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Homemaker LD-1989A

Homemaker LD-1989A

3.2 from 56 reviews

perfect until the lid falls apart

HI I really like this kettle, however after after a year or so the lid falls apart. I had a look (and taken pictures) to noticed that the where the screws connect the bottom and top part (and keeps the mechanics inside together) is very thin plastic. As i gather from what i saw the heat/steam makes the plastic brittle and eventually the plastic around the screws just breaks.. which means that the top of the lid falls of and the mechanics inside (that keeps the lid closed) fall apart and renders the kettle useless. This is clearly a fixable engineering issue.

I would like to be contacted by the manufacturer and see how we can improve this otherwise excellent product.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

best ever

the homemake glass kettle has been the best solar. I bought 10 years ago super cheap and the lid broke off the other day. 10 years ... it has done an awesome job and I never had a kettle that long. It still works but I will look into getting a new one soon with a functioning lid.

Date PurchasedSep 2009


First use this kettle slowly leaked all over the bench wetting the base and dripping onto the floor.
Got a replacement. Filled to max with water and vinegar as per instructions and set to boil. Boiling water spurted out the spout. Half the water ended up on the bench and all thtough the base before i could turn it off at the wall and unplug it. Dangerous I Will take it back for a refund this time !!!

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Its the lid '!

The lid fell off , unfortunately its the second time in 3 years ! Otherwise I love it , but now I need to get another one. Don't really know who sells them, it was a gift ( both times ) ? I can't asked my friends to buy me another !

Date PurchasedJun 2017

love the led lights

i have had 3 kettles exact brand i love the way they light up but wish for more colours but like each one the lid has broken from the arms and cant be glued or stuck back on but they are so nice to the point i cant stop buying them

Date PurchasedApr 2016

it is very pretty

love the blue leds, the lid is crap, the 2nd ones lid has now broken, my mums lid has broken, the kettle started to heat up then stopped, I put an old spare on the base and it worked so it is the kettle that is stuffed. It was awful to pour out of as well. Would
not buy another.

Date PurchasedMay 2014

In general, am satisfied with this product.

I like its shape, color, and blue light when it is turned on. I bought it from eBay for $35. I am using it every day. Regards to its price and quality I think it is an affordable product. However, because its cap is plastic you should be careful when you want to open or close it.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Good Quality For A Cheap Price

Bought the Homemaker Glass Kettle over a year ago. I was a little sceptical at first being a cheaper brand however this has been a great purchase so far. Paid $30 compared to other brands costing more than double that amount. So far I have not had a problem with this product. I think I have got value for money on this one. Would definitely recommend trying.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Okay for a while lid fell of and LEDS not working

For a while it was a good kettle but after a few months the decorative LEDs no longer worked so I was unsure that the kettle was working, the little filter at the pour point fell out and finally the lid broke off, definitely will never buy another one very fragile; I live alone and very careful with my stuff, expected to get a longer use from a simple kettle.

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Great kettle at a great price

I purchased this kettle for my work place 6 months ago and it has never faulted, perfect in every way. I went back to purchase one for myself 6 months later only be told that it had been replaced with a really heavy glass kettle. Why do they do that when the formula was already perfect?

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Very Satisfied Customer .. Hence This Review

I have been astounded by the superior efficiency of this purchased Homemaker Kettle which was recommended to me and I was hesitant to initially purchase on account of the unbelievable small price of this item. I have nothing but praise to review this product and it has been an absolute bonus as with the blue led lights I can visually see before I hear the kettle turning of when it has boiled. It is constantly used daily and has never once mal performed, contrary to the more expensive kettles that I have bought beforehand. My only concern is that when I went back to the Store I originally purchased from to be able to repurchase another one, (K-mart), I was told that it was no longer available?

Date PurchasedFeb 2014

It's ok, lid fell off though

The springs and hinges fell off of the lid :( otherwise was a great kettle but i dont think I will buy one again to have the same problem. the spout is also a bit of a bad design as its really wide and water spills out a bit when trying to pour

Date PurchasedAug 2016

2015 kettle great 2016 kettle hideous

Purchased the 1st one of these kettles in Aug 2015 & it was fantastic - no bad smells, easy to clean, boils efficiently without too much noise. It was used ALOT, between 5-10 times per day for about 10 months before the water started to seep into the rim of the base where scale couldn't be removed & a brown rust looking stain that somebody else mentioned appeared (it is bacteria by the way) and was promptly returned. The manager at KMart assured me she had never seen this kettle returned with this problem & no other reason to not replace it with the same kettle, I took another one home. This kettle is HIDEOUS!! The taste is undrinkable despite reboiling with fresh water at least 20 times, adding vinegar, bicarb and leaving lemon in overnight - it is no different. It's totally unusable and will be returned for a refund immediately. Very disappointed in the decrease in quality.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Terrible chemical taste.

This kettle needs to be seriously reviewed by Kmart. The chemical taste it produces is awful and leaves my tongue and lips feeling dry and chalky. Have boiled water in it a few times a day for the past two weeks without any improvement in the chemical taste it leaves in the water. Will be returning it to Kmart ASAP.

Overall Good

The kettle is much less noisier than many of it's peers. The main problem I noticed with it's spout design. The filter sometimes come out but can be re-fitted easily. After long use, it develops stain at the base.I have never experience any strange smell. Considering the price, it is still a good bargain.

Less noisy than the Russel Hobbs Whisper

We bought this kettle because my partner had to turn the TV volume up and yell over our old Russel Hobbs Whisper kettle. This kettle is less noisy, and it looks good. The pouring leave a little to be desired, I spill water everywhere when filling up baby bottles due to the poor spout design. The spout area looks flimsy in general. At the start it did have a plasticy taste, this went away after a few days. It is reasonable value for money and will do the job until we have excess income to buy another higher end model.

Tastes awful - second one of these we've bought

We had the last one for a year and our coffee started tasting chemically so I threw it out and went and bought the same one again from Kmart as I love the design. Still so bad and smells so chemically - it's dreadful!!! Looks great but no good if you can't drink the boiled water.

Won't turn on ??

Hi ppl I just brought this kettle,took it home,filled it up,plugged it In,turned it on at the wall,pressed the lever under the handle to turn it on and ............. Nothing?????
Has this happened to any on else?
Does anyone know how to fix this?
Please help!!!
I am very disappointed at the moment but if anyone can help me out on this issue I would be very grateful.

I love this kettle

Probably not much you can really say about a kettle but I love this kettle.

Very easy to see the water level
Easy to clean
Boils pretty fast
Reasonably quiet (compared to our last kettle)

Can see the staining on the base after a while
However this is easily cleaned by squeezing lemon in and boiling it

I have read that some people have had problems with the top not closing properly but I haven't had a problem and would definitely buy it again, especially for the price.


The second time we boiled it, the glass cracked, boiling water went everywhere and also leaked into the base of the kettle. Very fortunate to not have been burned, cut or electrocuted!! I do not recommend this product and I believe it should be taken off the shelves to prevent someone from being seriously hurt.

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We have bought a Home & Co brand kettle, LD-K1022B, ten days ago from K-Mart Ballina on (December 15th 2018). It looks nice and works perfectly BUT an ugly rust coloured ring has appeared already in the bottom of the kettle, about 15 mm wide around most of the circumference. Has anyone else experienced this disappointing occurrence ? Any comments would be appreciated.
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I havent really noticed rust on the bottom of the kettle . I loved the look of it and all , its just a shame the lid kept braking . So I ended up getting a completely different kettle ( after having two of the LD-K 1022 B brand )

Where can I get a replacement filter? Any help appreciated. Thanks, AJ
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where in Adelaide can I buy homemaker electric kettle model LD - 19889A?
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Homemaker LD-1989A
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