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4.6 from 244 reviews

Excellent price range and value for money.

Pleasant hotel considering price and location but with A1 service. Of street parking included in hotel stay which was good considering it's usually an added cost.

Easy, easy, easy !

Let your fingers do the walking. HotelsCombined will guide you through the rest. Lots of choice and the price is right.

Excellent deals, high quality to choose from.

I was really surprised with the prices, the reviews and awesome places to stay. This is my 'go to' site for all accommodation. Too easy!

Great one-stop shopping for holiday bargains

Love using HotelsCombined! Makes holiday bookings a breeze by finding the best bargains available. Great one-stop shopping for holiday bargains and so easy to use

Making bookings

The ease of making a booking is what makes Hotels Combined tick. I would recommend this avenue to anyone planning that special getaway.

Take the stress out of Hotel Searching.

No need to search and filter through zillions of accommodation sites for the best price. Let HotelsCombined do the job for you.

Makes it so easy to find a deal. Love it

Takes the work right out of searching for an absolute bargain. Love this site! Doesn't matter if it's the Gold Coast or Mexico. Plenty of bargains worldwide.......

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Glad we could help and thank you for your great review!

Easy to use

It's refreshing to find a website that does the hard work for you. Easy to use site too! I have used this site regularly for myself and for my family together prices for our holidays.

Saved us a lot of money on our dream trip!

We were able to book some fantastic hotels to fit into our budget! It's going to be an awesome holiday! :)

Good site, each to use.

It's a good meta-site which is easy to use and great for collating and referencing proces of hotels. The app is also fantastic!

Easy to Use

I found the site easy to use, clear and it gave me all the necessary information that I needed. I used the site extensively to help plan our accommodation across Europe on a recent holiday.

Great Comparisons!

I love to travel, and when looking for hotels I always make sure that my first go to website is HotelsCombined. I love being able to go to one website and find everything I need with the click of a button. The website and the app are user friendly and have saved me lots of time and money. I would recommend anyone use HotelsCombined for your next hotel booking, you will not be disappointed!

Save your Mind - Use Hotels Combined !!

Always have, Always will. I have been using and recommending Hotels Combined since it first started, and it has stopped me from going crazy trying to compare all the different offers on the myriad of booking sites online these days. Hotels Combined makes it so much easier to find a great deal - I once got an awesome three bedroom penthouse apartment in Melbourne for the price of a single room!!.

Time saver ... more for me

Great deals, saved me a lot of time and found me a hotel in the right area close to everything that I enjoyed with the price that sealed the deal for me. Hotelscombined has been bookmark for further use.

No need to jumping around!

Easy to use, all information in one spot! The best was no need to visit so many website to find the best deal!

Not bad

I have used this site as it often has a wider variety of hotels to choose from at the same competative rates as the other sites :)

Will be using this everytime!

Honestly holiday planning was going terrible until this hotels combined showed me the easiest way to find the cheapest holidays! So simple and a pleasure to use. Will be using again for sure.

So easy forget the rest.

I found Hotels combined found the best deals others say best deal guaranteed but I found the best deals on this site.

this is great dont need to use a hundred sites

have already found and booked a couple of our hotels for our upcoming holiday. still need about 5 more hotels and sure to find them here

Up to date and current reviews

If you do not have time to look at every website, try HotelsCombined. It is up to date and current. It is unbias so you will benefit from the experience of others. It is your link to valuable information in the comfort of your own home.

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Questions & Answers

Hello I want to shorten my stay at Hadley orient hotel, Hobart by one day the manager says its fine and won't charge for the day he says to go back to hotel combined but I have an email directly fm Hadley' confirming a direct booking. Help I just want to fix this problem! Urgent! Booking#665726891
1 answer
Hello Claudette, our customer service team has been made aware of your question and they have emailed you directly with an answer and more information on your request. If you have any further questions you can get back to them at customerservice@hotelscombined.com. Have a great day!

Hi i have a booking at the Mantra in April next year my confirmation num is 1439046859 i can't seem to find a phone num on your website i would like to cancel the Sunday night stay the 28/4/2019 the other nights are fine thank you for your help.
1 answer
Hello, please kindly note that HotelsCombined is simply a price comparison website, once you have chosen your deal on our site you are re-directed to one of our travel partners websites to finalise the deal. The best thing for you to do is to contact the company you booked with directly to cancel your booking. If you have any issues with this please feel free to contact us at customerservice@hotelscombined.com and we will assist you the best we can. If you are not sure who you booked with you can contact the hotel and ask.

Hi! I made a booking for the 23 to 29 of Sept 2018 via revato thru your site. Up until now, the hotel's front desk and reservation agent said that the name isn't in the list. My booking reference is 136867614. Please help me on this?
1 answer
Hello, sorry for the delay in response the person who manages this account has been away. I have checked with our customer service team and it would seem that they resolved the issue for you with the hotel already. I hope you enjoyed your stay, and we look forward to seeing you online again soon!

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