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Not for us!


We were given a lot of Huggies baby wipes when our first was born so used quiet a few. They were moist and thick but I found them to be like paper and tear very easily whilst trying to wipe clean which was very annoying! We use other brands now.



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These use to be the only wipes I would use. Not now!


These use to be the only wipes I would use. They were perfect for my first born so sensitive and loved how they were nice and thick too.
Since having my second the way they are folded they get stuck together and too many wipes come out and they rip. I tried a few boxes thinking maybe a bad batch and from different stores and nothing changed! It’s a shame as they were good, just not any more



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Seems to have the perfect amount of moisture


We have tried many different brands and this seems to have the perfect amount of moisture. We bought the 384 Mega Pack from Baby bunting but did not realise that you had to buy the dispenser separately, which turned out to be fine as the wipes dispense much easier as the dispenser is made of hard plastic.

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Lien Ma

Lien MaSydney

  • 5 reviews

Our Favourite Wipes


Been trying different wipes due to having twins. By far Huggies is our favourite given:
- it always moist
- thick, good when bubs do the big one :p
- you can tear it to half, save half later
- great on my bubs sensitive skins

Huggies is not cheap, get it when it's on sale :)



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Best wipes but too expensive!


These are the best wipes out there but too expensive! Thickness and wetness cleans bub well and no nappy rash encountered. Packs are easily closed to keep moisture in. Easy to pull out (encountered other brand wipes which get knotted together). However, cannot give more than 3 rating due to unaffordability.

Mel M

Mel MFairfield west

  • 9 reviews

Good wipes


Huggies wipes are always moist and never tear while I am using them. I usually use the unsencented ones but I have use the ones with slight smell and they do smell great I just prefer the unsecented ones. They come in great handy packs of 80 wipes to keep in the nappy bag or come in big boxes to use in the wipe box at home. All over they are a great baby wipe I love them.



  • 19 reviews

Huggies Baby Wipes - Water only. really?


Bub has very sensitive skin and I bought the water only wipes for him thinking it will be fine as it's just water, what could go wrong? Bub reacted sooo badly to it, very very red bum, I had to use steroids to calm it down. Makes you wonder if it really is just water only.

Horrible product


The reason people review these poorly is because they feel like a paper towel, they lose their moisture in the pack.
plain and simple. I get the CVS brand and they are soft, gentle, fragrance free and half the cost.
I bought the huggies on sale at Shop Rite and I am returning them. I would have gotten stuck with 3 packs of them ugh!



  • 7 reviews

Best thing for babies


Wipes are so soft for babies, works well for the baby skin .enough wet to clean ur babies. Just loved this product for my baby. Its little bit expensive but goes wel with its quality. Will recmmend this product to all the new parents as we cant risk with our babies

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Good for babies


I have used lots of baby wipes for my twins... but was never satisfied with any of them..either they were too dry or too coarse.. but huggies solved all my issues. They are perfect with quality.. watery as well as smooth.. not harsh on the skin .. little expensive than normal ones .. but price is okay with quality


DaniMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

  • 54 reviews

Best wipes out there!


After using these I will never touched another brand again! I tried Johnsons baby wipes and they were so dry & felt like sandpaper! Huggies baby wipes (fragrance free) are always so wet at every new packet. I buy in bulk and every new box I open (even if I purchased it 3 months prior to opening it) is sealed perfectly it's as if I only just got a brand new box that day. I love that they aren't filled with chemicals or cause nappy rash. They efficiently clean at every nappy change and I love that they are non-toxic (my son often puts them in his mouth). Definitely worth the money!!


AleksPerth, WA

  • 7 reviews

Best baby wipes


I love how soft, thick and moist these wipes are. You don't need to use as many to clean messes and they are really nice on my son's skin. He has had no issues. Even though this is a more expensive brand I will not buy any other and will continue to use them. I have also noticed that they are great to clean my hands with when I'm out and about instead of hand sanitizer. I have really sensitive skin which cracks in winter and hand sanitiser burns but these are amazing on my hands.



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Unfortunately causes bad reaction


Really liked these wipes (nice texture, thick, pulls out one at a time, package closes well) HOWEVER it caused our baby to develop a nasty rash so we had to stop using it. I think the ingredient that causes this problem is cocamidopropyl betaine as we've noticed the rash occur with other brands that have this same ingredient. Currently using Baby U Goat Milk wipes and not having any bad reaction to it.



  • 7 reviews

Not for senstive babies or mums.


I really liked this product it works so well but unfortunately it doesn't agree with our skin. Went to the doctors and apparently it caused "allergic contact dermatitis" on both of us! If you or your baby aren't sensitive I would totally recommend but if you are stay far, far away.



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Terrible papery texture


Expensive but has terrible quality. The paper used has a texture reminiscent of recycled phone books if you could remember how that feels, and tears easily. Moisture is overbearing so what you essentially get is something soggy that rips easily. Horrid product at cut throats prices that I would never recommend.

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Huggies baby wipes are terrible! What use is a baby wipe if it rips before you get it out the packet. I don't usually buy huggies baby wipes, but they had a special offer so I decided to give them ago. Well never again! Completely useless and multiple come out at once which is again annoying.

Never buy any thing from huggies


Year old and A5 month old every time that I've bought stuff for my child it has always been better when it's Pampers. I would never buy Huggies ever again the only time that we've ever got it is because of a mistake or because it was the only thing that was an option every time that I have it I almost always waste whatever we have left because it's garbage. The wipes my wife got are terrible. They are basically wet paper towels.



Stinky scent


I love Huggies products, I have used them with all of my girls, recently I purchased the Huggies simply clean and they have a horrible odor and they are dry. They don't leave my baby smelling fresh like the natural care ones. The worst part I purchased an entire box.


Chillie5VIC, 3055

  • 7 reviews

Thick but too wet


I used these wipes when my twins were newborns, they are quite thick and worked great at cleaning their bottoms but the further down the pack I got the more and more wet the wipes were. I found that I had to wring the moisture out of them, and if I didn't, they gave my babies nappy rash.

Mrs Smith

Mrs SmithChristchurch, NZ

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Alcohol dried out and irritated skin.


Pros: Thick and Sanitises

Cons: Alcohol caused dryness and irritated skin.
Since changing brands my kids don't get rashes anymore and thanks to me using them one day to remove my make up I now know why!

They are ok until you need to wipe your child's bottom continuously with bugs like gastro etc to which the irritation becomes visible (rashes may appear) however if I wouldn't use it on my face again why would I use it on my child's? Yes the alcohol helps Sanitises but is it really necessary? Try it on your face and if you feel the need to moisturize maybe baby would appreciate some cream too or a change of brand.

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