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Happy Customer

I have been with HSBC for 7 years and am still happy with the service. I live in Melbourne and there are many branches in the eastern suburbs to go if I needed something done. The staff regardless of each branch are very professional and got every thing done as I requested. When I applied for the platinum credit card, the staff would constantly let me know where the process is up to and telling me when it will arrive. Opening and closing accounts were done swiftly and professionally. Their online chat support I have used was great, very professional and informative. They gave me the right advice. Still I prefer coming to the branch to get important banking matters done compared to other banks which are closing branches. Very happy with their services. Great branches are Chadstone and Glen Waverley which I go to a lot.

Customer Service
Review TypeCredit Card Application, General Transactions and New Account

Don't Apply for Credit Card!

The process for credit card takes ages and you need to set an appointment for a couple of days in advance. They ask many questions and they never tell you on what basis exactly you will be assessed and what can happen. They rejected my application and still they put a note on my file for rejection. I have no debts owed and I have no infringement, but still they provide no explanation.
I have contacted the customer service and still they don't tell and when you ask them they will say we explained everything to you when you applied! The next step is to contact the customer advocate. It is useless, don't try that as they will say the same thing. I have dealt with HSBC in other jurisdictions and they were far better as I was issued credit cards with no problem. The online banking system is not good and I am seriously considering closing the account with them (since 2010) as I will keep the money myself!

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Review TypeCredit Card Application

Service..what service!

I transferred my credit card requirements to HSBC due to their fees and rewards system about six months ago. The process to do so was quite slow with many long 'on hold' phone calls required. I persevered and then requested an additional card for my wife. The process again was quite laborious and after two months of issues the card arrived with her name misspelled. To rectify their error, we were then required to undergo the entire verification process even though this was correctly completed previously. The problem with HSBC is that they are too big to care. They are too bureaucratic an institution to manage issues promptly but more importantly have poorly trained staffed.

There's a reason why they rate so low on this website and I wish I'd taken greater stock of this and banked elsewhere which is what I will do now!!

Customer Service
Review TypeCredit Card Application

Hopeless bank...avoid avoid avoid!!

Been with the bank for past 20 years bit embarrassing but they are Useless! Totally useless ...do avoid and save yourself a whole heap of headaches.. they will constantly block your account for zero reason almost intentionally to stop you spending your own money! Hate them with a passion thank god I have an account with another decent bank!

Customer Service
Review TypeGeneral Transactions

Glen Waverley

Went to open a account what a morxxs they said I need to put $1000.000 or I can't open one what a shixxy bank they must loose lot of costumer's because of this how many people have that amount of money what a joke

Review TypeBusiness Banking

They dont want your business

Try to open a online bank account, more than 1000 unrelated questions are asked. get an email later telling me to go to the branch for ID versification. The staff at branch request me to login to my other banks online banking to show them my address and balance. Asked whether i could do it on my phone instead of their computers for safety concern and the answer is no. They then declined my application. HSBC Australia is a joke, they clearly dont want your buisness.

Customer Service
Review TypeNew Account

HSBC, the world's local "Hopeless" bank!

As I was travelling overseas I called HSBC to postponed a payment for me because I won’t be able to pay it online as that service won’t be available for me, shocked when they’ve told me that that cannot be done knowing that they’ve done it once before for the same reason and now it’s not possible

After arguing I gave up and paid in advance before I travel and I told them that I wasn’t really impressed with the way they handled my inquiry and I’ll be closing my account after coming back from my trip

The shock… after I arrived back from my trip there was a letter in my mail box saying that HSBC closed my account, first of all there was some extra money that I put in the account just in case and secondly they’ve closed my account without mu authorization knowing that HSBC normally doesn’t accept accounts to be closed without a written letter

Called them to ask and they’ve replied “there must be a mistake” and they’ll call me back in 48 hours… guess what! They didn’t even bother to call me back, I called after a week and asked them the same thing and this time they’ve told me that I requested for my account to be closed

As we all know “all calls are recorded for quality purposes” so I asked the lady that answered my call to go back to the recording and listen where did I even say “close my account” and she couldn’t
Now I want my exact account that was closed back, it’s not possible according to HSBC and I want my extra money that I paid on that account which I’m still waiting, it’s been two weeks now and no response from the world's local bank

Thinking of opening a new account, don’t even go near HSBC, thinking of buying things on interest free try Latitude as they have loads of cards that offers more flexible payment and world class service

Thanks again HSBC for your pathetic service with a 11 years of loyalty

Customer Service

Can’t get rid of this bank

I signed up with HSBC in 2008 for a credit card to use overseas. Didnt really use the card much, so no issues. Cancelled my card in 2018 - had no need for it and wasnt impressed with the online banking which is quite horrible and out-dated. More than a year later I’m still receiving emails and sms from HSBC, despite having written confirmation of my account closure. No response to complaint emails I’ve sent. The two times I’ve had to call them the phone process and customer service has been woeful. Ridiculous. It’s like being stalked.

Customer Service

I would award minus 1 star if I could

Twice bitten...now more than once shy.

1. Simply bad process to set up a debit card to be used overseas...and online interface is poor.
2. Unsuccessful application for a credit card despite good credit record and no issues whatsoever with any other bank in my life...inappropriate auto-generated emails, evidence of poor staff training, slow, etc etc etc.

The most bureaucratic organisation I have ever experienced...and that's a big statement to make...

Where is the accountability?

Glad I did not proceed...I have no confidence that my money would safe.


Review TypeCredit Card Application and New Account

HSBC are criminals

I received 10 phone calls from HSBC UK looking for a letter they sent to Australia from the UK requesting information on my Australian finances. When the response to their letter didn't arrive back within a week they started a vendetta. HSBC stole the funds in my bank account, the accounts just disappeared off the internet, and they sent the letter by slow mail - it was not marked as 'airmail' and took 6 weeks to get to Australia. According to HSBC , I was personally responsible for the slowness if the UK nail service and for their forgetting to send it by airmail. So they soar the dummy and just cancelled my bank accounts and have refused to reinstate them.

The day the letter arrived, I completed it and sent it back. But my financial position in Australia is none of their business. When asked what legislative reason they had for asking for the information, HSBC stated:. ' it was a bank initiative.'. HSBC are CRIMINALS. they have harassed me, rung me every week and even cancelled my bank account after they got the letter back. The funds in my bank acvounts have just disappeared. HSBC have not returned the money or posted it to me. They've just kept it and refused to reinstate the bank accounts. They also lied. When I complained about the harassment, they claimed in a letter to have only phoned me 2 times. But I've got phones records of 10 calls from HSBC.

Review TypeGeneral Transactions

One star for the one employee who helped since 2005

I have been with HSBC since 2005 and I have found the bank to be reliable when it comes to holding your money. If you wish to use your money in any convenient way, or utilise their over-hyped international banking status to establish an overseas account, or if you wish to acquire a loan that your income can clearly support whilst also having, say, four to five times the loan amount in savings, go somewhere else. This review comes about from multiple years of just such *underwhelming* service. If I went into the details, I would be writing an essay for days and I just don't want to give any more time to these guys. Suffice it to say, I will be shutting down my accounts with them shortly because...I need a bank. Stay away, don't give them your business.

Customer Service
Review TypeGeneral Transactions, Loan Application and New Account

Awful. True reflection of a business too large to service

Truly appalling global business with red tape wrapped in red tape. Despite numerous calls to the UK and Australian offices they are unable to resolve or even suggest solutions to help with relatively simple problems.

Customer Service
Review TypeGeneral Transactions

Mediocre product, crap online banking platform, horrendous customer service

I've been with HSBC for 4 years now, originally signing up for their credit card with rewards points. Everything is ok until you experience using their online banking platform which is way behind other banks. The user interface is clunky and their security measures is appalling! Get with the times and incorporate fingerprint sign-in for goodness sakes!

That's not my main gripe with HSBC though. Their customer service is just horrendous. Their support reps are an absolute pain to deal with and are unable to give answers outside of a given script. They don't listen to your issue and are unable to think outside of the box. Pray you never need to get through to customer support as you'll find pulling teeth out to be more pleasant.

My strong suggestion is if you require a certain product from HSBC, look for something comparative from another bank. We generally have a distaste for the big 4 banks in Australia, but at least their support reps are competent.

Review TypeGeneral Transactions

HSBC in Australia is a joke

They have no proper process for dealing with customer complaints and a serious issue such as being unable to use your card abroad can let lost in their customer service black hold for 12 weeks before it finally gets sorted and only after me involving AFCA as a third party.

Customer Service
Review TypeGeneral Transactions

Wish I never signed up

It took me 2 trips to a branch and several days of running around to try to set up an account with HSBC, and when it was finally all together I went to download the app and it was useless. I completed what I'd achieved over 1 week with HSBC in an hour online with Commbank. Avoid avoid avoid.

Customer Service
Review TypeNew Account

bad bad bad

if there is a zero mark i will give it 0. never bank with hsbc again because of their rude altitude. i applied an global account online but never get it done properly. went to branch, i am one of two customers but they were telling me no one can serve me due to other customers. but you know what?3 of the staff are sit there and chatting and ask me to come back another time. so what? other peoples time is not time so you can waste it??? never done things properly. they dont treat well for customers. i think they actually dont care about their small customers.

Customer Service
Review TypeNew Account

They have no customer service

I joined HSBC as they had a good home loan rate and I have been so disappointed with their customer service. I have been trying for 3 weeks to get something resolved. They just send emails between departments, if the person doesn't respond there is no follow up. I Finally they have raised an internal complaint, so I phoned to get an update and guess what after 3 days they haven't heard back from the complaints department. I left a credit union to save money and it has been one of the biggest mistakes I have made. As soon as year is up I'm transferring out of HSBC.

Review TypeGeneral Transactions


Absolutely useless company. My advice would be to steer clear of these cowboys. I think the review rating is too high. To my mind they should be on minus stars.

Customer Service
Review TypeLoan Application

Customer service is terrible and in the Philippines

Every time I need to call the customer service team during "UK hours", I am transferred to another country with a terrible connection and representatives who have very poor English, which only makes matters 10x worse.

Customer Service
Review TypeBusiness Banking

HSBC poor communication poor customer service

I went to the George St Wynyard Branch as the HSBC email prompted me to have my identity verified before opening a savings account. When I arrived at 4pm on Friday the lady at the concierge said it was by appointment only and that it takes 30/40 minutes to verify ID. Both these details weren't stated in the HSBC welcome email so I asked to speak to her manager but was told he wasn't available. I emailed him and he replied apologising that she was mistaken. Very poor given I left work early to sort out what should have been a formality. He then suggested I show up at 8am the next Monday to complete the check. Monday 8am [name removed] wasn't there so after 5 minutes I left as couldn't be late for work again! Best to avoid 333 George St as HSBC says one thing and the branch is unable to keep their end of the bargain.
Now over a week later and having done the check at Chatswood it's still outstanding due to a 'technical error'.
Overall two weeks and counting to open a simple savings account is unacceptable. Best to avoid HSBC.

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Is HSBC the worlds global bank Or is it the worlds rudest bank?
8 answers
Definitely the rudest and there are so many better choices out there. From now on I am sticking with the NAB. The rudest, most inefficient, expensive and most difficult to deal with - and coming from an ex employee. Stick with the local banks with efficient processes and appropriate resources located within Australia.Rude, costly and incompetent. Hugely frustrating to deal with. A bank getting worse and being left behind.

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