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Huggies Infant

Huggies Infant

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MagsMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

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Huggies limited edition nappies


The huggies limited edition nappies are absoult terrible. They are ruff like sandpaper. My son has got nappy rash from them. I have been using huggies since 2016. They should just stick to the original nappy rather than inventing a cheap nappy. Even the $25 nappy pants in the box is terrible. The old blue box and ultra dry nappy pants are still the softest nappy around. Get rid of these other poor quality products Huggies. If I want a cheap nappy I would of brought a cheap nappy brand. Keep the standards high!!

Purchased in May 2019 at Coles Online for $25.00.


PattayaGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

  • 3 reviews

Bye bye Huggies


There is no way we will buy nappies made in China. I found a few sites using Google where they recycle nappies in China.
Thank God my child will soon be out of nappies.

Purchased in April 2019.

Used to be the best, now the worst


Used huggies since the day my baby was born then they changed the design. Nappies seem like cheap quality with cheap materials. Never had leaks and then 3-4 leaks a day. Then a red rash appeared after never having nappy rash. Stop using straight away after researching other parents stories

Purchased in March 2019.

Mickey mouse nappies appalling


They leak, stink and cause horrific red spots which sting baby! They definitely are not the same consistency.Never buying again. What a waste of money. Come on huggies! Sort it out.

Purchased in March 2019 at Countdown rotorua for $20.00.

Tash J.

Tash J.South East Queensland, QLD

Baby with chemical burns from nappies


My son wore the new micky mouse branded huggies nappy for 3 hours
They appeard thinner and flimsey before i put it on him and it felt less soft that the old winnie the pooh ones.
3 hours after putting the nappy on him he had large red blisters where the nappy was sitting

Purchased in March 2019 at Drakes for $20.00.

Krystal S

Krystal SSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 2 reviews

New design = dangerous and horrible quality


The new design, Minnie Mouse, dumbo etc are horrible quality. They are thin and flimsy, explode, horrible absorbency, and dangerous. They caused my baby a rash/burn that bad she had no skin left on her bottom, and my toddler a horrible rash. They also let off a horrid urine stench after very minimal usage. Disgusted with this new product.

Purchased in February 2019 at Coles Online for $30.00.



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This product has definitely changed. Leaves burn. Marks and well as rashes. Leaks urine and is very poor quality. Will not be using again and have now move to a different brand.

Purchased in January 2019.


CatEyre Peninsula, SA

Been range are useless


They fall apart, cause bad to severe nappy rash .... poor poor quality wont be buying again I don’t know why you would try to fix something that’s not broken unless your cheaping out on your consumers

Purchased in February 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for $30.00.

Avoid Mickey branded Huggies nappies


Since the recent change to "Mickey" branded nappies the previously very reliable Huggies are much much worse. Besides the leakage and rough feel, I have had 4 nappies explode overnight, coating the inside of my son's sleepsack with crystals. This is outright dangerous, a child could eat them! Huggies private and public response has not been acceptable to the situation.

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You have changed


I swore by Huggies nappies for the first 10 months of my babies life! Recently, after causing nappy rash, constantly riding up his bottom and stinking of wee after about 15 minutes of wear, I realised they have changed more than just the "outer layer". Huggies won't admit they have changed anything else and even if they change back I will never purchase from such a horrible, lying company again. Thank you Huggies for forcing me to search for a new nappy brand, Baby love is fantastic and saves me so much money!

Huggies ultimate for newborns


Terrible, I used them for my sons first week and a half & had so many wet beds, The wetness indicator also did not work. I then changed to Baby Love newborn nappies and they are fantastic - the wetness indicator works great & no wet beds! Huggies 2/10 - Baby Love 10/10

New ultimate Huggies size 2 terrible


New Mickey print


Recently bought a box of buggies ultra dry nappies and found they had a new Mickey Mouse print. Very cute design but absolutely terrible absorption. I’ve used Huggies nappies for all 6 of my kids and never had a problem with them until now. My son is now waking up soaked during the night which means changing clothes in the middle of the night and then having to try get him back to sleep. I’m not happy with the new designs at all. I will be looking into other options now.



  • 2 reviews

New nappies terrible


I have always used Huggies for my children and now my grandchild. The new Mickey Mouse nappies are too thin and leak continually. Why change when the Pooh ones were perfect. Wont be buying these again. One more customer lost due to "improvements of the product".Its very disappointing to have paid good money for no results. Sizing is all wrong. Smaller than the original nappies.

Leaky, thin and sizing is off.


Literally leaks every night, not worth the money. My poor baby gets the chills and the ratchet thing is, I have boxes of them and Im not sure if I want to waste my money and buy rascal and friends cause their nappies are legit! (Got a packet gifted to me) Or if I just continue to wake him and change him every so often just to be extra safe. It's tiring though when a simple thing can make you lose sleep by constantly checking, changing, undressing and re-dressing. Wouldn't recommend to anyone.

leaking new nappies


the new mickey mouse nappies are too thin they leak.The pooh bear nappies were so much thicker.I won't buy them any more.Why change something that has been very good for a long time.With the cost of nappies why would i want to buy a product that doe'snt do the job.

Always leaks!


I tried to use huggies for the better part of 2 months and my son always had leakages that required full changes. These leakages got worse when he started solids. I changed to the brand baby love and not one leak so far...even after huge poo explosions.

Needless to say. Huggies has become highly overrated and not as good as what I hear they used to be.



Cheaper brands much better


I can't use them my son leaks all through hes cloths.
I brought them payed extra thinking they would be better however babylove and cheaper brands are better suited for my son i don't need to worry with having to change his cloths in the cheaper brands.
I don't recall huggies being this bad when i used to use them on my older children.



Always leaking


Hi your preemie and newborn diapers are ok but size 1 and up always leak my friends use 2 3 4 sizes they leak to. Every night waking up soaked.everytime I go out I gotta take major extra clothes really sucks:((((((. I was told huggies was the best I can't exactly say that from my experience. I changed to pampers now I get sleep through the night :)))



  • 2 reviews

Leaking and smells bad


My partner and i always choose huggies everytime we buy nappy since our first baby. I like the fact that it doesnt give a rash on our baby skin. With my mew baby we buy infant 4-8kg nappy especially the new ultimate one but its pricey! I like it soft and just fit enough but i find it leaking when he pee and everytime my baby poop. Then i change into an infant with wide pocket, its just right no leaking but" that smells bad even my baby just pee a little bit i can smell tha nappy. Even i keep changing the diaper. Wider pocket but smells bad

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A wondering about the warning circulating on Facebook that these nappies leak chemicals and causes burning to the baby requiring hospital treatment?

2 answers

It can happen to any brand of nappy. It has happened and shops have had recalls on them but it does not happen often. Just a bad batch


All disposable nappies are made from chemicals so they can cause all sorts of bad reactions. My newborn got a chemical burn from disposables without the nappy leaking gel which is why I love cloth nappies

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