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Homemaker Body Fat / Hydration Monitor

Homemaker Body Fat / Hydration Monitor

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Useless ever, inaccurate

Stupid scale ever. The result change every times i move the place of scale. It will be a trash in your home. Dont waste your money and time on it

Waste of time!

What a stupid scale, whoever built it needs to be sacked! Every time I step on it, it gave me 2kgs heavier or lighter weight! Lol I thought it was my floor so i tried different rooms, each room had a different weight score! Taking it back. What a waste of time travelling to kmart!

waste of time and money

I bought it from K mart today .Each time I step on it shows very different weight. going to return it tomorrow . Hate it
wasting time rubbish

Does not actually measure body fat/bone/muscle etc

Scale does not actually measure body fat, bone, muscle content or hydration as it promises - it simply takes your weight & height and gives a generic guess result. If you change the height you enter, suddenly your body fat etc goes up or down - a dead giveaway that it's not actually measuring squat apart from your weight & guessing the rest. Save your money.


An inaccurate scale. For its price, it is a very poor product. It showed a different reading every time I stepped on it. An analogue scale with the same or lower price tag can do a much better job at measuring weight. I wonder if it was ever tested in their factories.

expensive, inaccurate

Does not work.

Got this for a Christmas present last December. It does not work. Everytime you step on the scales it shows a different weight. I discovered this because i knew an initial reading one morning, was incorrect so i tried again, then again, then after six attempts and six different readings, i gave up and bought an el-cheapo spring scale which provides the same reading every time.
Looks good.
Doesn't work.

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Just want to point out that this review I wrote is nearly 2 years old now, and that K-mart may have had the problems fixed by now.

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