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Homedics SBM115HAU

Homedics SBM115HAU

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Does the job

I have a similar model to the above but with beige leatherette and grille fabric. These things are OK and good if you have noone around to do a proper massage, but nothing substitutes for the healing touch of a human. It just fails to give the same full satisfaction as a hand digging in to the back or neck. Reaches up high on the back/neck quite well. good settings for heat and vertical reach.

I somehow feel the electrical nature of it means that you're getting some negative radiation at the same time. I got someone to measure the radiation from it though, and it doesn't have extreme power fields, magnetic or RF. In the end if you're serious about back repair, get to a massage place. Having said that, I have a friend that really injured himself quite badly and swears by the same model as having fixed him. Horses for courses.

Purchased in September 2017.

Back massager with heat

Very realistic feel massager with 3 settings and heat. The heat is not very high, nice feel.
Fits on chair or sofa. I use it everyday for relief for backache. Works very well , the squeeze effect of the massagers can be quite strong.

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