid and doesn't have a funny smell like other cheap brands. Also minimal nappy rash. Great value for money, I would recommend them!
Value for money, holds decent amount of liquid
Couldn't use for night time as my boy wees a lot at night.

Best (affordable) nappy!

I live in an apartment with virtually no outdoor space to dry cloth nappies and apart from experimenting with a few biodegradable nappies, i had to face reality and admit i could never afford the crazy expense and hassle of buying these type of nappies so went on to try a few different supermarket varieties.

Huggies are fine but in comparison expensive, Aldi WERE good according to every parent i know who used them up until a few years ago, now they are cheap and nasty and worst of all, smelly! These nappies are just the best, absorb lots of fluid but are still lightweight, grip tabs are perfect, cute spot design and generous sizing that fits small to large babies without leaking. My son is average to large, is 9 months old and is only just about growing out of the 'crawler' size which he's been in for about 5 months.

Just to let you know, packaging is different to what is pictured here, now has coloured packaging, with babies on them, but don't confuse these for the 'select' brand, they have a much lower rating.
Just about everything!
I would pay more for same nappy if used more biodegradable materials.

Very good nappy

For the price, I was surprised of how good this nappy is.. I have bought aldi mamia, snugglers, baby love and even coles comfy boots and dry fit. When she was smaller nappy price couldnt be a matter because you get a lot with one price but since she is growing so I am trying to get more pieces for a cheap price. And just gambling with this one and I win!!! Good for day nappy and excellent for night.. my daughter is a heavy wetter and im happy with this nappy..
doesnt leak and cheap

Awesome product, cheap price, so surprised!!

I went through a phase of having to find 'the perfect nappy' after we had leaks with huggies.. After trailing every brand i could find i came across home brand nappies.. i thought i'd give them a try for the hell of it.

I didn't mind spending $14 for 50 nappies, so cheap & if i didn't like them i really hadn't wasted much money.

After trailing them i was pleasantly surprised!

The fit was great!
they have stretchy back elastic & stretchy grip tabs..
the double elastic leg gussets held in poo explosions & fit snugly up against babes legs without leaving red marks or being too tight.

The design is gorgeous! Very pretty for such a cheap alternative!
Unisex turquoise polkadot with a rainbow animal waist grip panel for fastening the tabs to.

They feel very soft on the inside & held in moisture SO well!

1 1/2 cup of water while still feeling dry to the touch.

They are almost identical to babylove/comfie bots except they didn't trap the heat & have a generous waist panel to allow for baby to fit the size of nappy for longer.

At the moment i'm using them as our daytime nappy for frequent changes & coles ultradry for during the night & will be buying them again.
Everything.. fit, absorbency, price etc

Great value for money never looking back

Home brand nappies are great value for money
Super absorbent
No leaks through the night!
The only difference between Huggies and homebrand
is the packaging and price that's all.
Now that I'm using home brand I've got more money to
do fun things with the kids like play centres
So much more fun then looking at a pretty box
Cheap, super absorbent

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