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407 reviews
Corinne.cValla, New South Wales8 posts

Best nappy ever!

I would have to say this is the best nappy on the market! My baby had never had a nappy rash with these nappies. As my baby was small born (5lbs) Most nappies didn't fit her, but Huggies did! Although they are expensive I think they are well worth it.
newborn size is small, never leak, no nappy rashes
Gg5678Perth4 posts


We tried all the cheaper brands but always ended up going back to Huggies. No leakage, ver absorbent, great fit. We tried about three other cheaper brands but they tended to leak or not fit properly. Def worth spending the extra dollars on Huggies, won't use any other brand now.
great fit, no leaking
Most expensive
Gretty79Cleveland2 posts

Best Nappies you can buy

I trialled numerous differnt nappies including cloth, but I always end up back at huggies, the fit, the absorbancy and comfort for my son could not be beaten!! He rarely got a rash or irritation when using Huggies! Worth the extra $$$ as you use less nappies and have less leakages to worry about :-)
Reliable, Absorbent, No rashes
CourtsCobden, vic20 posts

10yrs on and still my favourite

Huggies have the best fit, the best absorption, they feel the softest and most comfortable, I started using them when I had my 1st born baby almost 10 years ago and im now pregnant with my 4th and already stocked up on the Huggies box's I wont use anything else on my bundles!!
Comfy, absorbent, I like everything
NatovskiAU3 posts

Not bad, although could be better for the price you pay

I started off with Huggies although felt the waist and around the legs was too small. i also had leakages come through from the sides. The bits around the leg had to be pulled out each time which made nappy changing more of a nuisance rather than an easy task. After trying a few different nappies i liked Comfy Bots the best. Great fit, easy to put on and no leaks! I can leave the same nappy on my baby the whole night and not worry about leakages.
Cute pics on the nappy and the blue wet strip indicator
Poor fit around the legs, leakage problems
AlexinaBayside, vic2 posts

Better than all the rest!

We tried all of the different brands and Huggies won hands down. Our daughter had skin problems when she was a newborn and no brand kept her as dry as Huggies did. A little more expensive than most brands but worth the money you save on topical cream from rashes. Highly recommended!
Easy to use, stopped leaks when needed.
Sometimes hard to source as just flys off shelf (especially when on sale!)
Lisa54Sydney, NSW43 posts

One of the best

Ive tried baby love, snugglers, aldi brand and pampers. Huggies were as good as pampers (which are slightly more expensive) and much better than the other brands. I like the wetness indicator and babies bottom seems to stay dry even with wees and fluid poos. They are a slightly smaller size than pampers.
Less leaks than other nappies - holds a lot
The cost
T1980sydney2 posts

Changing the sheets twice a night, no thanks

We bought a box of huggies after using them in the hospital, but after four nights of wetting through I gave up! Really disappointing, and a waste of money. Switched to baby love and coles brand nappies and haven't changed the sheets once from being wet through. Makes me not want to buy any huggies brand items.

Changing the sheets twice in one night drove me nuts

LadyOfThreeQLD, 4570160 posts

Best Nappy

I love huggies. I was first dragged in by the pretty design of pooh bear, all the way back in 2008. I used them from day dot and loved them. They have this easy cover material that lets you place the nappy on anywhere and now even has a wetness indicator to let you know when bub had wee'd!

Also, in my years with huggies (not just with newborn size) i have had 2 issues. I emailed the company both times and they sent replacement packs within the week via courier at no expense to me.

Its now been 4 years and 3 kids and i am proud to say im a huggies mum!

beejrazzaNSW, 20993 posts

Great Fit & No leaking!!

When my first child was born I was fortunately given a number of packets of nappies. However, out of the few different brands I was given, Huggies newborns, were the only ones that lasted him between feeds at night without leaking. Whenever my son wore the other brands they would leak and I would have to change not just the nappy but his clothes and cot sheet as well.
No leaking.
They were a bit more expensive than the other brands but the prices at Big W & Woolworths have come down dramatically in the last year.
First time mother
First time motherSYDNEY, NSW24 posts

Excellent for first time mums!

Being a first time mother, I found the Huggies newborn nappies to be life savers!!

The reason being the stripe at the front of the nappy changes colour when wet, which might not sound like such a big deal, but it is. You have enough on your plate working out how to feed, cloth, bath your baby, work out what each cry might mean etc, so these at least take care of one aspect. Cute design and excellent quality also.
Love the colour changing stripe at the front when wet

lisarichesPerth, WA6 posts

Cant go passed Huggies new born

Tried several brands - they just simply do not compare ... huggies are good quality and cost per wear make them truly one of the best brands you can have. I can not even find a close second when it comes to great disposable nappies. They are comfortable and the wet indicator is just an added bonus.
Value and quality
tah2708Qld, 452058 posts

Can't beat them for a newborn

Tried several other brands for a newborn, you can't beat Huggies for fit on a newborn. They are soft, narrow in the crotch area for comfort for your baby, the wetness indicator is good too. The elastic at the top around the waist area and around the legs is good for those explosions. They are slightly more expensive than other brands but if you buy the box instead of the plastic pack they are cheaper, believe me you will go through a box before you newborn is into the next size, we went through 2 or so.
Excellent quality
nothing but don't waste your money on the cushions for a baby as they aren't really necessary
themizzmaiMelbourne9 posts


Great first nappy for first time parents. They now have a wetness indicator which I found so helpful being a first time mum & not knowing when DD's nappy was full (saved me the hassle of opening her nappy to take a peep).

Cute prints & a great fit for bub.
Reliable, cute print, wetness indicator.
Maybe price but worth the $ Show reply

cpNsw, 22327 posts

perfect nappies

I tried a few types of nappies that were given to us and I find you can't beat huggies newborn. They have a double band around leg to prevent leakage (something some most other cheaper brands don't have) and a poo pocket at the back. They have definitely saved plenty of laundry loads adn you can rely on the fact that there will be minimal leakages.

I believe this is one of those "you get what you pay for" products.
definitely reliable

tuppergirl8017 posts

The only nappy for your newborn

These nappies are the perfect size for your newborn - although they do look big when put on the first couple of times!

I have tried a couple of other different types for our newborns over the years (4 babies) and these are the ones that have provided the most protection for our babies
31c per nappy, they are very absorbant, suitable for boy or girl,

Disposable Nappies

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Compare all
Harley006NSW, 223334 posts

Good but pricey

Good brand, great nappies in terms of absorbency, trimness etc. Have used these with all of my 3 children and have had no issues. However have only bought them when they are super cheap or have been given them as gifts. The roles Royce of nappies but like the car, comes at a cost!!! In my opinion, the aldi branded nappies are just as good.
Great absorbency, not too bulky
kazm76Southwest, VIC59 posts

Trusting brand

I use both Huggies and Aldi but you can't go wrong with Huggies. They did leak for a newborn but others brands I tried he also leaked in. I like the wetness indicator for newborns. A great nappy for newborns
Very absorbent, reliable nappy, like the wetness indicator for newborns
Expensive but you pay for what you get
binocularsNSW, 275912 posts
pharmamumAU4 posts


These nappies are great. I would not consider using any others. Wetness indicator is handy and they keep bubs dry overnight! Highly recommended!
Absorbency, cute designs, wetness indicator
Probably the most expensive disposable but worth the price
MrsYogiAdelaide, South Australia33 posts

Fabulous newborn nappy

Never leaked, fitted bubs well and absorbed excellently! They are a fabulous product and I had no issues with them!

I recommend these to all my friends!

mekrosAU3 posts

Best disposables we have used so far

The hospital our child was born in used them, we continued using them with no problems. compared to another brand both nappies, they are great, takes the moisture away from the baby's skin and very absorbent.
Good quality
VojoAU9 posts


This nappies are soooo cute and they work great. Hardly any leaks unless my little one explodes in it. But most of the nappies do. The one thing I like about this nappy is I cant feel those disgusting crystel gels which I think weigh down the nappies once they are full. I have tried a few brands and always go back to Huggies.
Reliable. Cute design.
stakky3267 posts

Great nappy but expensive!

I found these nappies great for my son when he was a newborn. Trim in fit (so no bulk) and very absorbant, though I did experience a few leaks with those dreaded 'Number 3's). Overall a great nappy, but can be expensive, so stock up when on special!
Easy to use, super absorbant!
littlejoeygAU5 posts

Excellent absorbancy and easy to use

I am using these for my first baby and they are easy to use and I am quite satisfied.

They are neat and tidy with no bulk.
Easy to use, great absorbancy and no leaks.
Bad for the environment! Dont by many as they are very small and if bub is big for comfort you will need to move up.

joleen_adamWA, 622523 posts
Disposable Nappies

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Amie87Sydney, NSW13 posts

Very durable nappy

Love the wetness indicator perfect on bubs skin, no irritaion. Love the stretchy back and grippy taps, with both of my boys though while the were breastfed the poo leaked put of the sides.
Very comfortable for my babies.
Leaked at the sides if bub did a big poo!
KevinandAsterSa, 50127 posts

Best nappy

We only used huggies new born nappies in our son because we found them so good. Our son was in the high dependancy nursery after he was born and they were what was used there but because we found them so good we continued to use them once we were able to take him home. Loved the wetness indicator - such a good idea & wished they continued to have them on the next size up.

Our son has just grow out of the new born size but we have continued to use huggies as we are so happy with them.
Wetness indicator & don't leak
Nothing loved them

ColleteByDAU5 posts

good nappies

Huggies is a great brand no question about it - nappies are reliable, colourful and pleasing but only thing is that I find them a bit pricy - I switched to Aldi Brand of nappies and havent turned back as they are soooo good, very inexpensive, hardly ever leaks, good generous size ranges - so just love them -
reliable, lovely designs
a bit expensive
Glitter_GirlGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC18 posts
ez2011AU9 posts

Not a big fan!

I did love the huggies newborn nappies when we first started using them, but they turned out horrible! They fitted great, but night time nappies leaked and my poor little baby would wake up soaked! A few of the nappies left crystalised stuff on my bubs bottom.
So well known, and great fit
expensive and Leaked all the time
BabyPaparazziAU3 posts

Simply the best Newborn nappy

I tried a few newborn brands on my daughters, always came straight back to the Huggies. They fit a newborn perfectly, hold lots and do not leak, and look really nice.
Perfect newborn fit.
MissTsmumAU15 posts

Has never leaked

Great nappy will never use any other brand. No nappy rash, wetness indicator very helpful to husband to see if it needs changing. Never had a blow out yet. Been using them for 6 weeks no problems. Love the cute winnie the poo characters. Can be expensive but I have luck always find them on special somewhere.
Reliable, love the wetness indicator.
kaitleinRichmond-Tweed, NSW10 posts
lovinitVIC, 313650 posts

The only newborn nappies to use

These were the only brand of newborn nappies that we used on our son. They have the best absorbancy of all of the nappies-so long as you remember to pull the 'frills' out around the legs. They are easy to put on and the wetness indicator was wonderful. They are expensive but you definitely get what you pay for. Also you can stock up when they're on special and they come down to a similar price to other nappies.
We loved the wetness indicator (we really missed it when he moved into the infant nappies), great absorbancy, cute designs
can be expensive if you don't buy them on special
natalieprNSW, 211154 posts

Good but not as great as everyone says in my opinion

I don't have any major complaints about these nappies but equally I don't think they are worth the hype - I found they leaked about as often as any other brand of newborn nappy and they are pretty pricey. I personally don't think they are worth the money but if people are willing to spend it they are still good nappies.
Nice absorbancy; The wetness indicator is a good *idea*
I found the line changed at the tiniest amount of wee which defeats the purpose in my opinion since newborns wee little and often (but it doesn't mean that you need to change them every time); Expensive - even on special they work out to be similar in price to cheaper brands full price
Disposable Nappies

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ApawsAU12 posts

Great Product

I love these newborn nappies. They looked so big on her when she was born as she was 3kg. They still fitted well are easy to put on and take off, can be opened and resealed. The line down the front that changes colour to let you know they are wet is a great idea.

Only had a leak twice and both leaks where at night when my baby was 3 weeks old and she slept for 5-6 hours. I found if I put her in the next size up 4-8kgs at night when she has her big sleeps no leaks. Even though she was only 3.38kgs when I pur her in the (big girl) nappies as I call them I have had no problems.
Love how it has line on the front to let you know the nappy is wet.

AL2011AU55 posts

Good product

Huggies nappies are very good disposable nappies. I have always found them to be reliable and very absorbent and have used them on both my girls.
Very absorbent and reliable
Can be expensive
Tigga_88AU2 posts
Mel77lSydney39 posts
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