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Honda Shadow VT750C

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4.8 from 22 reviews


Love this bike and found no need to increase the size. This responds as well as the 1100cc and the looks are to die for. Mine is a 2005 and I plan to keep it until 2015. That is if a need to change ever arises.
Probably the best motorcycle value on the market. Bike is very reliable and starts on the first attempt. The finish is of high Honda standards and the ease of operation is perfect for all levels of riders. There is adequate power for highway travel and back road riding is a blast. I have found no overall issues with my 750 and love the big fenders and wide handlebars. I left mine stock and do not plan to add anything but windshield and bags.
Can't find enough time to ride. The gearbox is a little clunky but gets the job done. The brakes are slower to repond than I prefer but you learn to compensate.


After returning to riding 15 months ago (after many years off a motorbike), I am very pleased with the Shadow. I enjoy Sunday rides with other bikers and have clocked up 3000kms. Each ride seems to get better which is a combination of my improved experience and better appreciation of the bike.
Easy to ride. Comfortable and smooth when cruising at 110km/hr.
Good price to get back into riding.
The gearbox is a bit clunky.

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Questions & Answers

Do vt750 have bafflels in the fuel tank which makes it hard to fill
1 answer
The last 1-2 litres take forever, there are mods on line to modify the tank but it is only a litre at the end that is the slow process.

Can I rebuild my 750 shadow out to a 1000cc
No answers

What oil do I use on a 2001 shadow?
2 answers
I have always used 5w-30 pennzoil in my motorcycle.I ran the Honda full synthetic. Can't remember the weight, but you can't go wrong with the Honda OEM oil.