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HomeBrand Skin Repair Cream

HomeBrand Skin Repair Cream

5.0 from 4 reviews

Good cream for my Hand Dermatitis.

I discovered this cream with my flatmate about 10 years ago. We still love it. It’s especially good for my Hand Dermatitis. I usually apply it on my body so I’m not sure if it’s good to apply on the face.

Woolies home brand skin repair

Helps my psoriasis to the fact of some disappearing. Highly recommend this product. Please do not discontinue this cream, for a while I could not find it as it changed packaging.

Psoriasis - this cream helps

My mother suffers from psoriasis and the skin repair cream is the only one that she can use to give her relief. Thank you so much and please keep making it as haven't seen it for a while on your shelves.


cheap as....amazing softening and smoothing properties...use it on face and body after shower or anytime, i buy a tub a week and just slather it on, it is truely a great secret, who would have thought a supermarket home brand would be this amazing..you have to try it because you will love it

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This cream is amazing. It came in at number 2 in Choice magazine top 10 skin creams! I have tried all expensive creams and this comes out on top. I have sensitive skin with dryness and oil in T Zone and had considerable Brown pigmentation on my cheeks that couldn't be removed with Laser/IPL but applying this cream over 12 months and it has all but disappeared. I paid approx. $3.75 for this in Woolies in a pump pack for approx 500ml so it is a bargain! It is thick and moisturising without being too heavy and is quickly absorbed. For such an unbeatable price, try it. What have you got to lose?

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Is it tested on animals
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When did the packaging change for this product? and is Woolworths essentials skin repair moisturising the same product? Thank you
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I think that the packaging changed last year but it is same cream and my mum loves it for her psoriasis.