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Homemaker Bathroom Scale

Homemaker Bathroom Scale

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Stopped working

I bought these scales thinking it was a good buy, but they stopped working in less than 3 months. I still wonder if they got wet inside somehow. Use in a dry area on a hard level surface

Weight changes constantly

Step on 55kg. Step forward slightly 64kg. Step back slightly​ 50kg. Hop off 0kg. Step on again 62kg. Step off 3kgs. Step on again 53kg. Move slightly 65kg. Don't work at all.

really not good

I bought this one and when I placed it in the floor it displayed 8 kg when it wasn't in use. I won't lie I don't need extra kilos I have enough to deal with. Although this number fluctuates a kg or 2 which is also weird extra phantom kg not really what I was looking to buy.

Simple and effective

I've purchased fancy digital scales for the past 8 years and I have been disappointed by all of them, my last one was a Omron and that had to be the worst set so far, a different weight everytime I stepped on it, so while I was at Kmart today I spied this little gem, it was unassuming and cheap.... I thought to myself "I used mechanical scales for years and never had an issue" so I picked one up and bought it home.
Why had it taken me so long to go back to what actually works, I don't know, but better late then never!

Steady and accurate

I bought these for $9 from k.mart and found them to be quite good, the weight does not change like some. i bought the homemaker digital ones for $19 to get a more accurate reading and they are terrible, they change so much no matter where you put them. as far as manual scales go i think these are as good as any.
A bit small, hard for bigger people

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what size of batteries for the bathroom scales?
1 answer
These scales do not use batteries.


Homemaker Bathroom Scale
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Release dateAug 2012

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