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You get what you pay


Among all the brands that I have tried, this is one that has made nappy time bearable. The wipes are thick enough that wouldn't tear during pulling. The moisture is just right and comfortably soft for my bub's skin. It's easy to grab from the container. Sometimes though I experienced some of its components like thin threadlike materials being left in my bub's behind. And yes, it's not eco-friendly.

Mummy bee

Mummy bee

  • 4 reviews

My favourite out of all brands.


As a FTM I bought every single known brand of baby wipes in the market. Huggies, BigW,Curash,red nose and J&J you name it. Out of them all this is my favourite. I got the pull out tub, it's so easy to use and pull out which makes my life so much easier. The wipe itself is thick and wet enough(not too dry nor wet). It is a bit more expensive than your other brands but it worth every scent. The bear design just adds that cuteness to it. Absolutely loved it. I usually buy the 384 pack to refill the tub and I usually stock up when it's on special in the supermarket.



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The good: these wipes have just the right moisture level, are a good size and the dispenser box makes it easy to grab them in a hurry. The travel case is convenient too.
The bad: they tend to 'pill' when wiping and can leave tiny bits of wipe on bub's behind, sometimes tear when being removed from the travel case (not the main dispenser) and are not Eco-friendly.

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PZappGold Coast

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Thick and practical


Tried many brands of baby wet wipes and Huggies is the best so far: thick, gentle on the skin, easy to pull just one from the packet (with most brands you pull one out and end up getting 3 or more... When changing nappies it's almost impossible to have both hands free so that is very inconvenient plus you end up wasting them...)
You get what you pay for.



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Used to be awesome. now just as bad as the others


cant comment on allergies as luckily bub is ok with anything, but can comment on quality. they used to have very thick big wipes that would do the job in one quick motion, no matter what the mess was. you'd only need a couple of them. maybe that was the issue? now (may-june 2-14) they have a "new" range, which is thin and terrible. you end up using 10 hen you only used 2 before, and end up with poop on your hands half of the time. very disappointing. will change brands.
the old ones
thin, bad quality



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Waste of money


I'm a FTM, and after purchasing a few bulk packets before baby arrived I found them to be quite dry, ripping apart and worse if all giving my poor baby ugly nappy rash! I so ce purchased curash wipes, sudocream and benapathrn ointment and the rash had gone. It's very upsetting but you will be suprised the difference with curash wipes
Goes on sale often
Ripps, dries. Nappy rashes





I don't have sensitive skin but this is the first time I have ever had a reaction to a product. Huggies wipes gave me dermatitis on my fingers and it's only getting worse! I will be changing from these wipes ASAP. Besides that I had no other issue with them, they done the job but I am worried about the ingredients in these wipes.
Good quality
Gave me dermatitis


BiksNew South Wales

  • 6 reviews

Avoid if


you have sensitive skin. Huggies wipes gave me dermatitis on my fingers. At first i thought it was something else since i have used huggies products before but i picked up the wrong wipes and the dermatitis started to go away.

Also noticed that they seem to rip easily when pulling them out of the packet.
Gave me dermatitis.



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Good wipes, but hard to pull out of the pack at times!

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Good but there's better!



Does the job


We have used these since birth and I am happy with them. I am a bit surprised at some of the negative reviews on this site. I like that they are thick and that they are often on special so I will usually stock up on them. I would recommend them


janectbGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

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Save yourself the bother



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Better brands out there!


I really hate Huggies wipes as they are almost impossible to dispense one full cloth at a time. As previous reviews have mentioned, they rip very easily when pulling from pack leaving loose fibres. And if they don't rip it's because you've accidentally pulled out 5 at once meaning you go through the pack faster. Sometimes they get stuck and when you're using one hand you have shake the pack whilst holding the wipe its all very awkward. I also find they don't feel as smooth on a baby's bottom. Unfortunately these seem to be the only brand easily available everywhere.

Too hard and awkward to pull wipes out



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Love the thickness


I love the thickness of Huggies Baby Wipes. I also love all the different options available from refills, to boxes, to travel size. I use the frangrance free wipes and buy bulk to make it cheaper. It is a shame about the price, but buying in bulk makes a big difference, just the initial outlay of money can deter some.
Shame about the price, but I just buy in bulk to make it cheaper. Keep an eye out for when they are on sale too



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Super thick but super dry


Okay so they are super thick and have super cute embossed designs on them and smell lovely. But for me the purpose of the wipe is to get rid of poop and so I need it actually wet because sometimes that poop is stuck on pretty good and I just find Huggies wipes are just too dry.
Thick, smell lovely, doesn't cause rashes on my bub
Just not wet enough, expensive

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tia kristan

tia kristansouth australia, 5114

  • 17 reviews

i love them


I absolutely love huggies wipes!! I love the thickness of them there like a cloth! I love how there larger then most brands, not overly moist and grabs yuckies really well!! At first when i had my son i didnt like them but babys poohs change ... we buy the factory seconds from cheapie stores so there not overly priced for me but in the supermarket and department stores the price is sky rocket
But there not for everyone every mum is different !
Thickness, larger than most brands. awesome on sick bubbys
expensive in the supermarket and department stores the price is sky rocket ... cheap stores get factory seconds for like $2 a pack



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It's ok, not worth for price


Wipes were easily torn and so easier to save money by tearing into half. However they were thin and dry and were quite rough on baby's skin. Considering the amount of poo a newborn does, this wipe isn't soothing at all. I will not purchase again unless I have no choice or there is a huge sale resulting in huge savings.
Can tear into half easily
Drying and rough


StephMcNSW, 2263

  • 12 reviews

Only if I'm desperate


As I'm a Huggies diaper fan, I thought the wipes would be great as well. Sadly, no. It was actually my husband that first complained about the harshness of these wipes - I was still in first baby fog! They did the job but left baby's bottom a bit red. I only use the sample packs in our nappy bag now when I've run out of Curash wipes.

Too rough



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Being a first time Mum, you want quality for your money. I was not impressed with the wipes once we got home from the hospital. They tend to rip coming out of the pack and leave fibres on Bub. Not ideal. I switched back to the brand the hospital used once we used the original pack up.
I do like the hard plastic case from the original pack I bought, but now refill with other wipes
Fibres left behind, more expensive, rip easily



  • 38 reviews

More expensive than most and don't feel it's justified.

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