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Homedics Ultimate FCC2000

Homedics Ultimate FCC2000

MPN: FCC2000
2.3 from 3 reviews

Too expensive for 8 months used.

Plug is very poorly made lasted me 8 months for $300 dollars bought from Harvey Norman .
Such a cheap made too bad it’s really good product only poorly made. From the price tag you’d expect more quality. Very disappointed.

Very good

I am happy with this item. It does everything it says on the box. Very relaxing to use. Ideal to use after a long day on my feet at work.

DONT BUY THIS IF YOUR OVER 1m60cm or are old with Osteoporosis

They don't tell you on the box but I am 1m70cm in height so when i sit on this thing it only massages 1/4 of my calf, it simply does not have the height to do the full calf. You can't extend or adjust the machine to do the full calf. This is basically designed for shorter people most probably in China. The Other thing is i bought this for a present for my older parents upon reading the instructions it says consult a doctor if you have Osteoporosis. Reason being, is that the machine compresses the foot and ankle area very hard, hard enough to break a bone if your older or suffering osteoperosis, and you cannot adjust this pressure either!!
so basically:
1. you cannot adjust height. not suitable for average to tall people.
2. you cannot adjust pressure. dangerous to people suffering Osteoporosis or elderly
3. The metal plates crush your ankle area.
4. The vibrating mechanism is so loud that its like a jack hammer which destroys any relaxation you can have.
5. the foot vibrating mechanism does the front of the foot but does not massage the ball heal unless you push down hard to get to the hard to reach section.

I tried to return this to Harvey Norman and they refused to refund it because the box was open, Worst customer service, I will never shop there again. I didn't get a chance to try this at their ultimo store because they didn't have any on display. So basically i used this once. and now sits in the corner.

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Homedics Ultimate FCC2000
Price (RRP)$319.95

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  • MPN: FCC2000

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