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406 reviews
Ben2 posts

Constantly leaking and caused severe rashes

Huggies have recently changed their nappies. We were lucky enough to get a couple boxes of the old shape (which were great), but when we started using the new style we were extremely disappointed.
Our son got rashes instantly on his legs, and was leaking with every second nappy.

Safe to say we won't be buying any Huggies brand items from now on. Show details

DeeMetropolitan Adelaide, SA6 posts

My newborn bled for weeks after the new ones were released

I used these for my newborn son as per hospital recommendation. His skin split and bled within hours and took weeks to heal. Dr said it looked like a burn. Show details

Change was bad

New nappie designs are a major let down. they dont last long before they come off from crawling. They leak a lot easier. It’s like you are buying the cheap nappies with a huggies logo. Such a shame as I didn’t mind paying the extra money for quality. Time to find a new brand

WendySydney5 posts

Perfect size for newborn

Love the quality and the size. My little one has no nappy rash when using this newborn nappy. It has a little pocket at the back to prevent leaking especially the watering poo from newborn. Value for money. It’s very stretchy and can use it for slightly bigger waist. Would recommend it for gentle little bum.

KBOCentral coast10 posts
  Verified Newborn

Perfect fitting for newborns

Huggies newborn nappies are quite narrow which makes them a snug fit for newborns. Ive always used the huggies newborn as I find that huggies brand nappies are quite narrow in general therefore i move to other brands that are wider once baby outgrowns the huggies newborn nappies to prevent leakage


Big fan of huggies until the recent change!

No gonna lie huggies have been my go to nappies since the start and I prefer them over any other brand. I have been using huggies since my baby was born who is now 17months without any issues aside from having to go up in size earlier then suggested but I guess this also comes down to baby's body frame, so no big deal.

However since using the new unisex huggies nappies I'm finding they are leaking through very regularly even after a short period of time.

MarcyCanberra2 posts

The best

Used these since the first day. My bub didnt get any rash without barrier cream. Soft to skin and good absorbency. The nappy size is also good neither too big nor too small. Used Aldi nappies, babylove and little ones but liked Huggies ultimate the best. Now using Huggies Ultimate size 2.

TomoAltona Meadows5 posts

Was good until they changed it to new design

I liked the nappies until they changed it to new design which was hard to see the line of wet nappie and jelly beans inside the nappies come out and sticking to baby’s skin I stopped using them because of that It was much nicer previously I don’t know why they changed it to new design when nothing was improved

KhushiPerth9 posts

Perfect nappies for my newborn

Excellent nappies with perfect fitting and long lasting dryness as well. He didn’t get a single nappy rash and he wash so much comfortable using it. The wetness indicator is awesome as well while I used another nappy and the indicator was spread along the whole nappy with the first wee. I got it from baby bunting for a bargain price of $39 for 160 nappies.

Highly recommend.


Happy for my boy to wear these nappies

I have found these nappies not to cause any rash or skin irritations on my baby, not once have they smelled bad, they can contain quite a bit of urine especially over night, they feel soft and padded , my husband thinks they are great especially compared to other brands, really there is nothing to complain about

NilesSydney11 posts

Good but

I got these for my newborn when we ran out of the ALDI ones we had been using. While it absorbs really well and doesn't cause any rash I have a few issues with them. Firstly they are tiny, they're supposed to be up to 5kgs but at 3.8 kgs they're almost too small for my newborn. Secondly, they don't open up well and are harder to put on as they curl up constantly. Lastly the leak barriers in the nappy are too harsh on my newborn's skin and cause marks. So while it has great absorption I find ALDI's nappies to be much easier to put on and much more true to size.


It leaks

I bought this expensive nappy for almost two months supply for my new born baby and this bloody nappy leaks all the time I put her on. I am not happy at all and can't use them at all. Now I bought a cheap nappy from kmart and that's working great.

Brenda W
Brenda WPerth, Western Australia6 posts
  Verified Newborn

This is our farourite nappy brand

Both my 3 year old daughter and my one year old son are using this nappy brand. They are great, always on special, the absorbent was great, will keep the little ones dry and happy. Easy to wear and pull off. The only thing not so good is it might be a little bit too thick to wear them in summer time. Everything else was fine

Mel M
Mel MFairfield west9 posts

Holds everything in

Huggies nappies are great the new design is excellent and I have never had any leaks yet. Compared to other brands I have use huggies is the best and that’s all i buy now. Plus my little one like them to so they must feel comfortable for her. I have went from newborn to crawler and now use toddler and even keeping them one all night have still never had a problem.

hassan shakil
hassan shakilDANDENONG NORTH14 posts
  Verified Newborn

its leaks

it leak for my daughter not happy it is so much costly but result is bad it doesnt soak well at night and my son and daughter got rash expensive but not good i wont recommend this better to go for baby love its cheap and good this product is ripping off

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ManpreetMelbourne7 posts

If u love ur baby u wuld definately love hugies

I was so worries as i was going to have my first baby but i trusted hugies and it gave me the best results . Its material is so soft that my baby jhad just luved it as it is a day or night .works wel with senstive skin and no rashes at all.

Katie L
Katie LGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC48 posts

Wonderful nappies

Love Huggies nappies and so does our baby.

Have been using huggies nappies since newborn. They are comfortable and really leak proof for those explosions.

The thing I love most is the nappy is super absorbant and leaving the child's area dry overnight. This also has the wetness indicator which I find is a genius idea as I'd like to keep the little ones bottom close to dry and not over load with wet. It is smart design and very useful.

A bit pricey as compared to other brands, but well worth it for the health and wellbeing of out little ones.

Highly recommended for anyone with newborns. Absolute must.

Thank you Huggies.

Cheers, Huggies number 1 fan

Sharon E
Sharon EAU3 posts
  Verified Newborn

huggies newborn

The newborn nappies are better than most I have tried although I found they have a tendency to leak. I feel like I'm gounf through more than necessary compared to ither nappies.I bought them on special but I don't know if I would buy again. Seems you can get better

SmokeyVictoria10 posts

Doest stay dry, baby feels wet

Huggies pampers are not that good as per their popularity, we have to keep changing it as baby feep wet very quickly, the whole purpose buying an overpriced product which doesnt do what it suppose to.

Baby love pampers (thailand product) is heaps better than Huggies(australian product)

Baby love , we use one pamper for whole night, if no poop.

Try yourself, i am a genuine customer, not a promoter who write review for themselves.

SLC2283Hunter Region, NSW71 posts

Overpriced and not the best product available

We tried these thinking that, for double the price of the Coles and Aldi options, we'd get a better product. However, the adage "you get what you pay for" doesn't apply here. Generally most of the loss-of-containment incidents occurred in these nappies. We tried them for a while but went back to the Coles nappies (and, since then, have been using Aldi too), and they're pretty good and very affordable.

Others have found the Huggies nappies to be superior to home brands, so try it yourself. Our experience was very much that the Huggies, as a premium cost option, were the worst for absorption and side-leaking.

ReneeBrisbane2 posts

Wonderful trusted product

Absolutely wonderful. Love the new wetness line. Have used huggies nappies for all three of my children and can not fault them. I also love the fact that you can email huggies on there website for samples of there nappies and other products to try before you buy bulk amounts

Analysse B
Analysse Bmelbourne7 posts

Best nappies i've tried

I used these nappies when my son was born and also tried out other brands which i received as gifts but these where 10/10 never had any leakage, they were soft and comfortable and now I will be continuing to use Huggies as my son grows. They are a bit more costly than some but worth it

NicoleSouth East Queensland, QLD10 posts

Sizing problems

When we were given Huggies Newborn at the hospital it worked great on my nearly 2.7kg baby. By the 3rd week it was getting small already and attaching the sticky tab was difficult. Otherwise the designs are cute and I do like the wetness indicator. I really want to like it but the sizing indication has a bit of a problem.

Pearl10 posts

Great Nappy!

I have used Huggies Newborn nappies for all 3 of my children as newborns. No other nappy compared to the quality and I believe comfort of these nappies. They have great absorption and I love the winnie the pooh style prints they're designed with. Over all I give Huggies a 10/10 :)

Wingsubiaco2 posts

My first choice

Have been using Huggies nappies since my first child. I am happy with them even it leaks something and quiet expensive, however Huggies still are my first choice and favorite diapers, I tried a lot of other brands but these seemed to be the softer and cheaper. Yes, I would recommend them.

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MilestonesSydney2 posts

Great value for newborn

Used huggies newborn, very soft and comfort and always keep the baby skin dry. Don't have nappy rashes or other problems. I guess the major concerns for being a mum was no need to care about whether the nappy will leak or not. I certainly don't have that issue.

Great value compared to other brand I'll say.

CaseyJ6 posts

Nappies that do the job properly

Read some bad reviews on here as well as Facebook about this product and have to disagree. I find that I don't get leaks, rashes or have a poor fitting with these nappies for my 1week old baby. Only thing I can say is I'm glad I didn't get another large box as my little one is growing out of the newborn ones already at just a week old.

SarahJPerth13 posts

Great nappies

The huggies newborn nappies were the only nappies that were small enough to fit my newborn baby. All other brands tried, which were quite a few were too big and looked very awkward. Found the huggies to be the best and most absorbent nappies that I have used, even the bigger sizes

NicolaBrisbane7 posts

5 Stars

Our twins have been using these nappies for 4 weeks now,

we have used 4 of the boxes with 96 nappies and have not had 1 leak.

They are a good fit, I found them slimmer than other brands which was good for my small premmies who when born weighed just over 2.2kgs each.

I definitely would recommend them to other parents !

AleksPerth, WA13 posts

Best nappies ever

No problems with these nappies from day one. Not sure why people say they leak or the wetness indicator doesn't work as I have never had this problem before. There were no leaks even after long car rides etc. I have tried different cheaper brands and those leak after a few hours and don't hold "poo explosions''. My son has never had baby rash or any other reactions.

The only negative thing I can think of is the price, they are quite expensive compared to other brands but I always buy in bulk when on sale so not really a problem.

My son is 8 months now and we have been buying huggies since these.

StandardVictoriaAustralia39 posts

Useless indicator

Bought Huggies Ultimate Newborn, she is on day 3 and is always complaining about wet nappies. The indicator is simply useless as it never turns blue even when it's soaked through. We thought she's stayed dry all day but she's been weeing multiple times and now she has a bum rash, will not be buying again!

K bot
K bot4 posts

Not fit for purpose in spite of branding

I had recommendations to avoid these nappies. They are so poor at protecting against leaks that I currently have a 100% strike rate in changing baby clothes. This started from our newborn's very first waste ejection at the hospital and our use of Huggies after a competitor's one we purchased ran out. It's time consuming and laundry detergent wasting for such a poor product that I might as well use a 56L bin liner to cover the baby and would do a much better job. Unfortunately we have a whole large box worth given by good friends that we're stuck with.

Sheshe M
Sheshe M

Terrible diaper

My son constantly cries because his diaper and clothes are wet. This diaper is not very sturdy and doesn't keep anything dry. I have to change him tons of times causing me to go through more diapers than I need to which costs more money. I will be switching right back to the Pampers Brand. I should've never left them.

Matt3030Gold Coast

Good at the start

These nappies were pretty good to start with when we first brought our baby home. We thought that if the hospital used them they must be ok. Now he has grown a bit bigger (4kg+) we have found that baby is waking up screaming trough the night due to wet clothing. Experimented with different nappies and found it was only when the newborn Huggies were used. Definitely do not recommend this product if you value yours or your child's sleep.


Very bad experience

My baby boy is 9 months old now. I have used huggies when he was born and when I put on the diaper at night and in the morning my babies pants will be all wet so i changed it.. I tried using again now and the story is still same. I'm very satisfied with treasures which is very hard to find in Australia.

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Miss Opinionator
Miss OpinionatorAdelaide23 posts

1st time great time

I had lots of samples/trial packs as I'm a first time mum so didn't know one from the other. The hospital used these which is encouraging and by far one of the better fitting nappies I've come across. After trailing others these are in comparison very absorbent, no leaks, friendly on bubs skin.

LatteGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC10 posts

Huggies new born ultimate-best so far our little child

So far the best nappy for our new born. Our child is tiny & perfect light weight & reliable. However we gonna try ALDI once she gets a bit bigger as we heard good things. Nappy often dry & no nappy rash. Good quality & no leaking, easy to use!

DimitriMetropolitan Adelaide, SA55 posts

No Complaints Here

Why would anyone have anything bad to say about Huggies. They are the Ferrari of Nappies! We have 3 children, and have always used Huggies ever since we tried a number of brands early on with our first born, and realised that Huggies were the best in the end.

No leaking problems, no issues with the nappy tie not sticking.

CaidenVIC, 30644 posts

Best nappies on the market

I cant believe the bad reviews at all. I have two children that have both used huggies and they are by far the best quality and almost always leak proof unlike the cheaper brands. Maybe people need to change their children more frequently and not leave the same nappy on all day!

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