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Homemaker Pressure Cooker

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useless instructions

With the instructions provided with the unit you are left to trial and error with this machine. Once i played with the buttons it cooked a delicious lamb shank casserole in an hour, the meat was falling off the bone! The instructions dont give any example of times or even what the buttons are for!

Don't buy

The first one did not come up to pressure, honestly this is just a really bad products, we returned and second one did come to pressure 6 times (took forever) and then then the same issue, just would not come to pressure.

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Does it have a saute/browning function
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The old design Homemaker did have that feature but not sure if the new one does. The warehouse cooker does and most do but can’t see that function on the new homemaker cooker.

Does anyone know what psi this cooks at?
No answers

Slow Cooking function to slow cook Christmas Turkey Crown. Do I need to add any liquid?
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Homemaker Pressure Cooker
Price (RRP) $59.00
Colour / Finish Silver

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