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Hovex Permethrin Ant Killer

Hovex Permethrin Ant Killer

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So far so good !!!

First time I've tried this !!!! After clearing back of work top, of foods , utensils etc (using gloves) I sprinkled some on trail , left a while and all dead. We are going to use in roof as prob safer, so far so good. Not sure long term ..... watch this space !!!!!!!

What am I doing wrong?

We have tried to rid our kitchen of ants with Hovex powder on a number of occasions. The ants seem to ignore it & go on their way. Previously the ants have dissapeared after about 4 / 5 days but we cannot be sure that was because of the powder. Any comments?

getting rid of ants and millipedes

This is a very very good products for ridding the ants from anywhere in your yard, but you must find nest.Also I find the product brilliant for killing millipedes have killed thousands, just place it across where they crawl will not make it to the other side, kills within seconds.

Thank God it worked

I recently purchased a property where dirt kept being brought into the corners of the windowsill. On closer inspection it was ants doing it and when we pulled the carpet up we found stuff under the edge of that too. We replaced it all and fixed the window issues, however, I bought a spray for the ants that I could visibly see outside and amongst the stones and that was a waste of time (don't waste your money). I should have listened to the Bunnings rep when he had recommended this in the first place.

The granules are tiny yellow pieces so you can see where you have sprinklied it. I sprinkled this all along the front bricks of my apartment and just unside near the window sill under the carpet. I left it for a few days and there was a significant decrease. I kept using it for 1 to 2 weeks wherever I could see any ant activity a bit further along from my window and walla all ants have now gone. Brilliant stuff and worth the money that I paid for it.

The only thing that I don't like is the size of the holes in the container when you sprinkle - they should be made smaller so you can control what you are scattering out.

Perfect to get rid of ants

I sprinkled the Hovex powder in my roof to stop ants as they were crawling up the wall and through a small gap into the ceiling. About a week later and they were pretty much all gone. I have also found it really good when sprinkling on the floor just outside the door leading to the garden. When there are nests outside and you are not sure of the weather (raining, etc.) use the Hovex granules, as it works really well outside, dry or even in the rain as the poison spreads further in the rain. The powder worked perfectly for me so I guess you just have to use it in the right conditions.

Not that good

I bought the hovex fleas and ants control powder from bunnings warehouse in north wollongong nsw as trying to get rid of fleas though it just didn't work and was feeling sick due to sprinkling the hovex powder by pascoes / I can't comment on the getting rid of ants though it didn't seem to work on fleas so I give the hovex fleas and ants control powder 1 thumb down for fleas control

Ants in my lawn

I have many types of ants nesting in my lawn. (the lawn goes brown around the nests, and dies) This is not normal to have ants in these large numbers. I did buy Hovex I litre concentrate (around $60.00). I have applied as per directions. New ant nests (or perhaps the old ones) re-appear daily. I spray them again (with Hovex) next day they are back again. This has happened over 7 days. (one evening there was heavy rain) What am I doing wrong? What is the life cycle of ants? Am I just actually feeding them? Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

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I have continued to use Hovex since this last report. It is most effective, my ant population is now minimal. It does require persistence and ongoing use, but is extremely effective. I also use it as my basis for white ant protection, spraying around the external areas of the house, with a really thorough spray every six months. There are some timber retention walls, and I make sure to keep the spray up to these areas. My rating for this product is 9 out of 10. But you do have to constantly (every couple of weeks) be on and at the ants. They are persistent little buggers, you do need to match this aggression. Enjoy your evening! Seeya Bert

Ant Bates

I used to use the ant bates all the time and I could get them at Woolies but not even at
Bunnings any more, they were the only thing that would work for those tiny little ants in
Townsville before it would rain. They drive us mad. Where can we get them now?

A ok option

We had a massive problem with ants this summer no matter what i did i just could not get rid of them. I did buy this and to be honest it didn't really work that well. Our problem was that the ants where in the kitchen so it was hard to figure out where they where coming in from and also it was hard to keep the powder away from food sources. I also had some issues with the powder getting trodden in through the house and in to the carpets. Didn't really work for us but i think that was due to our problem area and situation. Available in all major supermarkets.


Ant powder that can be used inside and outside, on the floors, in cupboards and in wall cavities. We have used it around the doorsteps, around the window ledges and around the garage. It kills all insects especially ants when they come into contact with the powder. The powder is a pale yellow colour so is easy to see where you have put it. You need to shake it at a close range to disperse it evenly otherwise it goes everywhere. Precaution is needed so you don't breathe in the powder or get it on your skin. Keep the powder away from children and pets which may not suit some households. Also need to keep away from food sources. Available at all good supermarkets. Reasonably priced.
Works fantastically to keep ants out
Can irritate your skin if it comes in contact with the powder.

Questions & Answers

I have used Antex granules to kill ants in the soil of my vegie box and i am just wondering how safe it is to plant vegies there now.
1 answer
Hi Nad, I am not the company making this product and have used it solely for its purpose of killing ants. I suggest you contact the company making it (must be noted on the box or cylinder container) and have them answer your question.

I have the hovex ants and fleas killer and so far it's not working very well so I thought I would ask @ would this ants control work by any chance on fleas?
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the hovex ant powder works perfectly but you must find the nests and apply hovex to that area and a little on the tracks, had thousands of ants now hardly any to find about fleas contact hovex direct, never had fleas to deal with. hope this helps.Oh ok thanks / will try to contact pascose next week hopefully and ask them

does Hovex kill compost worms?
4 answers
Not sure though why would you want to kill compost worms unless they in your house / I have come to the conclusion that the best way to get rid of pests is a professional pest control expertI do not want to kill the compost worms but I use lawn clippings to feed them and some times it contains a little Hovex.Oh ok / fair enough


Hovex Permethrin Ant Killer
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