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Olivia_13Hoxton Park

  • 3 reviews

Drop in quality from smaller sized nappies



  • 7 reviews

Pretty good nappies


I have used Huggies Crawlers for about 6 months now and have no real complaints. They have good absorption and last overnight for 12-14 hours. My baby hasn't had any skin irritation or nappy rash since using these nappies. They are not the cheapest brand but they are often on special, which is when I buy them.


penracerSydney, NSW

  • 29 reviews

Good containment but irritating


I have been using Huggies since baby came home from hospital, and although they are great at containing everything, they seem scratchy next to baby's skin. I am also suspicious that they cause nappy rash due to not being very breathable, as I have now changed to an eco friendly brand, and baby hasn't had any sign of rash since.
Good containment
Scratchy, uncomfortable, not very breathable

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StephMcNSW, 2263

  • 12 reviews



Have used Huggies on my baby girl since she was born five months ago. I've never expected a nappy to fully contain 'poosplosions' unless they were superglued to the skin, but Huggies have done a reasonable job. Baby has been in Crawler size since 4 months old and they have been good. She only wets overnight and the Huggies last the 12-ish hours with no leaks or rashes. Haven't had any major No. 2 testing as the solid food has kicked in and nothing has reacted to create a challenge.



  • 3 reviews

Quality changed from infant to crawler


I love huggies nappies ive been using them since my 4month old was born. Once he hit the crawler nappies the quality changed and feels like cardboard. I have tried other brands nothing comes close to huggies others all leak but are more comfy. I thought the first box I bought was just a bad batch but the next box was the same. I use them just as overnight nappies cause they stay dry. It is a shame cause I love these nappies.
Stays dry has never leaked perfect for overnight
Crawler nappies feel like cardboard


I experience the same thing, The quality is changing. It is not soft anymore as the newborn and infant size



  • 13 reviews

Used to be good now absolute rubbish


For my first and second child huggies were great but now they terrible . They are now hard and scratchy irritate my daughters skin and leak every night! So I started to change her she I went t bed feed her because she would wake up and put her back ti sleep but she still leaks during the night. I contacted huggies to complain and they said they would get back to me naturally they haven't. Shocking customer service as well. Don't bother buying huggies just get Pampers. They work over night so I use them and mcn during the day
Convenient to buy
Everything. They leak and are a cheap quality nappy with expensive price tag.



  • 2 reviews

Leaked at the sides


Overall, disapointed with these nappies. I found them to be quite hard in comparison to a cheaper competitors product. They left red marks around my bubba's legs and leaked from the sides over night. Not too sure about the massive prints on the nappies, as they tend to show through on lighter colour clothes.
The tabs are great as they reseal well after checking to see if bub needs a nappy change
The nappy is quite hard - especially the 'flare' around the leg. I found it to be scratchy and left red marks on bubs legs.


Alrich11Vic, 3437

  • 13 reviews

The best overnight nappy


Huggies are simply the best nappy for overnight use. I rarely have a leak from my heavy wetting daughter who goes 13 hours in her nappy overnight before changing her in the morning. I usually use modern cloth nappies in the day, but have found that they just don't cut it overnight. I have also tried several other disposables overnight and have had leaks. So now I just stick with huggies as I don't want to be washing sheets in the morning.
Super absorbant. Great for overnight
I wish they came in plain colours and not whinnie the poo patterns


mummy2twovic, 3350

  • 10 reviews

Best Nappies


These nappies are fantastic and I will never use another brand again. The fit well and never leak anything, besides the all too well known poo expolosion - which no nappy can fully catch!!
The fun design makes them enjoyable for babies and children to lok at and easy on the eye, unlike some cheaper brands.
Don't leak, great designs
outrow before hitting weight range made to suit

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cottonballbrisbane, queensland

  • 5 reviews
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Good nappies


Love these nappies in all sizes they never leak wee and only leak poo up the back if my daughter is sitting in her chair and does a huge poo.They work well overnight and my kids have never had nappy rash. The only thing I have to complain about it that they tend to rub the bubs skin where u attach the diaper so if its not a bit loose it can cause the skin to be red.
good over night,doesnt cause nappy rash,doesnt leak
rubs the skin where the diaper attaches



  • 3 reviews

Love them!


I love these nappies, my baby can go all night without a change and they hardly ever leak. They also fit her nicely unlike some of the other brands. They have a nice design. My only complaint is they are more expensive than other brands, and the amount of nappies you get in a box seems to be decreasing.
Hold a lot, fits my baby, soft, rarely leak


caitlinhVIC , 3810

  • 4 reviews

best nappies - can't beat the quality.


I've tried them all and have always come back to huggies, can't beat them on quality and they are worth the extra cost. My daughter has never had any problems with nappy rash or leakage in her huggies. the designs are too cute!
reliable, come in great bulk packs that make them cost effective. have never leaked and have a perfect fit.
a little more expensive then the other brands but if you buy in bulk they're almost the same price.


bluegirl_28Victoria, 3043

  • 4 reviews

Super wonderful nappies


I have used all sorts of disposable nappies for both of my children and I always end with huggies nappies. When my daughter was born, I tried to other nappies and I found that she had severe rash until I tried huggies and haven't looked back since. They don't leak and my girl can go hours on the nappies and still remains a dry nappy-very absorbent.
Absorbent, great quality, no leaking and reliable.

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hjg0883QLD, 4575

  • 8 reviews

Good for night but not day


I use huggies nappies only at night. They dont leak over night. But as soon as my baby has a bowel movement it leaks all up his back. So I've changed to BabyLove for day time. and I've had no problems. I was getting sick of changing his clothes all the time cause of the leakage.
good for night
Expensive, doesn't hold bowel movements.


hillsmumbecSA, 5241

  • 23 reviews

These are the only nappies I have found that don't leak overnight.


I use Huggies nappies because every other nappy I have tried leaves my baby wet in her cot in the morning. I have never had a Huggies nappy leak. The Winnie the Pooh designs on the nappies look great. The velcro tabs are very easy to use & the nappies seem to be quite comfortable for my daughter to wear.
They don't leak. They look great.
The sizing is small. The crawler size is supposed to fit to 11kg but my baby is 8kg & already seems to be growing out of this size. They are expensive.

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Sunny mum

Sunny mumCairns

  • 3 reviews

It could be better!


kazm76Southwest, VIC

  • 45 reviews

Trusting brand


I use both Huggies and Aldi but you can't go wrong with Huggies. They never leak and the nappies are of sound quality. I also tried Baby Love but always end up back with Huggies as they are reliable. Baby can stay in nappy overnight.
Very absorbent, reliable nappy
Expensive but you pay for what you get



  • 2 reviews

The only nappies our little man doesn't end up wet in!


I'm not sure if nappies are like clothing and you need to find a brand that fits your shape but for our second little man, we've been Huggies all the way, the few times we have tried other brands, from newborn to now, we end up changing sheets/ clothes etc more often due to leakages, no matter how well secured, even in the daytime, so am sticking with what we have found to be reliable :)
Great fit for our little boy, no leakages, don't cause any redness as we've had with two other brands, no marks on skin where elasticised.
Can be pricey so we just buy in bulk now



  • 24 reviews

Great overnight nappies


My 9mth old daughter is a heavy wetter, however these nappies will last overnight (sometimes 14hrs) without any leaks. They also seem quite breatheable, as we've had no issues with nappy rash.
No leaks even after 14hrs!



  • 9 reviews

Amazing, don't want to use anything else!

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