Kmart Anko 20L Microwave

Kmart Anko 20L Microwave

Kmart Anko 20L Microwave

176 reviews



176 reviews
DeloresSouth-East, TAS6 posts

A great quicky cooker

So happy when I bought this product..always happy with the homemaker brand...cooks in a short heating a meat pie or cooking a piece of is never mushy..comes out eldente Show details
Noise Level
MMPPerth, WA2 posts
Build Quality
Noise Level
SkylarMelbourne5 posts

Reasonable price with good quality

This microwave oven is very cheap and cost-effective. Recently it changed a new look. It is very suitable for small families. I use it every day to heat milk, it never let me down. The disadvantage is that the defrosting function of this microwave oven is not very good, it will cook the frozen meat.

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Mich7 posts

So micro happy!

I’m stoked as the microwave I have purchased from Kmart has helped me out when cooking for many a family event! I use it in the hot weather and the kitchen doesn’t heat up! I love the fast way that my food is ready and I cook so many great healthy options in a tantine with no fat just great healthy food.

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KM_Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC7 posts

Good size

Purchased for the smaller size (I prefer to keep the microwave in the cupboard, off the bench). For this reason I do wish the cord was as long as my previous Aldi model, but this was easily fixed with an extension cord. Basic, but you get what you pay for. I always add at least 30-60 seconds of heating time, as it does have a bit less strength but that's to be expected. I can spare the extra 30 seconds vs. spending a few hundred like on the industrial-strength ones at my office :) Bonus - no burnt fingers when removing your item from the microwave :)

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geoff.mayhewSouth East Queensland, QLD46 posts
Rhian R
Rhian RBrisbane5 posts

Affordable and simple

I purchased this microwave to simply reheat things - I haven’t used it for more than about 10 minutes at a time. It has been great and very simple to use, the buttons are straight forward and easy to read. Easy to clean as well - only drawback is it’s a bit smaller than most microwaves but this hasn’t bothered me - cheap and simple.

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KrisGold coast6 posts

Great for the price

Features are very basic but that is all i need. It heats food evenly. It is easy to clean and the dish can be washed in the dishwasher. Very basic design but good for the price I paid. Had it for just under a year and it still works great

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BuffySydney, NSW5 posts

Compact and efficient

This microwave is great as it doesn't take up to much space, but for a small microwave it does heat up the food quite quickly. I have never had trouble with uneven heating and find the touch screen to be easy to use. I've had trouble setting the time on other brands before, but not this one!

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Peter McLean
Peter McLeanWide Bay-Burnett, QLD6 posts

Chinese excreted rubbish at its best

Well, today we decided to replace our old Microwave with a new one, so we went to K Mart because at least they replace Chinese garbage when it fails. Firstly it was CHEAP. The thing is it never worked. Not worth saying that you get what you pay for but at least this heap of rubbish could be like most Chinese garbage and worked for a couple of months. Never again, buy a brand name. We gave this a one star only because the site would not let us give it nothing.

JackMelbourne8 posts

Quite solid microwave

It was quite good from first 2 weeks that i purchased. I usually use it to heat up the milk and spin about 30 seconds was enough. After that, the microwave's power getting weak. I need to spin 1 minute to heat up the milk. I am not sure what is going on

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NatSydney4 posts

Cheap and cheerful

I bought this microwave for my son so that he can warm up his lunch, It was never intended for cooking and it is very simple to operate. The buttons are easy to push and it is easy to clean, It heats up quickly and does the job well. I think it is relatively cheap and works well.

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HenryNorth Ryde4 posts

Lightweight, constant power

The oven is easy to use and clean. It replaced a 25 year old Whirlpool and has basically the same features except a higher wattage and a much lighter weight, and larger interior. As my husband said " Not as much metal needed in the new generation of ovens".

I wipe it clean with warm water, not allowing any splatter to set, and preventing splatter with appropriate covering of the food as best as possible.

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JaxonPara Hills West4 posts

Attractive design

It is attractive, the glass turn table is quality, it has an inverter which seems to work well, it's very quiet compared to my old microwave, it's powerful.

This unit pops all the kernels in my popcorn without burning a single piece... which sounds like no big deal, but my old unit would simultaneously burn the popcorn AND only pop about half the kernels. This evenness is a vast improvement over my old microwave. LED lighting is pleasant. The front panel had protective plastic which kept it nice.

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Sparksgeelong4 posts

Budget special but works well

This is only $48 - so cheap!! Its pretty small in physical size but it does a good job and it has a proper digital display and touchpad settings - some of the other cheapies just have a rotary dial. It cooks evenly and thoroughly although I mostly just use it to reheat dinners. No worries at all with this one!

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ThalliumRichmond4 posts

Best bang vs buck out there!

Don't know where else you can get a certified Australian standards microwave for under $50! Sure, its quite small but I have adapted to that and use it near daily. It cooks really well and has very logical and simple programs. The cabinet is quite solidly made. Really there are no negatives especially for teh price. Recommend!

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Nothappyjan8 posts


This microwave does all the jobs you expect from a microwave. Food still tastes and feels good after being heated or warmed and the controls on it make it easy to understand and quickly use. The defrost button for different meats is especially handy. It seems to heat food quickly and evenly.

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Bl00zmanCranbourne4 posts

Little microwave works great

This is smaller than just about any other microwave but it works great. I have had it running every day for over a year now without a hitch. Super easy to use and quite strong considering its bargain basement price. Heats evenly and does a great job defrosting. Would recommend to others!

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TimMerewether5 posts

Cheap and small but works just fine

This has to be the cheapest microwave on the market so I didn't expect too much. But it is working just fine. A little bit too small as doesn't fit even some dinner plates. The only other issue is the plastic cover on the buttons is wearing away very quickly.

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TubularCaulfield4 posts

Small microwave but works fine

This is about as small as microwaves get - you can only get side plates inside or heat your food on a piece of paper. It works well though despite its diminutive size and would have to be the best bargain as its only $48. I didn't bother with the manual, its super obvious how to use it

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blue.pandaMelbourne3 posts

good size and good value

Heats very well and quickly, it has a cooling down function where after you heat an item it cools the microwave which is a little strange and annoying as it’s loud. But other than that it’s a good microwave and value for money. It’s also a good size and presents well

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FattoEltham4 posts

Very basic but works OK

This is a very spartan and basic microwave but it works fine. Cooking time are a little longer as its only 700 watts but it gets there in the end and cooks evenly. The menu and layout are simple but logical. When you take the price into account, this machine is good value.

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Schmick3Balwyn4 posts

Tiny microwave works v well

This is a tiny microwave! I thought it was bigger based on the size of the box but it had lots of padding and is in fact very small. That's OK though because it works very well and was cheap as chips. I mostly use it to warm milk and it is perfect for this. Its actually quite a good machine, just little.

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HannahPerth, WA5 posts

Value for money

For my first home I was able to purchase this cheap but valueable item.

Have now had it for over a year and with daily use I haven't had any issues.

Found that it works so well considering the cheap price I purchased it for. It has been very reliable and a impressed me greatly with how cheap it is.

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Singer77Hawthorn4 posts

Great value - small but works well

If you are OK with the small size, then this is a really good little microwave. It works just like any big name one but somehow they make it for only $48. It is super easy to use and cooks properly, not in patches like some cheap ones. Looks good and is reasonably well made.

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Jerry5 posts

Good value for the money

This product turned out to be a very pleasant surprise. While inexpensive, it works as well as if not better than more expensive models. I use it several times a day with different cooking options, and I am yet to be disappointed. It is compact, so it leaves more bench space for other things. I appreciate the simplicity of its controls, and the elegant white face. A great buy overall.

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IngramsCarlton4 posts

Cheapest Microwave out there

I just needed this for a short term project and I am happily impressed with what you get for a merer $48. It is quite small in size but does excellent work even pushing it as I did and using it all day. Simple controls and neat styling. Works very well.

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M.JyotiGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC7 posts


Very good product. Cheap & better quality. Easy to operate with different cooking options. We bought this product in emergency after a short circuit in old microwave. But still we are quite happy with the performance of kmart microwave. Its 20l capacity works well to cook or heat up anything,

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DaleAdelaide6 posts

Get what you pay for

This is an absolute waste of money will never buy a cheaper microwave again an example is I put frozen chicken in for 10 minutes and it barely defrosted at all and I was very disappointed but it is great for smaller non frozen foods to heT up ect thanks

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EbonyjadeReid3 posts


This was a cheap but very effective microwave it is very neat and very tidy easy to use also comes with step by step instructions in case you don't under stand how it works . . . .

The food comes out hot as expected.

Its small enough to have on the bench but big enough for a family

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FrapingMelbourne4 posts

Good cheap microwave

The microwave is really cheap compared to the other brands, i live by myself and the size is not too big which is suitable for one person, i think it can barely put 2 lunch boxes

The microwave works normally and the time to heat up a box of food for me is at around


I used it almost every day as I usually prepare my breakfast at night and put it in the fridge then microwave it the next morning

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JoeyieMelbourne4 posts

Reasonable price with unexpected quality

the microwave is a pretty small one which is perfect for my little kitchen, the price is cheap and it works well, there’s not much complicated buttons which is good for older people (my mum and dad) but the microwave is a little bit smaller than I expected before i buy, but it’s still okay as we do not usually uses microwave

There’s a bit noise while we are using it, but not too loud and i can accept that

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Turbo6melbourne4 posts

Good Little Basic Microwave

The title pretty much covers it:

Its good - it cooks well and works as expected.

Its little - its much smaller than most family sized models.

Its basic - it has very few menus or complicated features

Microwave - umm yeah, its a microwave Lol!

Seriously though, this model covers all the basics well and suits a couple. No real negatives other than the small size

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Liz S
Liz SGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC6 posts

It’s okay but you get what you pay for

Small, cheap microwave. It does the job but isn’t very powerful and I find that things need to be left in there for longer than they would in another microwave, which to be fair is to be expected when you’re picking up a microwave for such a fair price!

We bought this microwave because our kitchen is tiny and it’s the only one that fit on our bench. It’s perfect for a small apartment!

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Nicole Figliomeni
Nicole FigliomeniAU4 posts

a good cheap microwave

Microwave is small but ok for one person only lasted two and a half years I've barely been used Jenna turns off the power PT didn't use too much electricity all in all just a very basic white microwave with no frills for someone just moving over home is say goodbye but otherwise I'd be getting something better

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MonicaSydney5 posts

Cheap and cheerful

Purchased this microwave as the last one died and we urgently needed a microwave to sterilize baby bottles. We had initially purchased it thinking it would be a good temporary option but still using it and don't plan to replace unless it dies. For the pricepoint it does the job although it is a little small.

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volcanoMetropolitan Adelaide, SA68 posts

Kmart Home 20L Microwave

A very good small and compact microwave, Ideal for camping or caravan as long as you have a generator able to supply at least 1kw continuous power as this unit is a 700 watt unit. It does not have all the features of larger models but it does my favourite, (favorite in other English) it has a popcorn button lol. Seriously though It is ideal for fast small food warming or cooking. If you used to large models it will take awhile to get used to this one, but it does the job even though it may take longer. It also comes with a 1 year warranty. I have so far no complaints with this unit. I would though love to have non rotating turntable type, but these days they all do if domestic. (Panasonic excluded)

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Jo loves her kids
Jo loves her kidsAdelaide19 posts
Dr1verWilliamstown4 posts

Cheap no frills microwave

This was extremely cheap - only $48. You need to keep your expectations in check because it is:

1/ About 25% smaller than most others

2/ Limited menu options

3/ Only 700watts

However it does work well within these parameters and does a pretty reasonable job too.

Its very plain looking but it works just fine.

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Teacakiesmentone4 posts

Good for a couple

This is a pretty small microwave. It looked about 75% of all the other ones in KMart but it is reasonably powerful (for its size) and is great for lunches or reheating food for two. For example I cook a small frozen apple pie takes exactly 1 minute to cook to warm from frozen (then I put it in the oven). A cup of coffee is a little less around 50 seconds.It works well!

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