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Honda Accord Euro

Honda Accord Euro

7th Gen and 8th Gen
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The best in a class

2.4 s-type, gearbox, engine, interface, enterior, family, secure...
Nice sound system. Loud in..

Weakness is only back pack.. You can fitt a lot, but nothing.
Also parts are expensive in my opinion.

Purchased in November 2014 for $11,000.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Acceleration / Power
Gear Shifting
Fuel Efficiency
Interior Design
Boot Size

Bought new in 2012 - Love it, not for sale!.

I bought my Accord Euro new and I won't part with it.
Quite simply, nothing goes wrong with the car. I get it serviced regularly and that's it. No surprises and no expensive breakdowns.
The only negative some people may have is the fuel minimum rating of 95 octane so a full tank costs a few bucks more.
I used to change cars every 3-4 years. Until Honda releases another Accord Euro, this one will stay in my garage.

BadgeLuxury Navi
Date PurchasedJun 2012

Competent mid sized saloon that could use more features

In 2012, I had a car accident where a drunk driver pushed me off the road. Everyone including police and panel beaters told me it will be a write off. That's because my car was an old Honda Accord. With that in mind and my need to have a ride for work, I immediately went to Honda dealer and looked at CRX, Civic, City and Accord Euro. All of them apart from Civic looked like generic product, small rectangular LCD display between the speedo and tachometer for fuel gauge and everything else. Not very impressed at all. Looks like a cheap implementation.

Then wife and I looked at the Honda Accord Euro. It is bigger than my old Accord but it felt confident, well made and solid and we bought it. My old Accord is so nice (it is manual too), I was more than happy to get a newer Accord. Friend of mine had a 2008 Accord Euro and that was great. So I thought a 2012 Accord must be an improvement.

Well, it does feel comfortable, solid and glued to the road and quiet. But compared with my nimble old Accord, it feels sluggish, probably because it is quite a lot heavier and the drive-by-wire design. In fact, Honda increased thickness of the rear window to dampen the noise. If you are lead footed it would be great. Step on it and it is willing to go, especially pass 4000RPM. I am just too cost conscious to want to do that. I know I am not fair here because my old Accord is manual and I should have gone for manual if I really want a more engaging driving experience.

Back in 2012, lane assist, powered folding wing mirrors, rear vision camera, side detection, emergency stop, adaptive cruise control, etc weren't as common as now. All it has are ABS, traction control and airbags. Takata airbags of course which has been replaced. It was a shame to read in the manual which mentions quite a few of these modern safety features, only to state that they may not be available in some country. Anywhere where it says "May not" means you don't have it! There is no tech package, safety pack, luxury pack I can buy as add on even if I want to. I had looked multiple times and had to get some accessories overseas.

I don't like GPS built into the entertainment or infotainment system because that means it needs update and sometimes at cost. I much prefer to use my phone for that. Google Map, Tom Tom (aka Go) are great and this way I get great screen, voice control, powerful CPU, regular updates and more. Having this evolving tech built in to the car just didn't make sense to me. How often does your mobile app require an update? Therefore, I went for the Luxury model rather than the top of the range Luxury Navi version which costs several thousands more.

That said, I get a smallish black & white LCD screen rather than a colour screen. I had changed the radio on my old Accord 2x so it has CD, bluetooth and just about everything the new Accord Euro's premium audio system has. It is much harder to change the radio in CU2. The whole middle console has to be changed so it gets a hole to put the radio in. Haven't done that and probably won't do it. No Naim or B&W or Meridian sound system but it sounds decent enough with subwoofer and some 10 drivers altogether.

Luxury Navi does come with rear vision camera which I would love to have. I would have liked to have DRL such as angel light like BMWs do. There is only 1 USB port in the middle console in the arm rest. Could have been in the console so there is no long cable dangling. It also can use a larger capacity battery. My old Accord has a 550CCA battery while CU2 only has a 410CCA battery. Thus, my old Accord feels a lot more willing even though its battery health is worst. I had that tested! Read my battery charger review at https://www.productreview.com.au/r/ctek-mxs-5-0-test-charge/1616316.html.

The Mitchelin Supremacy tires that came with the car are great. The wheels look great and are 18". They are not as quiet as some but they have great grip and lasts.

Unlike my old Accord, CU2 doesn’t autolock. The old Accord central locks automatically based on the time I set - 30/60s. So good that I have almost forgotten I need to lock the car. That said, I would like proximity key and electronic start button. Not that I think they are awesome technologies. But because my Accord Euro keys are some $600 to replace, so the dealer tells me. That's ridiculous. I would also appreciate more leg room in the back seats and a slightly bigger boot. All the hooks in the boot is a nice touch. Lastly, I much prefer a full size spare wheel than one of those space saving pancake wheel for spare.

Thank God that Honda seems to be slowly picking up its game, starting with the introduction of HRV. What a shame that Accord Euro line has been axed in Australia where I am, especially since Accord Euro was the best selling Honda vehicle in Australia. Very sad indeed. With the omission of Accord Euro, my brand loyalty is gone and I will probably look elsewhere for my next ride.

Date PurchasedJan 2012

Comfortable reliable car

I love our Honda Accord 2012 model, its very comfortable and has all the features power windows, air con with dual settings depending on what side of the car your on, a button on the key that opens the boot when your hands are full, a sunglasses holder above the rear vision mirror and all the other mod cons. The seats are very comfortable for long distance and the back seats fold down on either side apart from the middle so you can put long items in. The only gripe would be the back tyres wear out very quickly, this is due to an unadjustable rear alignment. This has meant we have had to change our back left rear tyre three times in the last year which is a bit extreme and Honda said thats just how it is factory and you need to get an aftermarket part to fix it. The fuel economy is reasonable.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Vtec kicks in boi!!

Driving experience is great, although it is front wheel-drive it still handles very well. The incredible 2.4 litre Vtec kicks in like a freight train at 3000rpms with automatic, can outrun most 4 cylinders from 0.60. The cons would be that the version of my car I have lacks cupholders.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

2012 Honda accord euro manual 6 speed

Very good car. Have had two of them. My first one was 2003 model, fell in love with it so bought 2012. ever better.
Drove from Melbourne to Adelaide in a tank of fuel. seats are so comfy, I can sit in it all day. cruise control work so well. the one downside I can think of is the paint a pit soft. Overall, I LOVE it.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Great looking, comfortable and powerful for its class.

The exterior body design of this car is extremely nice. It's aggressive, sporty and stands out from the crowd. In my opinion, it's the most attractive <$50,000 sedan on the road with the exception of the BMW 325i which also costs $10,000 more. The use of appropriate symbols, labels and their positioning is very intuitive. You can tell a lot of time was invested in the interior design and it's a pleasure to look at.

The interior designer deserves an award. All buttons and knobs are in arms reach and exactly where you would expect them to be. While there's plenty of leather and soft rubber materials used, there's some questionable cheap plastic additions (the type you would expect in a child’s toy), used for the door handles and running all the way from the centre console and across the dash which really lets down the overall luxury feel. The instruments panel is the best looking one I have ever seen. It's excellently designed and features a 3D design and really pops thanks to the great blue/white lighting.
COMFORT: I'm 160 CM tall and find this car to be more than spacious enough.
• Great seats with decent bolters to keep you in position.
• Adjustable centre console arm reset.
• Dual cup holders
• Glasses holder
Firstly, the 10 speakers Premium Sound System is incredible. The split tweeters at the front are great at reproducing high frequencies and the traditional woofers are capable of a lot of bass (this is adjustable). I'm very unimpressed with the subwoofer and it completely fails at high volumes. This car is an absolute pleasure to listen to music in - Well done Honda.

The display panel is very outdated and does not hold up well compared to >2015 cars. I have the 'non-navi' luxury version which does not have the GPS screen and also doesn't have bluetooth. I'm very disappointed that Honda did not include a stock screen with bluetooth, capable of connecting to smart devices and displaying song information. Aftermarket headunit’s are practically impossible to install in this car due to the way Honda integrated the sound system. The only way to have an aftermarket screen installed via a complete overhaul of the sound system which will cost thousands of dollars.
This car, with its 2.4L naturally aspirated engine outperforms almost every car in a similar league. This is especially impressive considering the CU2 is one of heaviest sedans on the market. The car becomes very responsive at speeds above 70km/h with Sports mode engaged but lacks torque at speeds < 70km/h (which is to be expected of a NA 2.4 L engine).

Honda decided against offering a 2.4 L Turbo or V6 variant which is quite disappointing as the theoretical power output of those engines would have perfectly matched the aggressive body design. Drivers who need/like more power on tap aren't going to have a good time, especially those of you used to V6 engines. The car will downshift without fail at speeds < 70km/h. It's also worth mentioning that I'm the only person in the car.
The Accord Euro CU2 is an incredibly good looking car which offers plenty of features and power.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Love it, the best car I have owned.

It drives like a sports car, the handling is beautiful, performance is excellent when you up the revs, the car is very reliable and comfortable. It has quality written all over it. Love the paint, styling, dash, performance and handling. So far 100% reliable. The engine is good on fuel but does run on premium so that costs a bit more.

Date PurchasedSep 2015

Great for everyday driving

Handling on the car is great and you feel in control of the wheel. Very reliable car, my model has been driven since 2006 and still feels modern. Legroom is great since car is slightly longer, great boot space. Has a nice sport feel whilst also allowing you to carry the entire family for road trips.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

I love my car

I love driving this car. It feels luxurious with the leather seats and looks lovely both inside and out. The heated seats are a God send in winter. The back seats are a bit squishy but I'm never sitting at the back so it doesn't matter to me! It takes unleaded 95 so can be quite costly to fill up.

Date PurchasedFeb 2012

Perfect long-lasting car

Great driving experience - strong engine, a little noisy but gives me a smooth perfect ride. The car is spacious and the seats are comfortable. The aircon inside the car is not reliable and doesn't produce cool air at times. The car is very fuel efficient and is perfect for long drives. It has a great stereo system. Running costs are moderate but levels depend on how well you treat the car.

BadgeAccord Euro
Date PurchasedMay 2011

The power of the Honda Accord Euro.

If you looking for a sport/ family car with guts look no further. The Honda euro got it all . Eye opener and she handle the open road with a 2.4 vtec moter and handle hills with out a problem . interior of the car feel like heaven and seat adjustment so many options so no trouble if you short you be able to drive this car with out any worry..leg room there plenty of it in the back and the boot is big enough to put your bbq in or the sports equipment. If something to long the back seat can fold down ... the car is beautiful to drive and to look at. I own a honda integra and i can say the Euro is up there as long as you look after your car the car well look after you.

Transmission5 speed auto
Date PurchasedJan 2018

14 years later still perfect

Other than perhaps a turbo diesel landcruiser, this has to be the greatest car ever built.
Low cost to service, extreme luxury for the time it was built, and a nice engine powerful enough for highway cruising with a car load of people. I doubt it will break for another 14 years, my mechanic can't believe how perfect it is when he services it.

Date PurchasedNov 2004

Amazing car and amazing fractures

This car is not just amazing with looks but also the way it’s driven.everytime i jump in the car i feel like its my first time in it. I have the2009 lixury model with all the nice ceatures. You won’t regret it!! Fuel consumption is alright due to its weight maybe.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Very nice car, one of the best I ever driven. Fuel consumption is a negative

Very nice car, strong, stable good brakes etc..
One negative is with the fuel consumption.
Although it generates 145 KW ( which is good), the fuel consumption is around 10.8L which is a little bit high for the size of the car.
That wont put me off though, still prefer to drive it over the newer model.

BadgeLimited Edition
Date PurchasedMay 2017

Best car by Honda

Bought this car used with extremely less kms and just amazed by this car.The features are great for when it was made and not sure why Honda stopped making these!The interior is very nice with leather seats and the toggle switches add a great touch.
Being a Honda it’s reliable as ever and good on fuel too.Power is adequate and the V-tec kicks in at higher rpms.
In a nutshell ,this ones a beauty.

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Accord Euro - a lasting memory

The Luxury model is what I have been driving since 06/2010 and engine is going strong. Mechanic said this was a good built and the performance outruns many in its class. The DOHC VTEC gives a powerful acceleration and hill climb is a breeze for the 2.4L engine. The engine can climb a steep hill without any problem and the manual gear shift makes a pleasure to use around the hilly roads. Bucket seats wrap the moment you sit in it. The 12 speakers give crisp sound. Fuel consumption is a bit high at 11-13L per 100km.

Date PurchasedJun 2010

It does the job but could have been better

Having owned a 2012 Accord EURO for 3 years; it hasn't failed me. It's a good looking car; it provides reliability and a bit of fun while driving.
However the interior looks very outdated and plastic; fuel efficiency is not great. And not having turbo means it accelerates slower than expected. One of the biggest disappointments is noise. I have to yell out most of the time while driving on the freeway.

Having said that, it does the job bring you from A to B with comfort.

Date PurchasedFeb 2014

Brilliant japanese sedan

Bought this 2012 CU2 update new, now 5 years, 110000km later and still just beautiful. I ordered the manual and what a machine, so much better than the auto avgs 8lts/100km smooth six speed gearbox is one of the best ever made and hugely recommended.Honestly have nothing bad to say, has original clutch, original brake pads, never blown a light globe! Perfect japanese made car, shame they dont make these anymore.

Date PurchasedFeb 2012

Good Street Presence

There are a lot more positives than negatives with this car. Looks great on the road, quality interior. Great on fuel and best for highway use. can be a little sluggish taking off but better in the higher rev range. I would not get an auto. In summary, it is a lot of car for the money.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

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