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House of Conveyancing

House of Conveyancing

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Horrible. Avoid at all costs

They were engaged to sell my apartment. All the horrible things other people have stated are true. I am still planning to take them to the court, just haven't had time to actually do it. I am missing at least around $350 from the settlement, not considering other money lost indirectly because of them. They could not explain the missing money nor they could provide a meaningful service during their engagement. For instance, the settlement was delayed a number of times and they would not let me know why and when the new date was set. I had to find that information from my real estate agent who, in turn got it from the buyer's conveyancing. Regarding the missing money I asked them 10 times and they kept sending bits of irrelevant information or unrelated calculations from the purchaser conveyancing
Never in my life I would imagine that a licensed business could have so inferior service standard as a normal way of conducting their business. It is below any imaginable inferior standards. Do yourself a favor, find a diligent conveyancing that for the more or less the same fee will take care of you. Avoid idiots at house of horroveyancing.

Hello, which property do you refer to, we can see where this missing funds areHello, we await for your reply so we can give you a FULL break down on product review. We had replied to your message within one minute of it being posted and await either a) your name (youre using an alias) b) the property address We await your reply.

Just Awful

I have had the worst experience with this company. No one answers phone, no one replies to emails. I am not sure how they go about their business but I don't want to deal with them again. The other reviews pretty much say the same story.

Horrible, Disorganized, nonprofessional, Horrible service

I cannot express my angry for this stupid house of conveyancing service. They named their self as [name removed], [name removed], [name removed] but really do not what is their real name. Heaps mistake during settlement calculation. They do not understand the land tax and even do not know the primary house do not need to pay land tax. They had charged wrong amount and send to the vendor solicitor. I had got them to VCAT but they do not even attend the hearing. Finally VCAT issued order (about 1300 dollars) demanding them to refund me the money but they are still not abiding the VCAT order. What can I say? DO USE them anymore. I had also lodged the case to consumer affair and hope their license can be suspended.
If anyone had similar experience, please redo your calculation and most likely you may find wrong calculation and overcharged money. Log a case to VCAT and consumer affair, their license need to be suspended.

Anyone used the House of Conveyancing for settlement before, better check your settlement calculation. They may overcharge your money and over transfer money to vendor. Log a case to Consumer Affair and VACT to keep your right.Hello Frank, you were late because 1) your BANK (not our office) got your name wrong on your documents 2) your bank picked up the error on the day of settlement 3) settlement was delayed because YOUR bank had to reissue loan documents in your correct name which took two days to settle we have explained this to you on no less than twelve occasions but you are not understanding this.


Completely unprofessional and manipulative. Do yourself a favour and do not go with these clowns. They are impolite, rude and display absolutely zero customer service. They are completely an utterly incompetent.

Horrible experience in getting my settlement done with House of Conveyancing

Very rude, unprofessional and uneducated bunch of people working under the name of house of conveyancing. I can’t stress enough - do not use their service, you may end up getting cheated and frustrated risking your settlement on time with accuracy. Their service is terrible. They are very rude and don’t respond to customers queries.

I need to ask for every details all the time from them and they still don’t respond. They were totally incompetent. There were many instances where I called them and they didn’t pick up my call. When I would ask them to do something by a certain date, they would say 'yes' over the phone/ email but then wouldn't follow through. Absolutely hopeless.

They made the process of buying a house so much more stressful than it needed to be. Don't use them. It's not worth it. Pay the normal amount for a conveyancer/ solicitor that actually knows what they are doing.

They even don’t bother to keep you updated on the settlement day and that’s very unprofessional and stressing. Don’t choose them else you will end up being frustrated and risking your dream home settlement process.

Great service !

As first time house buyer with a little knowledge of conveyancing, i started first time with house of conveyancing. they handled everything in timely manner and in ending the result was quite good for me . I ended this deal in a competitive price. their service and customer handling was really very good. we are extremely happy with the service of house of conveyancing . Great work Thanks

Doesn't even deserve 1 star

[name removed] and [name removed] are so incompetent one wonders how they stay in business. 7 months after I purchased my house, I discover to my horror that the house was not put in my name. How could this happen? They don't answer their phones, barely respond to emails saying that they will get back but never do. My only recourse of action was to take legal action for them to finish what they were legally obliged to complete in the first place. Absolutely disgusted. Stay away from these fools.

Unprofessional, disorganised, mistake ridden

I cannot stress enough - do not use this service. Their service is terrible. They send multiple emails per day which do not make sense and which (in a very ambiguous, unclear way) request an unreasonable amount of actions from you. The made multiple mistakes throughout the process - got the names of the vendors wrong on the paperwork, got my husband's name wrong, got my date of birth wrong, got my address wrong, and even got my husband's residency status wrong (which would have resulted in +$30,000 of stamp duty had I not corrected them). I had to constantly review and correct everything that they did. They were totally incompetent. I had to call the VIC State Revenue Office to find out how to fill in the forms so that I could then tell them how to do it. Every time I called them they had no idea who I was (even when I introduced myself at the start of the call) and I always had to tell them the address of the property so they could look me up in their system - even when calling 5 mins apart. I also had to deal with 3x different people throughout the process, as they split up their tasks between them. There were also many instances where I called them before office hours closed (e.g. 4:30pm) and they had already gone home for the day. When I would ask them to do something by a certain date, they would say 'yes' over the phone/email but then wouldn't follow through. Absolutely hopeless. They made the process of buying a house so much more stressful than it needed to be. Don't use them. It's not worth it. Pay the normal amount for a conveyancer/solicitor that actually knows what they are doing.

Great Service - Will Use Again

I couldn’t be happier with the service, support and guidance I received from the team at House of Conveyancing. The team was contactable by both phone and email, were prompt to answer questions and conducted the entire conveyancing in a professional manner. Should I strike lotto and purchase more properties in the future, House of Conveyancingbe my go to conveyancer. Great job team. And thank you for handling everything smoothly.

November 1st 2017 Update: Great Service

I have used these conveyancers and they were very professional. Will use again. Do Highly Recommend. I bought my house in werribee using their service and they were always available via telephone and in their office.

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