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191 reviews
DidieAU50 posts

Absolutely love it

If you are looking for a small car that is comfy, economical,easy to handle and looks cute the JAZZ is what you want.

The seats fold flat to make a very spacious area for luggage or even camping.

The car is very quiet and so zippy and easy to park.

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Ridgewood WA
Ridgewood WA3 posts
Kym08MELBOURNE12 posts
Saliha Honda
Saliha HondaSydney6 posts
  GF VTi-S

2018 Jazz – perfect small van

This is my first car and although I wanted a second hand one, this turned out to be alright. My favourite thing about the Jazz is the space. It is roomy and perfect for traveling. One of the let-down features (for my dad) was how the VTi-S didn't have a CD player. The aircon takes a bit of work to cool the car when it is Summer so that stinks. I like the driving experience, I'm don't know how to describe too well car terminology but it drives smoothly. The noise is minimal, great legroom, even for a short person like me – the seats cater to. Cheap fuel – fuel efficient!

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Mara T
Mara TGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC9 posts
  GF VTi-L

Not worth the money

It drives OK but is really bumpy driving for passengers in the back seat. The suspension isn't all that great. Really good on fuel and I like how the back seats fold up. The trimming on the passenger side window started falling off within 2 weeks that I had it. Honda never got around to fixing it, as they always forgot lol. Went through a puddle one day which ripped the bottom engine splash shield in half. Took it back to Honda who said they would fix it when they only tighed it back on with cable ties. Now the electric window (driver side) only works when it wants to and the radio cuts out every now and then since day 1. I wouldn't buy Honda again.

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benCurtin 2605, ACT17 posts

PIV gear box

then gear box develops a shudder .

to clear the gear box needs to be flushed out with honda gearbox oil

any car that has done more then 120k should be suspect if the gear box has not been re built

honda is letting its brand and customers down by not doing the right thing and replacing a faulty design

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HashKPerth22 posts

Plastic Trim Below Wind Screen Faded

My Honda Jazz is still within the warranty period. The first fault was the front seat belt buckle did not lock properly. Honda dealer had it replaced.

The second issue was the plastic trim below the wind screen which faded. Honda dealer and Honda HQ said it was due to "sun damage", and not covered by the warranty.

I am still puzzled because all cars are made to be driven and parked under the sun, in the rain, under the moon ... So the plastic trim should withstand the beating of the Australian sun and rain. I noticed that cars of other brands did not have such fading problem. I am at wits end, and don't know what else I can do.

I am not sure would anyone accept that a raincoat damaged by water is an acceptable explanation.

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TjmSydney3 posts
  GF VTi-L

My baby

Have a 2017 Vti-L and and I love my car, the first one I bought myself. Super cute and actually really roomy compared the Suzuki Swift I used to drive (passed through the family). I personally think the interior is the best compared to all the small hatchbacks on the market currently. Wheel traction could be improved. Affordable to run but. It's a good little car.

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SaraGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC20 posts
ancsiMelbourne8 posts

Everyone's favourite!

The small car that doesn't feel tinny, economical, reliable, zippy and ohh so easy to park! Its comfortable - has enough leg room, and enough room on the backseat for kids seats too. The backseat folds up revealing a LOT of room so doing massive shops or transporting large things is never problematic. Its quiet to drive, does equally well in the city and on the freeway. Acceleration is what can be expected from a small car. Service is cheap.

I will definitely buy another Jazz once this gets too old to drive - which is not for a while I'm told by my mechanic.

Highly recommended.

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AlanSouth East Queensland, QLD7 posts

Great car, but wish it had a little bit more power

We bought our 2009 VTIS new back in 2009. It's a great little car, lots of leg room, great turning precision and comfortable enough. The fuel economy is pretty good too even for a 1.5l. It's lived up to its brand, this is my fourth Honda and with around 70k on the clock it's been well worth the price. The magic seats are truly magical, and the paddles on the steering wheel are quite responsible compared to similarly priced vehicles. The 5 speed auto transmission is a must, I wouldn't touch anything with CVT. All in all, great car..just wish it was a bit peppier but I guess the car wasn't made to be fast. My last Honda was a Integra Type R and my other car now is a 3.0TDi Q5. I really feel the change in power.

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Donna H
Donna HChiltern8 posts

What a great little car

Lovely to drive. Hugs the road. Great on the freeway and city streets. Quiet to drive. Economical on fuel. Mechanically sound. I have had no major issues with mine in 4 years and we have done quite a few kms.

Tidy and well designed inside and out. Everything is easy to use. No manual required.

Easily fits 5 people. Also fits baby capsules and car seats well. Plenty of leg and arm room inside. Doesn't feel like a small car at all. Boot fits more than expected. Often suprises us.

First little car I have owned and loved it. Now upgrading to a Honda CR-V as need something to tow.

Can't recommend this little car enough!

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MaddyScottMelbourne6 posts

Zippy city car

I have had my Honda Jazz for two months now but bought it because I loved driving my mums around so much. it has the tightest turning circle and it a good zippy car. in terms of acceleration, there's not that much go but not really needed or a city car!

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Skrishnan2 posts
  GF VTi-L

Lovely zippy car

I have had this car for a few weeks now and I love it. It is very driveable in the city, easy to park and great for transporting kids and shopping. The plus is that large shopping can fit into the car with the magic seats folded down to the car floor.

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tdphillipsMetropolitan Adelaide, SA43 posts
BriIndooroopilly4 posts

Love it!

I loved my jazz, it is a small car but it definitely is the best car i've ever driven so far. It is very economical and i do managed to save up a fair bit because it does not use up a lot of fuel. It has a pretty cozy interior in comparison to other small cars, it is also great for transporting large size things because you can just put the seats down and transformed into a mini van.

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Viper644 posts
  GF VTi Automatic

Great little car!

Comes with huge LCD screen as standard with rear view parking sensors.

Cruise control.

Looks sleek and modern.

Very economical.

Surprisingly large storage area when all the seats are down.

Easy to fit into parking spots and navigate a busy CBD.

Comfortable seats.

I can't wait to buy the latest model in a couple of years!

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Cowboy Col
Cowboy Col6 posts
  GF VTi Automatic

Best car Ive possibly ever owned!

One of the best small cars on the car market. Economical, reliable and has the magic seats - which separates Jazz from other small car. I moved my entire house (except for the sofa and fridge) in the Jazz! Amazing car which is almost bullet proof! A plus! Thoroughly recommended.

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Adam P
Adam PBraddon 2612, ACT6 posts

I love this car

My Honda Jazz has stuck with me through thick and thin - across the Nullabor and more. Servicing is always very cheap, as there are never any issues!! Plus good mileage. It doesn't have much oomph, but is that really what you're looking for if you're keen on a Jazz? It does what it needs to do and has been super reliable.

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nemracCentral Highlands and Goldfields, VIC16 posts
  GF VTi-S
  Verified GF

Great city car!

Good driving experience, great mileage, and the magic seats are unbelievably useful. I fit a bike in the car without any problem. The cruise control is useful on the highway. The interior is basic, a lot of plastic but a lot of useful nooks for putting stuff. I travel around 600 km a week and spend less than $150 on petrol. I would recommend it as a city car.

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Noel R
Noel RAU3 posts
  GF VTi Automatic

Nice family/weekend car

Have always had no problems with Honda Jazz even from previous generations. Steering is smooth sailing, added with cruise control makes it a breeze. Very reliable, never break down unlike VW golf I had previously had 3 engine replacements within 4 years.

Very spacey interior, plenty leg room, and the best thing is rear seats foldable completely flat providing massive room, becomes almost like a van. The boot has alot of room too perfect for family. Fuel efficiency as advertised, and though not turbocharged or anything still gives pretty decent kick when I need it to. Engine is very quiet. Only -ve is I wish it came with a SAT NAV option...

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aaadriAU4 posts

Car is ok. Had paint issues since the 2nd year of use

Car is ok overall but I've had some paint issue since the 2nd year of purchase. Brought it back to Scotts Honda multiple times and they exchanged the doors. Pretty bad experience considering you're buying a new car. Would I buy it again, probably not. Probably just my bad luck!

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giuseppebyron bay9 posts

Smartest car ever

It's always been on my wishlist and I've finally bought it.

I can think of a better car:

runs on nothing (18km/l) and makes me feel good cause it respectful towards the planet.

it's big enough to bring my 3 surfboards around (shortboards 6'3" the longest).

the foldable seat system is mindblowing and so quick.

the engine has a timing chain, requires lower maintenance and I can service it myself.


paint job could have been better, but hey, nobody is perfect

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RickieKootingal5 posts
  GF VTi-L

Perfect for small family

Best car I owned, Loving my Honda Jazz. Really economical with the fuel.

Small car with lots of feature like parking sensor, cruise control, bluetooth, usb, outside temperature, touch screen audio system, and many more.

The only drawbacks is the routine servicing with honda sometimes is expensive. They have to do what Toyota is doing which is cap servicing.

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Vickie R
Vickie RSydney6 posts
  GF VTi Automatic

Great small car

The performance of the car is great, very smooth and enough power for a small car. It is quite noisy, but it is given because it is a small car. There is actually a lot of leg room for a small car, the dashboard could be a bit more sleek and stylish but I love the reverse camera. However, I did have the battery (the car is only 3 years old) die on me which wasn't great but they replaced it under my warranty. The only explanation I was given, was that 'it happens.' The driver's seat door doesn't close properly too if you do it lightly. However, the car is able to run on fuel very efficiently and overall, it is a solid car.

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Mr Bigglesworth
Mr BigglesworthPerth18 posts
  GF VTi Automatic

Excellent value and Honda quality engineering

Purchased for elderly father who wanted a smaller car. I'm a Honda fan so this was my first choice. The budget came down to a new Jazz or a 9 month old Cerato. Honda had a January sale so we got the added bonus of 7 yr warranty plus it's 2018 plated.

Aside from the sale price, the Magic Seats were a big drawcard - ideal for walking frames or wheelchairs if/when required. Rear legroom is better than my Civic.

The interior is basic - fewer distractions/complications/things that can break. Reverse camera is subject to glare - solution is to keep a piece of cardboard at the ready under the dashmat for sunny days.

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AlexanderSydney3 posts
  GF VTi Automatic
toothsomeGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC18 posts
  GF VTi Automatic
SandraKSydney4 posts
  GF VTi Automatic

Third Jazz and still thrilled

I purchased a Honda Jazz VTi in December - my third - I found both previous cars delightful to drive and own and was hoping I would be as satisfied with this one. It drives beautifully, has good acceleration, handles well and is very quiet. The dashboard layout is easy to understand and all features function well. The seats are very comfortable and the flexibility of the boot and seat arrangement is amazing. Naturally we call it the Tardis.

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NODDYBrisbane13 posts

number one

Best for storage magic rear seats best rating from Top Gear not fast being a 1300cc auto great little mover never let us down over 12 years drove from Cairns to Townsville 3 times at 80/90 klm an hour. Tailgate opening large as is the load area with the magic rear seats system they fold flat or lift up and passenger down. Only issue metalic paint seems thin as it scratches easy Show details
Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Consumer 123
Consumer 123Melbourne18 posts
  Verified GE
AdelinaAdelaide6 posts

Nice city car

This is a small car, so the power engine only has 1.5l. It has a good room inside the car. You can use it to move something not that big, as you can fold the back seat down. The running cost won't be high, as it is 6.7l/km. I like this car, as it is easy to park.

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KirstenBrisbane5 posts

Love my Jazz!

Greatest car ever, Has all of the modern bites you would expect. Nice lines in the design of the car. Mine is back and it is rather sleek :D Very economical.

This car can fit a huge amount into the boot, we fitted a fridge in once but is also SOOO easy to park has it has a very small footprint.

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PauloMareeba6 posts
  GF VTi-S
KevinSydney10 posts
  GF VTi Automatic

Further notes on fuel consumption

After four months ownership and about 4000 kms, I have found that fuel consumption is about eight litres per hundred kilometres around the city, six out in the country and seven overall. I still enjoy driving this car. It is a very lively performer despite the excellent fuel economy. I have mostly got used to the firm suspension.

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GracieQueensland7 posts
  GF VTi Automatic

perfect for starting families!

It's a tiny car but it doesn't fail to surprise us how much space it has. We have never had space problems (based on our needs) from transporting our dogs, groceries, bringing tons of luggages to the airport, shopping for (not so big) furniture. The ride is also pretty smooth and very economical compared to our previous cars.

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meryAU8 posts
  GF VTi Automatic

Compact, spacious hatch car. Good Value

I bought the Honda jazz in 2015. It is quite spacious compared with the Yari (Toyota), Rio (Kia) and Polo(Volkswagen). Good performance in highway. It is not noisy when accelerating. You can download Sygc Car navigation system in your mobile phone and connect it through the usb cable to your screen. The cruise control is fantastic.

The interior is spacious enough for baby seats and prams. Good price - value for money.

The air conditioning of the basic model is a little be noise.

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askingPerth, WA7 posts

10yrs old and still in pretty good condition

Pros: Very reliable small car. Purchased Honda Jazz GLI year 2007 and up to now, it is very good condition and performance. Very easy to manouver, boot space is excellent compared to other small car brands. Inside space is pretty reasonable. Very fuel efficient.

Cons: Due to sun exposure, paint started to fade on roof/top area.

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SheronSouth East Queensland, QLD24 posts

Perfect small car

Great car for driving around Gold Goast area, very economical on fuel. Best feature is the seat flexibility. comfortable seating and plenty of head room for tall people plenty of leg room in back as well. Like the hands free phone and reversing camera. Only criticism is Servicing is recommended every six months which I think is over the top as runs at over $500 per year So i will only get it serviced around the nine months to twelve months as money does not grow on trees.

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