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Does anyone know what psi this cooks at?
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Slow Cooking function to slow cook Christmas Turkey Crown. Do I need to add any liquid?
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Hello where can I buy this product, I can't find it in kmart? Thanks
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How can I get a recipe book for this product as I have lost mine in a relocation and and keen to try some saute recipes?
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If you cannot replace yours then you can google recipes to Sauté and anything else you need to do. All pressure Cookers have the same recipes as they all do the same thing. I never follow my books as I just go on the internet and research different ideas. If you really want a book then go to a book shop and purchase Pressure Cooker Recipe Ideas there will be a lot of them.

why does the led display go from OH to IH on hold warm function ?
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You mind find out if you google it. Look online for the Manuel it might just say there what those two functions mean.

Hi, I would like to know if it’s possible to get a user manual for the homemaker pressure cooker - MY-12LS605A, thank you, regards, Tina
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If you cannot find a Manuel you can google this type of cooker and then print the pages or copy them to look at.I can photocopy mine and send it to you if you like. SoniaTina https://www.kmart.com.au/wcsstore/Kmart/pdfs/41940884_Manual_Final.pdf

Does anyone know how to use the timer? Also wondering if the + and - buttons are for the timer, or to allow you to increase the set cooking times? Have loved this cooker for two years but these three buttons have alluded me no matter how much I press them!
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The -+ buttons are to increase and decrease the cooking times and of course this programmes the timer to cook and then countdown. So yes they are to do both that you have mentioned. On my new cooker it starts at 20 for most things and it allows you to go down to 1 minute. But some other cookers starts at 20 and goes up.

I seen to have lost my pressure valve. Was wondering if I can purchase one or get one from a faulty cooker?
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I have two other cookers and the valve is completely different from the KMart type. You would have to purchase a whole new cooker or ask at counter for a replacement which I’m not sure if The cheaper models have that option. Doesn’t hurt to ask. You might find a faulty cooker somewhere or old cooker that someone doesn’t want but usually people give away or biff them. I double checked to see if I had a spare but unfortunately I don’t sorry as I sometimes keep parts from old cookers that I biff.Hi I found that valve part if you are still needing it for your pressure cooker. I can send to you if you haven’t already found a spare one. Thanks just let me know if you do need it still.

For some reason the instructions do not give direction on either using the pot roast function (how long, volume of liquid required etc) or ratio of water to rice to use the rice cooking function. Can anyone help with these questions? have had great success using the slow cooker function but would like to utilise the other modes too.
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For rice to cook perfection every time, the best method that’s worked for me is 1 cup of rice to 1 and a 1/4 cup of water, I do 4 cups of rice to 5 cups of water. For stove top it’s a bit more water but because the pressure cooker cooks in steam method you use less water. For pot roast I believe you change the valve setting because you do not add water. You may need to look that one up as I have not cooked a roast.Thanks, Roachy. I'll give it a try soon.

Is the inner pot stainless steel or nonstick aluminium?
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If you’re wondering if the inner pot has some sort of non stick coating the answer will be yes. You can get stainless steel inner pot pressure cookers but you have to pay for them. I have an expensive Phillips cooker as well and the inner pot has a non-stick coating. The inner pot for the Homemaker does not last as long as the Philips but if you look after it and use the spoons provided you should get 2 years or more out of it. For the price you definitely get your money’s worth as we have had ours for two years and even though the inner pot is a bit scratched the cooker still goes well.I believe I read this question in hoping to know about the pot it's self not the coating.... is it stainless steel or aluminum ? Thankyou for the initial question!

I would still like to know how to cook vegetables in the Home maker pressure cooker from Kmart ? The rice button is preset and does its own thing?
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To cook veges I would do on white rice function for three to seven minutes, unfortunately there is no steam option and white rice is cooked at 115 degrees and so I would add half a cup of water and set the rice option and as it’s counting down when it has reached its temp then switch off after a few minutes as veges steamed would take only 3 to 7 minutes to cook trail and error. Try 3 minutes and then cancel cooking and release steam after 3 minutes.

Because it sounds faulty or you do not have the lid locked on properly and also check the seals Try turning it off then wait and turn on. Press cancel between setting cooker.
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Yes that is my point. The product doesn’t maintain being fit for purpose and it should. The seals do not maintain pressure after little use. The lid locking is reasonable quality and hard to get wrong so that isn’t a problem. The seal quality /design lets this product down. No pressure equals no pressure cooking!The Homemaker pressure cookers we have had in past and today never had a problem with the seals quality design inside the lid, you need to return to Kmart or your retailer and replace before the year is up with a reciet they will swap it. The Homemaker cookers are brilliant and work just as good as the expensive one so you must of got a faulty one. I take the seals off once in a while and give it a clean and is easy to clean/maintain and never been a problem. Hope this helps

Can you Brown sear meat in this budget pressure cooker. I've never had a pressure cooker before and have read in other reviews of different brands that you can.
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Yes, there is a Sauté method that works well, I use this function when I cook meat/vege soups(Jamie Oliver’s recipes),best soup when you sauté them first. Meat as well to brown just press Sauté button.

Which setting do you use for bone broth? How long does it take? Thanks!
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Hi there, I would sauté first the meat and veges in the cooker instead of roasting bones in oven and then transferring meat to cooker and then I would use the “Soup” mode for the highest setting, eg 40mins to quicken the cooking process and release the meat off bone, and then I would “slow cook” mode for 4 hours depending on portion as a Phillips Cooker it would take 3hours on steam and personally I think flavour would be nicer slow cooked opposed to steaming. When I do stews or similar I cook my meat on Soup mode for 20mins and meat is starting to fall off bone and then I slow cook for a couple of hours or more. You can try “ soup”mode for 40mins and then try slowcook for two hours then release steam to check if cooked and if it needs more then reset. I have never done Broth, trail and error. The new cooker has more functions so is easier to work out but not sure if you have new model or not as the new Homemaker has a steam option and not sure how many hours it has for steaming but if you do have new cooker then try the steam option as you need 2 or more hours of steam and keep resetting the time if it only has 1 hour or less on the timer. Or just Soup and slow cook which I prefer in all my cooking so much easier and I reckon tastier.... Don’t forget the Apple cider vinegar!!!

I'm making a curry using chuck steak what setting would I use and how do I set it as it was gifted without instructions please
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I would sauté the steak first for couple minutes until brown and then slow cook for six hours on Slow cook functionHere's an electronic copy of the instructions. https://www.kmart.com.au/wcsstore/Kmart/pdfs/41940884%20-%205.5L%20Pressure%20Cooker.pdf Not overly thorough but you may find a few answers in there.

Does inner pot come out for cleaning?
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Yes the inner pot is removable for cleaning and or for serving at the table.

Can I manually set the pressure timer to 70 mins?
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I’ve found that the 30 minute cycle is adequate for even the toughest cuts and allowing the cooker to automatically continue in the keep warm mode also assists.I’ve found the meat setting did not cook my silverside completely, I’ve had to cook it twice

How do you work the preassure cooker side of it?
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You can use as a pressure cooker or slow cooker. To use as a pressure cooker, there is an exhaust valve that needs to be closed when in use, which is quite simple to do, just need to turn the exhaust valve handle to closed. Then use the function key to choose what you are going to cook. To use as a slow cooker, this valve needs to be left open. Hope this helps.Use the pot roast function and ensure that the valve is closed

Is this also a slow cooker? I have always been happy to leave on my slow cooker while at work. Not sure if this is a safe option with this product?
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Yes it has a slow cooker function on it. I have used mine and left it unattended with no problems

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