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How can I clean the screw on mixer part? I lost the instructions does it come apart for easier claening?
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ve bought this product, and why is my milk coming out of the blender, i turned it upside down to fit onto the base and milk leaks out
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ive bought this product, and why is my milk coming out of the blender, i turned it upside down to fit onto the base and milk leaks out
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Can I blend the ice cube?
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hi ! i bought this blender like 2-3 weeks ago to bring it back to my home country and give it as a present. but unfortunately i didn't check it well and found out that i didn't get the lid with the blade. is there anywhere selling the blade only ?really desperate now :(
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Are the bottles dishwasher safe?
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Yes they areYes. I've used mine in the dishwasher and they always come out fine :)

How does it go with ice on the smoothies?
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It breaks ice up pretty well, I find it helps if you kind of shake it a bit (not sideways but vertically like a cocktail shaker) whilst you blend to minimise any larger lumps of ice. During warmer months I like to make smoothie combos like 4-5 ice cubes/banana /strawberry /handful of spinach/ coconut water or plain tap water... or milk if preferred. For $15 including a bottle and lid, it's definitely value. I'm still using mine this season, perfect for brekky and before/after gym, just blend and go! Highly recommend!

Hi i bought this bottle blender yesterday and it worked perfectly. However went to use it today and it has a burning plastic smell and now not working. Anyone else had this problem? Is it broken?
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I havn't had this problem..I would take it back for exchange if I were youSorry didn't see the date of this old post lol so I deleted my reply

I could not figure out how to order the blender (who is the supplier?). Can someone please guide me?
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I just got it from KMARTSame here. I bought the original machine from Kmart (which came with a green coloured bottle-that I don't think is BPA free) but the BPA free clear bottle I bought later, was also from Kmart.They sell them at your local Kmart.

Is this BPA free?
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Yes.If you get the clear plastic ones as I noticed the coloured/ shaded bottles don't actually say anything about BPA free. But the clear ones actually do. That is on the packaging of the replacement/spare bottles.

is this need press the button switch all the time?
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Yes. You have to press the button to activate the blender.Yep. press it or it wont blendIt's a safety thing. If the button is not pressed the rotors don't spin.

Just brought one, is it okay to put the bottle in the freezer? I want to make juice for work but dont want to do it just before work, would it be okay in the freezer overnight?
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Hi Athena. I haven't put mine in the freezer but you'll be fine to put it in the fridge. I make smoothies and fruit drinks the night before ans it keeps fine in the fridge. If you're worried about it staying cold during the day, you could,p chuck some ice cubes in before you grab n go or place it in a cooler.Hello Athena, I wouldn't fill it too full if it was to go in the freezer over night incase the expanding ice cracks the bottle etc. But as Logan has suggested (and I agree) from the fridge you could add an ice cube or three. I have actually made some trays of the smoothie for freezing and used them as mi ice cubes. Be sure to use cube sizes that will comfortably fit in the bottle though.Awesome thanks guys, Ill try the ice cube idea :)

Has any one else had a problem with the bottom leaking black liquid? Around the bottom of the blade.
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Actually, on occassion this does happen these days. To prevent it from happening, before I engage it into the base to blend, but after screwing the blades onto the bottle, I push on the part which locks into the motor, controlling the blades. There's sometimes an audible click and you feel it depress slightly, which I assume is regaining the proper seal. Doing this each time prevents fluid leaking. Hope this helps!Short answer is... You did the only thing you could and should have... Take it back for a refund or exchange for another. When manufacturing millions of the same item, there's going to be lemons among them. Either you got a lemon or you've made very good use of yours from the time you got it and it couldn't handle the usage. The seals will only be good for a certain amount of usage time especially with the cheaper brands like the one we're speaking off here. Also keep in mind that because it is a cheaper brand it won't cop the punishment regular use may bring upon it. If your blending things which take some time to vitamise, the cheaper quality seals will over heat and cause the problem you have described. This is why Kmart is at the top with it's customer returns policy. They will honour a refund or replacement no matter what (no having to sent it back to the manufacturer etc.). They can afford to, when they're selling zillions of the same item and banking on the fact that most people won't bother returning it when/if it dies because it isn't worth very much. It all comes down to the consumers psychology which Kmart studies carefully. You did the write thing by you and they honoured that. Good on you. If the next one does the same thing within it's warranty, do the same again. You may get three for the price of one ($15) if you need to. Remember, the consumer has the power only if they desire it. Or they'll go elsewhere and make a better quality purchase and Kmart know this.

Does it blend nuts, beetroots?
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It does smash up cashews and mixed nuts in to something you can use for crumb coating if thats what you're after but it won't have the size and power to make a powder out of it. You will have to shake the bottle in between blends to get everything. As for beetroot i haven't tried that but I'm guessing like any vegetable it would blend so long as you have some liquid in it. Hope this helps.

In the drink bottle blender can u put Apple in it?
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You can do apple if cut in small pieces. It blends apple, mango, berries, melon etc. It wouldn't be as good as juicer because it doesn't squeeze out juice and discard rest. Hope it does help!!!!I have done apples, pears, pineapple, kiwi fruit and bananas. I cut them all into smaller pieces. I have also done frozen berries without a problem.

Does anyone know if you can you put the drink bottles in the dishwasher?
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I just used to put water in it with detergent when I was finished ad blitz it for a few seconds, is such an easy way to clean it.I ended up purchasing Logik blender as I needed one with a little more grunt and I have since given this to my son in law and I think he puts it in the dishwasher so I would say it would be fine.The bottle should be ok, i wouldn't put the blade in though. There is no need as previously mentioned, put some water and detergent in it and whiz for 10 seconds and then its clean.Yes we have been putting both the bottles and the blade assembly in our dishwasher for around 12 months now, so you will be fine

Will this machine pulp greens? Or can you add harder things to it like carrot and apple? Or is it only good for milk, ice and softer fruits? Thanks!
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Lisa Fry I have only ever used it for milk-based smoothies and protein shakes etc. It makes short work out of bananas and berries etc, but I have not tried it on greens. But, for $15, it is worth getting and trying it out for yourself!I usually only do the smoothies and protein shakes too but I do them with water and add frozen fruit, goes through the frozen fruit brilliantly. Tonight for you I put water with broccoli, spinach, kale and carrot and it wizzed it up well. hope this helps!Thank you guys!

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