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Homemaker Glass Canisters

Homemaker Glass Canisters

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Be careful, if you break one of the canisters you will need replace the whole set.

I purchased a black set of these canisters a few years ago from Kmart in Mirrabooka for around $15. I believe that this set is great value considering that there are eight pieces.
About a year ago a guest accidentally broke the glass coffee canister. I went down to Kmart and purchased another set. When I got home I found out that the thread on the new set did not match the old set. The manufacture changed the size of the thread so my new set was not interchangeable with my old set. This is not to much of a problem if you are aware of the change, But if you are unaware and put the old lid on the new canister it will separate when you lift it. I was not willing to take the risk of damaging my granite bench tops so I decided to discarded the whole set of my old canisters. It is a shame to be so wasteful
Inexpensive and practical
Manufacture changed the lid thread size so older sets are not constable with the new set.

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