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Huggies Crawler

Huggies Crawler

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EVERY NIGHT since I bought these my baby girl has woken ho screaming and covered in wee. I have to change her and the sheets and all her clothes, then resettle her. Appalling. Absolutely a waste of money my baby is lying next to me as we speak (5am) talking and rolling around after these stupid nappies have leaked and I’ve had to change her. Another nights sleep ruined by Huggies for both of us.

Huggies “ultimate range” is better than the “ultra dry” range

I have noticed a significant difference in the infant to crawler nappies, the leakage is happening a lot more often than ever. I assumed I was putting these nappies on wrong but clearly I am not the only one... although they do live up to their claims! I originally only bought huggies ultimate because it was the only brand that claimed to be clinically proven to reduce nappy rash, and take away my babies nappy rash it did! It completely disappeared and i have now stuck with them ever since! Better than anything else on the market in my opinion.

Good but Pricy

We are happy with Huggies. It doesn’t make any rash on babies skin and apparently baby feels comfortable in it. The only problem is it’s a bit expensive. We wait for it to be on sale to buy a couple of them. Buy the normal one not the Ultra .

Perfect for day and night

Loving Huggies range. My daughter has been using this sizing for a bit over two weeks- they are a perfect size and don’t leak which is a big bonus. We also love how soft they are for our baby girl who has sensitive skin. We will be continuing to use them. Also love how often they go on special.

Always licks

Not very good. I thinks it's quite narrow and always licks... it doesn't have the best fit arround the legs... it's super expensive for not being a very good product, honestly the Aldi nappies which you can buy for much less is much better... I don't think I'll ever buy it again.

Perfect for containing poo, except overnight

I have tried plenty of brands and these nappies are the only ones that contain poonamis (you know what I'm talking about). The wetness indicator is also great, other brands stop putting them from crawler size onwards.
I wouldn't recommend these overnight though if your baby wees a lot overnight. I'm finding I have to change it half way through the night (try doing that without waking up the baby!) or having a wet cot and baby instead.

Best Nappy in my opinion

Loves huggies. Have been using it since birth of my child. Never had an issue. I've used other brands as well, but have found that they dont hold as much, and often leaks. Huggies have always been great, and provide excellent coverage. We will definitely continue to use Huggies as my child grow.


I love these nappies. My baby has been using Huggies since he was in premature ones. They have great absorption, though sometimes we have the odd leak, but he does wee often.
They are great for his sensitive skin, as other brands have given him a rash instantly.
I would definitely recommend this product.

Caused a very bad reaction, blistering, red peeling skin.

Always used huggies and they were good up until my son was in Crawler size, his skin started turning really red and blister on his private part and bottom, the whole area the nappy was in contact with his skin has peeled.
Since changing to snugglers overnight it was 80% reduction in redness, 2 days on and it's almost healed.

There is something in them causing reactions, looking online my son is one of many who have had bad reactions.

Disgusted by sales tactics

I bought a box of Huggies crawler nappies on sale at Woolies a few months ago. Used them recently... they were infant sized! So annoyed that not only did they have shorter stretchy tabs, the wetness indicator wasn't present.
Shame on you Huggies for marketing and mislabeling dodgey nappies. Only thing is, I went to Costco and bought the jumbo sized cartons and these nappies were actually the right size.

Great nappy for my baby

I guess every nappy reacts differently to different babies. But I've found these nappies to be great for my baby. No leaks no rashes. But the strange thing is with the toddler size of huggies it's been giving my son rashes. I don't know what they do differently to the nappies. But now I have to look for another brand as my baby gains more weight.

Absolutely crap! I thought all nappies were this terrible, but its just Huggies!

Having used Huggies on my daughter for the first six months of her life, I was used to nappies leaking on a daily basis, even several times a day. It wasn't until I went to Bali and ran out of nappies that I realised not all nappies are created equal! Huggies are stiff and papery like paper towel stuck together at the waist with sticky tape. They don't fit properly around the legs and fluids easily leak out due to poor / no elastication around the leg and bottom area. I tried Mamy Pokos, the Japanese version of BabyLove, and I was just amazed at how easy a day can be when you don't have to change the cot sheets, change her clothes, sleeping bag and try to get her back to sleep after all that! When I'm out shopping and she does a huge poo and it is all contained and I don't have to change her outfit! Incredible!
I'm angry at Huggies for marketing and selling such a terrible product to new mothers.. the free samples in the Bounty bags, free nappies in hospitals.. it's all brand recognition stuff. Work on the product instead! My first six months as a mum would have been so much better and less stressful if these nappies had worked and not created a constant stream of washing and irritation for both me and baby. I hope someone in management there will read this review and wake up to themselves! Your product sucks! Buy a pack of Babylove and learn a thing or two! Stop selling poor quality product to women who have enough to worry about!

Poor baby left with awful rash

Huggies Crawler nappy is terrible. We used huggies newborn which is fine but had to up size to a crawler size. Then the rash started I tried using bepanthen, paw paw, sudocream, anti fungal cream..then finally I applied fresh Cactus (aloe Vera plant ) and that worked then used baby Love nappy and the rash healed up nicely -so I tried huggies nappy again as I had purchased a massive box, the rash re occurred! So disappointed at how we as mothers are being fooled into buying expensive brands that are no good for baby. Huggies Crawler nappy is Overrated!

leaks galore

I was a loyal huggies Mom until last night. Last night was the last straw. my little one's nappy leaked 5 consecutive nights and last night, it leaked twice! on all those nights the diapers weren't even full so it's not the absorbency. it is the horrible improvement they must have done to the leak guards. My older two used huggies with no leaks for several years. But these new diapers just feel like cardboard and not only leak during night sleeps, I've even had bub on my lap and had pee running down my leg! For the price you pay, you'd think you would get a quality product. I'm never buying huggies again.

Constant wet beds

I used newborn and infant nappies on my daughter with no problem but now I'm stuck with constant wet beds. I change her nappy in the night so they aren't full but still leaking out the sides. Shes 8 months and 7.5kgs and the crawlers have been awful. They are not worth the price at all. I hope huggies does something about it soon it's ridiculous and other brands prove to be doing a better job


I've tried every other brand of disposables out of curiosity and getting sample nappies and after 6-7 different types huggies has been the best. My 13wk son has been in huggies since newborn and has just gone into crawler size and has explosive poos and wees nonstop, and like previous reviews we've never had a leak with #1 or #2#3!!! No nappy is ever going to be perfect, and there will always be times that accidents happen, but I'm happy if 99% of the time there's no leakage!! Keep up good work huggies

Leakage problems

My 3 month old is large for her age (8kg), so I purchased the crawler 6-11kg. I had issues with leaking with the infants, and I'm having issues with leaking with the crawlers as well. Contacted Huggies, but as of yet have received no reply. Incredibly disappointed, and will be purchasing another brand.

Im sorry to say, but I'm disappointed

My daughter is 5 months old and has only worn Huggies. I was really happy with the NB and Infant nappies but something happens in the transition to the Crawler. I have had so many poo leaks through the legs and up the back. I am doing laundry every night! They are fantastic at absorbing urine and she stays dry most nights but with all the day time actives (crawling), the poos seem to escape.
Great fluid absorption
Leaky poos through the legs and up the back


Currently using crawler nappies for my 8 month old.
Never had any leakages, lasted throughout the night (when she slept all the way through), she has never had nappy rash either. I hate Winnie the Pooh which is the design on all the nappies and that is my only fault!
Used Huggies since birth - never had any problems. I also try and buy boxes when they are on special - good way to save a few bucks. (yes they're more expensive than other brands but totally worth it.)
No leakages, stayed on and seemed comfortable on her.
Winnie the Pooh.

Drop in quality from smaller sized nappies

I have used Huggies on my daughter since she was born and was really satisfied with the new born and infant nappies. I loved the 3D bubble layer as it absorbed really well and kept baby dry, you couldn't even tell she had done a wee if it it weren't for the indicator which was also a cool feature. Baby has grown and required to go up a size to the crawler. What a difference! The crawler does not have the bubble layer and is smooth and flat inside.This lining does not abdorb the wee and when you remove the nappy you can see the wee just sitting on top. In addition she is damp on her suit in the morning from leaking. These nappies were even worse when she did a poo as it absorbed nothing and it went every where... not even the new side leak barrier worked. The poo was just sitting on top which meant it was just sitting all over her skin causing her to go red. Really disappointed that huggies dropped the quality after infant. I never had a problem until now.

Does not absorb and leaks

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