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Homemaker Stoneware Frying Pan

Homemaker Stoneware Frying Pan

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Everything sticks after less than a year

Was initially good, but within the first few uses the foods began to stick. We have persevered, without using it very often (once a month, at most), and it is now worse than our stainless steel frypan.
The pan itself looks totally unblemished inside, as if it is still new and unused.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Really non stick

I bought the 24cm fry pan to make crepe. Great for omelette. Works well. Value for money. Better than those non stick fry pans. I am not disappointed. May consider other products in this range.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Fantastic Saucepan!

I had purchased Homemaker brand pots and pans before and was let down. I wasn't sure if I wanted to spend $19 on a saucepan, (they call this a frying pan, but it looks like a saucepan to me!) but thought I'd give it a go! And I'm glad I did. I have used it every morning for the last 2 weeks to cook my oatmeal in and it doesn't stick to the pan. If I let the oatmeal sit too long and it goes cold, it just glides off in one piece and there's no scrubbing! I was so happy with this purchase, I went back to buy the dutch oven, which I'll leave another review for.

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This isn't a review for the pan shown in the photo above! I'm trying to get it sorted.

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there is a heavy gauge aluminium body in this frypan - Is it safe to use - given that we are told not to use aluminium saucepans or frying pans
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Even Scanpan and Neoflam have an aluminium base. I also use 100% ceramic pans but they do stick. I try to avoid aluminium but for some cooking like making crepe, a non stick pan is essential.thanks little petal

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