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Great Laptop - Surprising features

New HP Envy has performed very well. Easy set up, super fast and responsive.
Screen display is bright and vibrant.
Touch screen and tablet mode work better than expected.
Makes the most of Windows 10 functionality.
Looking to purchase the HP digital pen to test the note taking and drawing apps.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

my first laptop so hard to compare with other current options

Hi. I got the Envy x360 Convertible 15-bq0xx. I like the number pad on right-hand side but would really prefer the F function keys to have their own function and not being shared with quick function (volume, screen brightness etc.) for my work programs. It's got a bit of weight about it. I have only had since June and battery has been replaced already. HP were really good. Only took 3 days. I emailed using their HP Assistant thing. They called me back and stepped me through a PC analysis thing that's built-in to confirm the problem. They sent a technician who sorted it out in no time. I thought the PC had turned to crap and was running really slow on internet sites - Gumtree, Ebay etc and used Productreview.com.au and the HP Assist site to see how other people were fairing. Lot's of similar problems. I was ready to take back to shop as it was REALLY slow. The Task Manager showed the CPU being way over used and the fan was always full ball. My wife has a smaller HP about 18 months old and it's always been running great. The last review of the HP Assist site put me on to a disk clean-up thing. Once I removed the old windows update files - about 47 gB worth - it's been working as I would have thought it always should. I was very relieved. Two weeks ago it would've been a terrible review but it seems you need to keep-up the tech 'savyness' and understand that it's more than likely the programs on your pc giving you grief. Battery now works for ages and I could now recommend this pc to others.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Can't complain Good purchase

Had the laptop for over a year now , still fast and reliable , Does everything it needs to and more like touch screen and so on , only downside is the camera is just a stranded pc cam , the sound system in it rocks , never had any real issues , battery still lasts me hours , great all rounder laptop, i game, do my work on it , watch movies ect not a issue , would recommend ,

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Rubbish don't buy.

Within 7 months the rubber feet fell off. The left hinge attachment broke with ordinary use and split screen open. Some pixels are just white dots and others are discoloured. It keeps crashing at random times. The tablet mode often freezes. HP will not fix under warranty claiming it was misused. So untrue!

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Cant complain, does every we need to it! good all round

Had this for a month now. Never had any issues with it being too slow. Spec on mine are
HP Envy 15 AS012TU 15.6" FHD IPS Intel Core i5 1TB 8GB HDMI Windows 10 Laptop
Used in office graphics work and logging in remotely to work off the server. Have never had any issues so far.
Quick and responsive. Not sure what all the negative fuss is about.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Fast and reliable

I have been using this device for a month now. It is fast. I've been using it for 3d design and the big screen is very useful. The touch screen is responsive however i don't use it much. The down side of using the touch screen is that it can make the screen bounce which worries me. A hand to steady it works but it does make me worry about the hinge. Also the touch pad seems clunky as in it kind of rattles when tapping it. I generally use a mouse for design anyway so this doesn't concern me. The full size keyboard is another big plus for me along with the multiple usb ports, a usb c port and hdmi out. I love it. I gave 4 stars due to my concerns above but am still very happy with my purchase.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Worst computer ever

Bought this laptop around 18 months ago, since then it has caused me nothing but problems. I've had it sent to Melbourne twice and to multiple computer stores locally and every single time I get it back, it gets worse.
Meant to be great for games but freezes and crashes constantly. Meant to have great sound but everytime I play music or watch a movie it lags and makes a terrible sound. Slow, unresponsive, horrible computer. Very regretful buy.

Date PurchasedFeb 2014

Horrifically slow, freezes and screeches constantly

Horrible laptop. I brought this thing at Harvey Norman 2 years ago after being convinced of its performance and power. I am sure now he had to have been having a laugh. It always screeches and then freezes, at least once in 24hrs. I have lost countless important work due to this as the only way to stop it is holding the power button and praying it turns off.
It is also the slowest laptop I have ever had upon start up and general function, which has never changed after resetting/upgrading.
As I said before, I bought this junk 2 years ago (for $1500) and still seething about it. It is now my back up computer and have been using my partners Old Dell laptop which is over 9 years old now, and literally twice as fast.

The worst laptop I have ever used

The touchpad is useless. I hate it. AWFUL.
"left click" only works if I click in the far left bottom corner.
"Tap to click" is super-sensitive and works whenever a butterfly farts in Africa.

Impossible to use. I have to buy a separate mouse. not happy at all Jan. not happy

Amazing Performance and Portability

I bought my Envy about 6-7 months ago and ever since I have had a great time with it! It performs very very well even with the most demanding of games, although it heats up quite a bit (like every PC with a stock fan and i7) a $30 cooling pad makes it fine. The battery life can get you about 5-6 hours while browsing and writing word reviews watching videos etc while on half brightness. Gaming however is another story, you can only get about 1-2 while gaming but hey, if your gaming then your most likely at home right?

I upgraded my RAM to 12 gb (it is upgradable to 16) and I can run multiple programs of Photoshop and also do some video editing, something that helps is having the 4 gb of VRAM with a Nvidia GTX 850m. Although the VRAM is DDR3 It still performs amazingly and the 1tb HDD (can be upgraded to SSD) gives you plenty of space to store your media and games. The beats audio also gives you quite a nice listening experience being crisp and clear and having a sub-woofer makes music all the better. This is also good with programs such as Skype as the camera is crystal clear.

The 4 USB ports able me to connect all of my devices, 2 of them are 2.0 and the other 2 are 3.0, one of which is an HP super speed port which gives me a write speed of up to 180 mb/s to my external HDD. The SD card reader is helpful and I am always connecting up to my TV via my HDMI. This computer also has a Ethernet port and microphone/headphone combo. While not having a disk drive most programs can be downloaded however it can get annoying if you want to watch a movie or you can only install a game via a disk, I picked up a $35 external disk drive.

The wireless adapter performs well due to it being an a/c adapter (the latest technology) and having a back-lit keyboard is always a very big plus as well as it is a full sized one. I did not like the idea of a touch laptop however it grew on me and I now use it quite a lot, if you do not like it then you can just disable the driver in device manager, this is also an added bonus as then there is an extra sheet of glass protecting your notebook. Considering the out of this world performance (for a laptop) it is also slim and portable, that is unless your used the the ultra slim notebooks, this is roughly 2.5 kg or 5.5 pounds.

Amazing performance
Good battery
Above average audio
Touch screen
Quite a nice solid build
Back lit full sized keyboard
Good camera
Excellent design
Easy to access RAM and hard drive compartment
Wireless adapter is latest technology
Plenty of USB ports
Also has HDMI port SD card reader and ethernet

Can be quite expensive depending on what country your in or where you get it, if your in Australia then i suggest to get it at here msy.com.au/ DO NOT get it at a big retailer e.g. Harvey Norman
Screen is only 768, you would expect more for the specs
Track pad will on some models glitch quite a lot, I highly recommend an external mouse anyway
Heats up

Overall I think this is a great laptop for someone looking for a an excellent portable media computer, or a small desktop replacement.

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Price (RRP)$1999
Product TypeLaptop
Screen Size15.6Inches

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  • MPN: HP-1AC52PA

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