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Honda Grom

Honda Grom

4.8 from 8 reviews

Great fun and genuinely practical

I agree with everyone else, this is a great eat little bike. It has a fairly high spec for a cheap bike too. Disc brakes front and rear, digital instuments with tacho, clock and 2 trip meters. The fuel Injection gives over 40kms to the litre where a CB125E would rerurn 37kms on the same route.

Its hard to fault but the footrest rubbers are a bit squishy under your feet and the seat us a bit uncomfortable after 30 mins. The rear suspension is a bit bouncy but not too bad considering the price if the bike.

I've been riding for more than 40 years and own other bikes but really rate this bike for fun for the price.

Who said you need crazy power and 1000cc to have fun? Everyone should have one of these in the garage. Cheap to buy and register, Honda quality, ridiculously economical and will bring a smile to your face every time you ride it.

I've only given 4 stars as I haven't owned the Grom long enough to comment on longer term issues.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

this thing is damn awesome its like riding a unicorn

i brought the 2016 model for 3k at 1,800kms with a two brothers exhaust and damn it sounds so goood! when you take the baffle out i've put on over 10,000kms since i've had it in the last year, and if your not very mature like myself but still enjoys pulling wheelies this might be the bike for you. yes its slow taking off and lane splitting can be scary at 80kms between 2 cars but holy jesus Christ this is the most funnest bike you'll own

Date PurchasedSep 2017

My little green monster.

Bought a Grom because I'm fairly short (5'1") and needed something small to be able to manage. Love the green color of the fairings which seem out there and also acts to improve rider visibility. Very fun to ride, however lacks real oomph and power which is expected for a 125cc. Have clocked it at 110km with minimal wind resistance. The Grom keeps you in a comfortable upright sitting position. Overall it meets my expectations and also fulfills my riding needs, its no drag racing motorbike but it does its job and can generally keep up with the traffic.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

So fun.. So cheap!

This bike is really cheap considering how much fun you have on it. Purchased one nearly 6 months ago and I can't get enough of it. So easy to ride, and very comfortable - good enough for long distance unlike other bikes. The bright colours make it stand out and is often pointed out for its great looks!

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Awesome little bike. Turns heads everywhere. Smiles all around

Such a fun bike to ride. Wanna save money? Then buy a grom. Everything is literally cheap for this bike. It's cost me no more then $6 for a full tank of fuel and most times getting 250kms per tank. Nearing $40 worth of fuel had taken me about 2500kms. Insurance is $25 a month for full coverage. Servicing the bike is cheap, first service at 1000kms cost me $130 which included oil change, checking the plug and a valve adjustment and so on. Will be going for another service soon. Everyone loves the bike on the road and recieve thumbs up all the time. It's an easy bike to ride and handles in the corners real well too. Never regret buying a grom and only at $3,700 it's hard to say no. LED head light works really well at night and the LED brake light makes you be seen from behind. Have done a few little mods to mine (new mirrors, airbox mod, phone holder, new horn and a yoshi tail light tidy) and hasn't cost me that much and it looks even better. It's a great bike for around town. I'd be abit worried taking it on the freeway just because the top speed is very low and that due to me being a bigger guy plus the weight of my gear it struggles slightly up bigger hills. There are plenty of mods to fix that (big bore kit, cams, exhaust, tune and the list goes on) which aren't to expensive but I'm not keen on taking mine that far. The speedometer gauge is about 10% out which can be quite annoying so your always having to adjust your speed higher then what it actually is. I've worked this out against my car while my wife was driving (gauge is 100% accurate) and against a gps. It may say your doing 103kph but really only 92kph. And that's about how fast mines ever gone stock. Nothing major to worry about though but really only those small things and the bike is perfect. I love it

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Go you good thing

I have just purchased the Grom, having sold my Ducati Hpermotard two years ago. The Ducati being an animal of a machine and a lot of fun to ride, but it was so easy to open the throttle and kill yourself on it. Given I only travel 10kms to work the Ducati was overkill. I also rode a Vespa prior to the Ducati.

Walking past the dealer last week I went in without hesitating and purchased a red Grom. The only option I had added as a TBR Exhaust for $700. Well worth the spend because if people can't see me, they sure can hear me. On my travel over the Anzac bridge I often give the little Grom a rev to ensure I am noticed when stuck in the blind spot. The exhaust sounds fantastic and while it may not provide much additional power it was worth every cent.

To me the Grom is a mix of Vespa and Hypermotard. It has the aggressive nature of a Ducati Hyper but the ease of riding of a Vesap (although the practicality of a Hyper).

As far as speed, well, its no rocket but can hold its own. The good thing is that when I am inclined to open the throttle, unlike the Ducati I am not on a death wish. The Grom is pure fun through the back streets and a great little machine that you can take to the limit. My Grom has one hell of a bark, but less of a bite.

When I pulled up at the petrol station I felt like a tight wad given I handed over $6 that pretty much filled the tank to the amusement of the attendant. Good thing is I wont need to pull in there for a few week!

Amy I happy with my purchase...hell yes (so far anyway).

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Awesome little machine!

I was in two minds whether to buy this bike as thought I would look a bit ridiculous on it and I was a bit concerned about crossing the Harbour Bridge each day on something so small in both capacity and stature.

Bought it anyway, and I probably do (look ridiculous), but it really is the most fun you can have on two wheels while keeping your licence intact. "Proper bike" ergonomics mean everyone should fit and it handles so solidly and predictably you forget you are rolling along on 12 inch tyres. It will sit flat out at about 100kmh and cruise at 80kmh. Around town the traffic light grand prix doesn't pose a problem unless the cars are really trying (although bikes are another story)

Standard Honda fit, finish and reliability and lovely quality touches like the gold upside down forks. Seen a few bad reviews on the OEM tyres but I haven't had a problem yet, wet or dry. I bought the bright yellow one as i was a little concerned around the visibility in traffic on something so small - again, not had a problem yet. The filtering capabilities of this little bike are second to none and people just smile as you pass...

In short if you want a bike you can really get away with being as naughty as you like on, with simply incredible economy and grins per mile, you cant go wrong with a Grom. Better buy a black visor too, to hide the manic laughter as you commute to work!

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Sure is more smiles per gallon

At $4000 it is not the cheapest 125cc naked lams bike in the market. But add 10hp, 11NM torqure, 104 kgs wet weight, 220kms from 5.5L tank, 40Kmpl or 2.5L/ 100kms, front and rear disc brakes, upsidedown forks and you have a perfect motorcycle for the city. Capable of doing 120 kmph before rev limiter kicks in, but lacks the power to do that. A bit of up hill or bit of wind will bring you down to 80kmph on the freeway. It is very happy to be between 70 to 80kmph in top gear. 1st gear top speed 35kmph, 2nd 75kmph, 3rd 95kmph and 4th 120kmph. Lane filtering is a breeze. Can take off from the lights faster than most cars. Seats are soft enough for short rides. Loads of aftermarket parts available at low price. Cheap on fuel, insurance, rego and ctp. Light and nimble. Small 12 inch tyres (120 front, 130 rear) are grippy. Good brakes and the list goes on. Head lamp could be brighter, fuel tank could be bigger and not enough room for a pillion. When you see one you will laugh at it, when you jump on and ride one you will be laughing all the way. Good learner bike. Buy looks ridiculously tiny for anyone big. Not enough leg room for anyone taller than 5'10". Enough said, ride one and you will either love it a lot or hate it. But surely will make you smile.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

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