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402 reviews

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402 reviews
TheFerzRivervale5 posts
D MSydney3 posts

Not fit for babies over 4 kgs

We started using these nappies on our new born baby, we ended up having to give away an unopen box of +100 nappies, even though, the packaging says, up to 5 kgs, that's completely untrue, those nappies leak all the time. These nappies are just a marketing thing, no more, I would recommend to use them for the first 2 weeks and that's it, don't stock too much, your baby will over grow them very quickly.

KristinMelbourne5 posts
BeautyBanditoSouth East Queensland, QLD24 posts
Mountain Matt
Mountain MattSydney Surrounds, NSW2 posts

Not worth the extra expense now - changed design

First box we had was great, very few leaks. We're now on to the second box (just purchased recently) and have noticed the leg elastic has been reduced by half the width. They leak every time now. Not going to bother buying these"good quality" nappies now when you can get similar quality in other brands for less money. Very disappointed.


there not bad but not great

these nappies are a little bit expensive and i only buy them when there on special or marked down. when i was at the shop ones i was looking in the trolley that has stuff marked down and there was a packet of newborn huggies nappies and i tried them and they get wet really easy and gross but apart from that it is a good nappy 5/10

melbindiPerth, WA30 posts

Worth the dollars

I used these with both children - worth the money. Never had nappy rash, holds a ton of liquid.

If your bub has skinny legs, then you need to wrap tightly, but you would with any brand. I like the quality and soft feel of these nappies. Worth the dollars.

CharlieBoySouthwest, VIC3 posts

Good, but there is better

I made the mistake of stocking up on these as Bub was small ( 2.9kg ). They leaked quite often and left terrible marks on his legs.

They only did him until 4kg and I have switched to Aldi newborn. They are fantastic. He is about the go up to the next size and I think I will be trying the Aldo brand first and maybe only buy a small packet of the Huggies infant to try.

These are only ok in the beginning for small bubs.

lizziebabeGoulburn Valley, VIC24 posts

Not as good as they used to be

After a bit of a baby break (5 years) baby number 4 arrived. I bought a box on special - would never buy these at full price. Unfortunately I didn't think they lived up to their claims. My main problem was leaking which meant more washing that I really wanted to do. The wet indicator line probably has many first time parents changing nappies as soon as it changes - meaning they will probably buy more nappies = more money to the makes of Huggies.

I was perfectly happy to use another brand once these had run out.

Joc267Melbourne, Victoria21 posts

Great nappies

I love them for newborns. They're absorbent and fits my baby well. No issues with leakage nor ease of putting them on (sticky tabs are fine). I love the wetness indicator but i can still live without them. The Winnie thePooh design is cute too. I don't have any complaints really- other than the price. I only buy them from costco or when on sale at the shops.
Absorbent, wetness indicator is cool
DeeSydney16 posts

The only nsppy I trust

After trying other nappies such as aldi. Snugglers, babylove and coles I found I always go back to huggies. They are the most absorbent and I love the fact you can see if baby has done a wee... Definitely recommend to others and this is the only brand I will trust! My baby has been doing explosive poo's and huggies is the only brand that doesn't leak!
Available in diff ranges, girl and boy nappy.
Expensive but worth it!
AlycedeeNuminbah, New South Wales15 posts

Not as great as a thought

Stockpiled huggies nappies for my newborn because I was told they were the best nappy, so I was disappointed when I started using them. While they are very absorbent and the wet indicator line is handy, I found them difficult to put on with the stretch top and they seem to leave a pattern on my baby from the nappy cells. Also they lasted a total of 2 weeks on my girl before she out grew them and we had to move to another brand of newborn nappy. Overall I wouldn't be stockpiling these again.
Very absorbent, cute pictures.
Expensive, size is very limited.
MeliliAdelaide11 posts

Recommend to others

These fit our bubs from birth weight of 2.3kg upto approx 4.5kg but didn't last to the recommended weight of 5kg, bubs is thin and long. The stretchy elastic keeps all waste in and they are very absorbent, we were lucky and didn't have any blow outs in these. The wetness marker is helpful and sticky tabs better than some other brands. The Disney characters printed on nappies are also very cute. Great purchase when on sale for $26.
Cute and absorbant
Didn't fit upto 5kg.
LucyMelbourne5 posts

Have worked well for us

No real issues using these nappies. They are reliable and have only leaked once or twice after a very long sleep. They are bulky but seem to absorb well and contain even runny poop. They also don't seem to make a bad odor. The designs are cute and the wetness indicator is useful. They aren't all that expensive when you buy them on special!
Reliable and good value, hardly leaked and never caused any rash, often on special so fairly affordable.
Bit bulky, many people put off by price when so many alternatives are available, hope I'm not paying extra just so they can use Disney images on the products!!
BrisbaniteSouth East Queensland, QLD25 posts

Great reliable nappy

Used them on my newborn son. Very good absorbency (no complaints) only had leaking accidents twice when I did not put them on properly. Love the indicator it's a plus & other brands don't have this. Excellent for night time. These nappies did not fit as well when my son was getting close to 4 Kgs. They are very thick but I didn't mind it during winter time. The new technology ones worked better than the previous ones so I was happy with the improvement.

These nappies were highly recommended by friends. I would recommend it to anyone to use, love the indicator & they absorb well at night.
Indicator, reliable, great absorbency especially at night, love the new technology range
Bulky, more expensive than other brands but worth it

LittlewomanSydney19 posts
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MillshouseHunter Region, NSW12 posts

Good but not great

I predominantly used Huggies Newborn nappies for my daughter until she started growing out of them by 4 weeks. She is an average size baby but the snug fit of these nappies meant that they just don't last very long. The next size up is a mile too big for her too so I have to use a different brand for the time being.

I found that Huggies nappies cause nappy rash more so than other brands despite Huggies claims that they are gentle on baby's skin. Love the wetness indicator but not impressed with the absorbency, especially at night. Side leakage is a problem. Huggies are the most expensive on the market so I only buy when on special.
Wetness indicator very handy.
Price, absorbency not very good.

Nicole9 posts

Poor Nappy

These nappies were brilliant 3 years ago. Now all they do & are good for is increasing the size of my laundry loads. I don't think my newborn has done one pooh that hasn't resulted in an immediate bath. I'm planning to return the 3 unopened boxes that I have & start using the cheaper brands that actually do the job. A very disappointing Huggies experience.

Expensive & not worth it

SusePerth3 posts

Very happy

I am so impressed by these Huggies nappies although they are the most expensive. We got given some as presents and they hold everything in much better than the cheaper ones which we have found often leak at the edges. Trying to buy in bulk to bring the costs down a bit but would recommend them

high cost

JulesBSydney5 posts

Works pretty good

Works much better than some of the cheaper brands, although not 100%. We mostly used them at night and used cheaper ones during the day because we could change the cheap ones regularly. But they are probably a bit over-priced given how many you have to use in a week
More absorbent than cheaper ones
Expensive but get what you pay for
A.L92Sydney16 posts

Overall good

Received a few boxes as gifts for my babyshower and the hospital also provided them, but wouldn't personal buy them. They are a good product but they are overpriced. They do hold well and stop spillage well so I do use them more so for when bub sleeps at night or when out and about. Cute Winnie the pooh print though.

Do love the wetness indicator!!
cute print, wetnes indicator, hold no. 2's well.

gremlin88107 posts

Great nappies for newborns

These are amazing nappies. They are highly absorbent, preventing leakages from wees and the many runny poos babies do in the early days. There is a thin line changes colour from yellow to blue/green so you know when your baby needs changing which is great in the early days. My babies never had nappy rash when using these nappies.
Highly absorbent and holds all those liquid poos!
more expensive than other brands
goo3 posts
piano_bouyAustralia14 posts
TittieFranticsAustralia4 posts

Wetness indicator saved my life

As a first time mum who had NO experience prior to having my baby, I found the wetness indicator to be a lifesaver. I find the nappies fit bub well and when purchased in the big box (108 nappies) it doesn't seem too expensive. I don't mind paying a little extra. I also love the cute designs
Wetness indicator, cute designs, fitted my bub well
The odd explosion when not put on properly
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Realmama95AU4 posts

Worse than home brand

I was given a couple of boxes of these when my son was born. Every change time I had to change his whole outfit as they leaked and blew out every time. I had to take six outfit changes with us every time we left the house. I did not know this was not normal until I ran out of nappies one day and happened to be at ALDI.

What a difference! If you think Huggies ridiculous prices equate to quality, think again, even some home brand nappies I was given performed better than the Huggies. I'm just glad I found out how bad they were before I wasted too much money on them.

Ridiculously overpriced, cheapest budget brands performed better

wn0873VictoriaAustralia11 posts

Not my number two choice

These nappies are great for wee, very absorbant. But for poop it is another matter & I find myself running for the change table every time my son has pooped otherwise they leak out the legs or up the back, no matter how tight it is done up. He is a slim baby, so perhaps they might fit a chubbier bub better
vwry absorbant for wee, good reusable tabs
leaky for poops, quite expensive
ellie1080AU11 posts

Wouldn't use anything else!

I was given four boxes of these in the lead up to bubs birth, I was really expecting big things from them for all the ranting and raving about how good they were. Baby was born at less than two kilos so I actually had to buy imported preemie nappies to fit him for a while as these came up to his armpits lol. So to the point I used these nappies for his first six months and never once did I have any leaks or explosions, I was given a few half packs of other brands my friends bub grew out of and they were no were near as good as huggies, aldi brand were prob the best in comparison. You can't go wrong with these after all who needs to deal with extra washing when you have enough to deal with having a newbie!

knight_mmt mee5 posts

Excellent Nappy

Our bub was born at 2.8kgs and these fit well. We have not had any problems with them leaking at all. Being a well known and trusted brand, we were given alot of these as presents which worked out great as they have been nothing short of fantastic! Worth paying the extra few dollars for. Never had any problems with nappy rash. Cute christmas designs for this christmas too!
great snug fit, no leaks, no nappy rash, well known and trusted brand
milkywayVictoria7 posts

Good for small babies

I tried several different brands for my small baby (born 5 pounds) and these nappies were the best fit. The special care nursery at the hospital also recommended Huggies for premies/small babies.

A couple of times I have found that the nappies have leaked up the back, but they have generally provided good protection.
Good for small babies
Occasional leaks

MissTmbaQLD, 435013 posts
2centsSydney3 posts
FatherJonNT, 083617 posts

The only disposables we trust

We used these nappies for our son in hospital and until he reached about 4kg and fit into his cloth nappies. They have a wetness indicator that turns a blueish colour when the nappy has been wee'd in, which is good especially when they are new and you cant really tell. The nappies always feel dry and they have a very sturdy elastic back which stopped alot of poo-explosions in the early days. I would recommend these nappies to anyone, who wanted use disposable full time or in the early days while cloth nappies are still too big.
wetness indicator, unisex, elastic back
whitedotGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC23 posts

Great until about 4.5kg!

My bub was 3.35kg when born. These were great until he was 4.5kg so do take note that even though it shows that this lasts up to 5kg, it doesn't! He has explosive poos every day and these didn't help once he hit the 4.5kg mark. Other than that, these were great. I love the wetness indicator. Another thing I didn't like was that the nappy is really thick. Although it feels really comfortable for the bub, it was hard to fasten some of his clothes as there was just so much padding!
wetness indicator, nice design, fits well
doesn't last till 5kg
Corinne.cValla, New South Wales8 posts

Best nappy ever!

I would have to say this is the best nappy on the market! My baby had never had a nappy rash with these nappies. As my baby was small born (5lbs) Most nappies didn't fit her, but Huggies did! Although they are expensive I think they are well worth it.
newborn size is small, never leak, no nappy rashes
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Gg5678Perth4 posts


We tried all the cheaper brands but always ended up going back to Huggies. No leakage, ver absorbent, great fit. We tried about three other cheaper brands but they tended to leak or not fit properly. Def worth spending the extra dollars on Huggies, won't use any other brand now.
great fit, no leaking
Most expensive
Gretty79Cleveland2 posts

Best Nappies you can buy

I trialled numerous differnt nappies including cloth, but I always end up back at huggies, the fit, the absorbancy and comfort for my son could not be beaten!! He rarely got a rash or irritation when using Huggies! Worth the extra $$$ as you use less nappies and have less leakages to worry about :-)
Reliable, Absorbent, No rashes
CourtsCobden, vic20 posts

10yrs on and still my favourite

Huggies have the best fit, the best absorption, they feel the softest and most comfortable, I started using them when I had my 1st born baby almost 10 years ago and im now pregnant with my 4th and already stocked up on the Huggies box's I wont use anything else on my bundles!!
Comfy, absorbent, I like everything
NatovskiAU3 posts

Not bad, although could be better for the price you pay

I started off with Huggies although felt the waist and around the legs was too small. i also had leakages come through from the sides. The bits around the leg had to be pulled out each time which made nappy changing more of a nuisance rather than an easy task. After trying a few different nappies i liked Comfy Bots the best. Great fit, easy to put on and no leaks! I can leave the same nappy on my baby the whole night and not worry about leakages.
Cute pics on the nappy and the blue wet strip indicator
Poor fit around the legs, leakage problems

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