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Huawei E5573

Huawei E5573

4.3 from 8 reviews

Great value modem

All good for sub 25, great value and this one can act as a wifi extender too. The only disadvantage is this wifi is cat 4 speed. A very reliable modem.

Purchased in February 2018 for $24.50.

Build Quality
Value for Money


I had this Modem for around 4 weeks when it stopped working completely. I had used it regularly and the charge is supposed to last 6 hours, but I felt I was recharging it more often and there is no off switch as such it turns itself off eventually when the WiFi stops connecting to a device in the home.
I did not take it out with me so dont' know how it performs outside while travelling, but considering if stopped working altogether, refused to connect to WiFi and even turn on I would not bother buying it.
I took it back to Coles where I purchased it and they refunded my money, I did not bother buying or exchanging it as the only ones they had were the same as I had already purchased previously.
If you alreedy have one make sure you keep your receipt.

Works perfectly and hasn't missed a beat

Bought this through Optus as a replacement for the clunky unreliable Telstra ADSL. We have line of sight to an Optus tower and man this thing is quick! It also has very good wifi coverage and covers our entire house just as good as a full sized modem router. Its very compact and has a good app to manage account details. I also leave it plugged in to a charger full time with no issues. No more dropouts, delays etc etc. Just don't have as much data.

Exactly what I need!

Bought a second one of this product new from a seller from eBay as my original Huawei E5573 was locked to Optus. Upon changing providers for a cheaper plan with more data I found that this was the cheapest modem available. It does exactly what I need it to do, It has a battery but It doesn't last a great amount of time so I usually just leave it plugged in 24/7 so that I can use this modem like regular home wifi. As I live on a farm with no copper lines for regular wifi and no current NBN infrastructure this is honestly the best alternative. Works well, and is pretty reliable. The range on it isn't great, especially having a large house but as long as you find a good spot for it in the middle of a house it should still be able to cover a whole house without too many black spots. Do recommend.

Simple but effective

Purchased this 4G modem as a replacement for my old 3G one. It was quick and simple to set up with my existing SIM and has been reliable so far. I don't play games or stream movies but for browsing the net it appears to work well.

Great cheap modem

Bought this Huawei E5573 from Optus - has 4G WiFi. A lot cheaper than other models. WOrks reliably, fast connection, good power and timing controls. No software to install. Good connection and reception would recommed again

Recommended 4G wifi modem!

Bought this for my mobile broadband sim and it works fine. Fast and battery lasts 6 hours of use. No problem at all even if i connected my laptop and 3 phones.

Great wifi dongle

I bought this item over a month ago and have had 4 units connected to it daily( you can connect up to 10).
My unit is a prepaid one so I can control spending.
The unit has a great range and works well in my house which is an old stone one.
You can download an app both android and apple and you can control the amount of devices connected
You can watch how long the kids have been on and remotely disconnect them and turn the device completely off too.
Where I live service is patchy but the wifi has increased and better the service available in the house.

The downside is its charge the battery does not last long wether there is 1 device or 4 devices connected.
I keep mine constantly connected to charge and the unit doesn't get to hot.
Overall I'm happy the kids are happy

Questions & Answers

In order to protect the battery life can I take the battery out of the unit when it (E5573 4G) is used at home? Many thanks, Vlad
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I am at a loss as to why you would want to take the battery out off the unit, it would be better to just switch off the device. If you aren't using the device at home and it isn't connecting to the internet the device will automatically go to sleep anyway, taking a battery out makes no difference as a battery runs down automatically if it isn't charged regularly.

How long does or should my HUAWEI E5573 4G modem itself last?
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That will depend on the condition of the battery and how many charge cycles it has gone through. From a relatively new battery you should expect a day on standby and at least 6 hours in use. With this type of modem though after a certain amount of time on standby it will turn itself off unless you have it plugged into a powerpoint.

can it be used with an iMac desktop?
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It will work for any PC or Mac if the computer has wi-fi connection. It does NOT have an Ethernet connection.