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Honda CB500F

Honda CB500F

4.9 from 7 reviews

Cheap price, powerful and cheap to maintain

I bought at PS in city with a good price. It's powerful than 300cc and near 4.2L/100km which is really low compare to 300cc. It is great for learners for the power, the price, and the handling. So much smoother, calmer and comfortable and sounds great with a slip-on exhaust!

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

The bike I should have bought in the first place!

I got my licence last year (I'm one of those mid-life crisis types!) and I bought with my heart and purchased a KTM Duke 390. I pretty much hated it from the second day... the bike although cool looking was very jerky in traffic and not comfortable at all.

When I dropped it in for a service I was given a CB500f as a loaner.....WOW! what a difference. So much smoother, calmer and comfortable. It may not look or sound as good as the KTM but it rides so much better.

I traded the Duke in on the Honda the next day and have never looked back.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

great bike

great performance for a learner, had it for about 18 months from brand new, nothing went wrong with it, quick clean and serviced and it is new again. holds price well and the guys at peter Stevens where great and more than helpful and got the bike delivered to my place

Date PurchasedApr 2015

One of the best LAMS bikes out there ...

I bought this bike new as my first motorcycle with a carbon two brothers exhaust (highly recommended ) . I did 12000 km on the bike and it never had a problem , the after market exhaust makes it sound like it should and saves a bit on weight . As a LAMS bike the 471cc engine is perfect and provides enough power/speed for a machine to cut your teeth on . You will still beat a new WRX STI at the traffic light dragstrip with a well timed launch as your front wheel lifts an inch or two off the ground as you slam through the gears . It is also quite comfortable as 400km (it's max range on the highway) is no troubles at all and I could easily do double that with no complaints . Zero maintenance required between servicing , you couldn't ask for a more reliable machine than that . Don't waste your money on a restricted 650 if your on LAMS this bike will be just as fast and the engine was made for you . ABS breaking gives confidence especially in the wet and this bike is quite capable of touring the country . A top speed of 188 km/hr is easily achievable as long as you hug the tank and wheelies are easier than you would believe , just pop the clutch . This bike will serve your restricted period of riding and even after that it is still adequate . I rode from Adelaide to Melbourne with no dramas at all in about 8.5 to 9 hours and would happily do it again and use it everyday filtering through gridlocked traffic . Get out if your car and onto a great bike , the CB500F . Any questions please write and I will answer , cheers ...

Date PurchasedOct 2015

Great first bike - does what it says on the tin

I've bought a secondhand 2014 CB500F about 6 months ago, and as a new rider I'm delighted with it. Easy and fun to ride, a lovely blend of power and torque, cruises pretty comfortably at motorway speed and, as with all the reviews here, mine starts first time every time and feels like it will run forever. Looks really sweet too.
At a push, I'd say the quality of the alloy fitments out of the Thai factory doesn't match Honda's Japanese-built bikes (such as the CB400) - my CB has small but visible signs of alloy corrosion - and the seat is a bit hard after an hour's ride, but you pays your money and takes your choce, especially secondhand, and within that context the CB500F is unrivalled.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

A fantastic overall bike for smart riders

I spent quite some time reading these reviews before I made my last motorcycle purchase, so here goes my review, and I hope it helps others like me from a couple of months ago: I bought a new 2015 Honda CB500F a month ago, and have so far put about 800km on it. It is everything that I hoped it would be: first of all, it didn't break the bank; it has a decent amount of power and I like the kind of power that it delivers, meaning linear, smooth, with a good amount of torque across all RPM ranges. I live in Norway where we have lots of windy little mountain roads all over and for this kind of riding it seems perfect. If I still lived in the USA and did most of my riding (as I did when I did) on big expressways with lots of other traffic, especially large trucks, maybe I'd opt for something heavier and stronger (or no motorcycle at all.) But here on these windy little Norwegian roads I go for hour-long joy rides, typically, a couple of hours max, and don't tour or commute. I have plenty of fun on this bike but I do not race, am not a motorcycle pro, nor do I intend to become one. I am not a kid who wants to be the center of attention, pop wheelies, turn heads. I am a 40-year-old man who likes to feel the wind and have lots of fun on a sunny day. My other bike is a 9-year-old Aprilia enduro bike of equal displacement, or actually slightly smaller, a 450, which has nearly 30% more HP. So let's say a little more fun WHEN it starts but my Aprilia starts about every third or fourth time I try to take it out despite my best efforts to keep everything properly tuned. Let's just say the bike that starts every single time right away has my vote any day as I would rather spend my time riding the bike than tinkering with it and getting the damn thing to start. Hondas are reliable. They don't make the sexiest vehicles but they make by far the most reliable vehicles anywhere. I had a Honda Civic for six years before and this was by far the most reliable car I ever had. That is what made me buy this Honda motorcycle. It sips very little gas, 70mpg or 29km per liter (unless I'm being a really bad boy with it) and holds the road very well, has a comfortable riding position, and even though it is 50% heavier than my Aprilia it just doesn't feel any heavier at all. Maybe that is because it sits lower, easier to manage with a lower center of gravity. Also, a bike that has 471ccs of displacement was a big bike in the 1960s or 1970s, now just average. I would say this to anyone who would call 471ccs a small bike: if you really manage to consistently pull all this baby is capable of out of her, especially hitting some curves and not simply going in a straight line, major kudos to you. At this point I don't think I'll ever be bored with it. And yes, look at the maintenance schedule too and you will conclude that ownership cost will be significantly lower compared to anything else especially a KTM or a Ducati or an Aprilia or one of those "sexy bikes." And in Norway a new one of these Hondas comes with a 5-year warranty (two years on most other bikes). I love it!

Checking in after three months and another 2500 km or so: still great, seems only to have gotten better after the break-in. Still starts up immediately every time and runs perfectly, no issues of any kind. Still loving it5500 km on the clock now and it seems better than ever, probably just now broken in all the way. I did take it very easy on this bike for the first 600 km and looking at it now - still runs and starts perfectly, and it used ZERO oil up to this point. The oil level has literally not dropped a hair. I still love this bike and have more and more fun each time i take it out. If you buy this bike and break it in gently, it will definitely treat you well

Follow-up review 1500kms & first service

Still great! First service was about $300AUD. Running just as well as before.

Unfortunately, on the bolts on the handlebar I have noticed some very minor surface oxidation. Granted though, I have never once covered the bike, at home and at work it is out in the elements. Other than that it is still the same great LAMS bike I recommended months ago. So check out that review. I will post more after 5000kms
Price, size/power, style

Questions & Answers

What is the CB500F like filtering in city traffic? I have a CB125E which is great but time to it trade up. I also have a BMW F800GS which is too heavy and clumbersome for regular filtering and am hoping the CB500F is suitable for city commuting. Cheers.
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I think it's a great bike for commuting. The control of the bike is excellent and light handling while powerful compare to 300cc bikes, and I would recommend version after 2016 as I had both MY2013 and MY2016, and the improvement is huge.


Release dateJun 2013
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