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Hunter Pacific International Concept 2

Hunter Pacific International Concept 2

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4 x fans - 12months after purchase.

3 x Fan/Light (1 with remote) and 1 x Fan Only. So have a pretty good array of fans to judge by.
12 months after installation posting.Some problems presented earlier.
2 of the 4 fans max speed is like halfway between Low an Med now. 3 fans tick or squeak at times if not constantly. Remote is crap (hard to use in the dark as buttons are flush, loud beep, need to double press for function)
. Replaced my original Martec fans that were considerably cheaper and performed for 8 years consistently (all with remotes) before having issues. Feel ripped off with the Hunter Pacific replacements but cost a fortune to replace and install. Everyone said "get HP as quality-probably all electricians knowing they'll need replacing soon enough. DO NOT BUY. May look at 12v fans of another brand so dont need electrician to rip out and replace. Stuck with these POS due to cost....sitting here listening to one that wont spin fast on HIGH but squeaking like dusting 4wd suspension.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

KEEP YOUR RECEIPT! Poor quality fans and remotes

Power output is fine for a small 3.5 x 3.5 bedroom. Bigger rooms it’s not as good.
The old remote 2012 controls required 9 v batteries and constantly need expensive replacing- newer version remote needs 12v alkaline and last longer . Either fan or remote is defective as medium speed no longer works after. Lights in last models held in place by cardboard and foil once light cover is removed - photos to prove. “Radical Bamboo” fan not as efficient as Eco 2 fan. Noisy - had to keep on low so we could sleep. Eco or Bamboo wood fan are very inferior cheap products. Never will I buy Hunter Pacific fans again . I gave benefit of the doubt and repurchased them for new house - I shouldn’t have.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Poor quality

Won’t buy one again . These fans were good about five years ago but since they changed the remote controls to a smaller cheaper looking version the quality went South.
After less than a year the bearings made a ticking noise and it didn’t mater what speed it was on it would not go away.
To look at the fan spinning you could see that it main section was not round compared to the oyster light.
Poor components, poorly assembled ie bearings.
Keep Clear

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Poor Quality

We have been purchasing Hunter Pacific fans for years and have noticed a rapid decline in quality in the past 6 years. To the point that the fans don't seem to last more than a couple of years. The capacitors need replacing all the time as the speed slows down. Our recent fan has not even made a year which is one season. Don't be fooled by the extra 3 year warranty on parts. For bigger problems like the motor they want to charge to install which is like the cost of a new fan, however if it is just a speed issue they are happy to send you capacitors in the mail which you have to pay an electrician to install. It seems they are designed to fail quickly in order to cost you more money and ultimately replace the fan. My advice would be stay away from all Hunter Pacific fans, there has to be a better brand. Very disappointing Hunter Pacific such poor quality - wow how you have changed!!

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Very expensive LED replacement.

Hunter Pacific advised me that the only energy saving light glove replacement for their Fan is a genuine Hunter Pacific LED, costing around $50 - Very expensive for a globe replacement.
There is a apparently a cheaper light globe replacement that will fit their fan, however this is not energy efficient (and not an option with today's electricity prices).
This Hunter Pacific fan was purchased and installed less than 2 years ago.
Hunter Pacific provide only a poor 12 month warranty.
For an expensive Hunter Pacific LED light, achieving less than 2 years life is not (I suggest) acceptable.
It is not a good look when a manufacturer locks you into their expensive replacement parts, that do not last very long.
Hunter Pacific will not be on my shopping list again.

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Do not buy Hunter Pacific Fans

I bought 3 x concept 2 fans, with light kit and remote. I thought this was a reputable brand, but unfortunately I've had endless problems with them. Firstly, the remotes broke after a short time. With only 1 year warranty of them, you have to pay for replacements and for your own electrician to reconnect them! The fans are noisy, and Hunter Pacific technician did replace the blades, but still noisy! He then said how often do you have them on high speed anyway? The other fan does not work on low speed now. The fans are only 2 years old but now out of warranty. I told them I am lodging a complaint with ACCC, they didn't care.

I would NOT recommend Hunter Pacific fans to anyone. Might as well have gone to K-Mart. They are absolute rubbish!

Date PurchasedDec 2015

Fan failed and no support from retailer or manufacturer

Never buy a Hunter Pacific fan!!! Check all the reviews and you will get the picture. I wish I did before I purchased their fan. 15 months after purchase it fails and Hunter refuse to replace under warranty. With very little use in that time I would expect it to last at least 5 years before anything would happen especially for the cost of them. Buy anything but Hunter fans as they won’t support their products

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Fans turn on by themselves

We have 2 of these in our newish apartment. All went well for a while then they started to turn on by themselves at various times. From much research it seems that there is some frequency interference by something around us, maybe even from next door. The unit below us has the same problem. We have had the electrician change the setting in the remotes several times but the problem is still there.
Apparently the electrician should have put an isolation switch on. I didn't know that this is a requirement or it negates the warranty. Hunter Pacific's technician would not touch them (as the fans could not be isolated) when they were called out for some fault. I would warn anyone buying these, (or maybe any other brand) to have the isolation switch installed. From my perspective I'd have been able to turn the switch off to stop the interference and just switch it on when I need it to operate. I could engage an electrician do this now but I believe it is quite costly due to the construction of our building.
I guess the problem is that there are many products in use these days that can have this frequency problem and it will only get worse as time goes by. Later when everyone is awake I intend calling Hunter Pacific to see if I can reverse the fans so at least they can distribute warmer air during the cold weather, like the ones I had in my previous house.
Apart from this problem I find the fans quite effective and quiet when in operation.

Date PurchasedMar 2015

Motor humming noise is problem.

Motor humming noise was a big let down. 2 out of 4 fans has major loud humming sound enough to annoy you when you wanted peace and quite . Had to contact the warranty claim line to rectify the problem. One fan has been fixed by the tech sent by company, Other fan is waiting for reply from the company. Other fan motor was replaced after about 6 months.
PS when the fan is working well, it is a good powerful fan.

December 4th, 2018 Update: Bad Hunter pacific eco 2 fan

First mth motor had to be replaced due to humming sound, then fan stopped working after 2 yrs. Electrician said motor gone, need replacing. Warranty covers motor cost only after 2 yrs, not installation etc. Unhappy customer. .....
Happy that they honored the warranty claim and sent a replacement motor in 3 weeks time.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Remote receiver failed after 4 months; replaced under warranty; 8 months later, receiver has failed

Purchased Nov 2015 and professionally installed. After 4 months, unable to control fan with remote, even though acknowledgement beeps being given by fan. Receiver unit replaced under warranty. 8 months later, again unable to control fan with remote. Receiver has again failed. Highly frustrating. Advised by lighting shop that it happens all the time, depending on one's proximity to a sub-station. Voltage fluctuations kill the receiver. Nothing that can be done about it (which begs the question why they continue to sell the remote control accessory).

Update December 2016: Electrician has removed blown receiver and instead re-wired fan to light switch/wall controller. Tells me that, if hard-wired, his experience is that they are bullet-proof.

Update March 2018: Continues to work fine, now that it is hard-wired.

Learning: don't buy or install the remote control accessory.

Date PurchasedNov 2015

fantastic fan , whisper quiet

Ive bought cheap matec fans and they were crap,, noisy and tempermental, absolutley shocking in the bedrooms ,then I decided to spend a little more. The Hunter Pacific Concept , what a truely magnificent fan. Whisper quiet and never fails me.Ive just bought my 3rd house in 30 years , I installed these wonderful fans in my previous homes and wouldnt hesitate to do it again,

Perhaps a good fan if we could turn it on

We bought two concept 2 fans in January this year. Within 3 days one had stopped working so I lodged a warranty claim. 1 1/2 months later after many frustrated phone calls an electrician is sent out to replace the burnt out remote receiver. Within a week it had blown again and a week later the receiver in the other fan had gone. This time the warranty claim was processed in a more reasonable time frame (apparently they had some restructuring early in the year). It's now 5 months since I've had the fans installed and between the two fans I've had 6 receivers fail and be replaced with total working time of one being less than a few weeks between failures. Every time the receiver dies we lose operation of light as well adding to the annoyance. Although I haven't had to pay any additional money as the receivers are under warranty, the hassle of having to have the electrician in 4 times (and currently still waiting on a fifth time) is unacceptable for a company and product that is meant to have very good reputation for quality. I'm at my wits end as I've been told I cannot go with a wall mount alternative and have no faith that when repaired again (I've been waiting almost a month since lodging the most recent claim) it will just burn out again within a week. All I can do is warn others about getting this product!

Over two months to get a warranty replacement - in Summer!

Bought a Concept 2 for our bedroom in the first week of January from Beacon Lighting in Alexandria. The remote wasn't working properly from the start, you had to keep pressing the buttons and eventually it would work. It also had some intermittent whining noises which was annoying. Completed the online warranty service form and got an acknowledgement, then waited. A couple of weeks later called Hunter Pacific and was told it would be passed on to their electricians. Two weeks later called again and was told the same thing. Another couple of weeks later called Beacon Lighting to tell them about it. They called Hunter Pacific and told me HP had not actually passed it on to their electricians. By this time the fan light had stopped working as well. On Feb 18 I got an email from HP saying a new fan was being sent to their electrician. Eight days later I asked them to find out what was happening and again I called Beacon, who again called HP. Finally I got an SMS from their electrician and we arranged March 5 for the new one to be installed. When he went to get it out of the box it was the wrong colour! So again I reported it to Beacon and said HP is going to kill your business if this is how they do things. They were very sympathetic and said they would be following up with management as they were not impressed either. On March 13 HP said they had sent another fan to the electrician and was told to call them on March 17, and arranged to have it installed this Monday, when hopefully the new one will be ok.

Very unimpressed with Hunter Pacific. Beacon Lighting were very good and hopefully have given HP a rocket to lift their game.

Receiver fail after 26 mths

Have had these fans for 26 months replaced other fans as I was told they were good. No difference to cheaper models and now the receiver has gone at a cost of $195.00 recievers only have a 12 month warranty I WONDER WHY

Great Product Classic Modern Fan

I purchased this Fan for Beacon Lighting when it was on sale. I was to replace an old oyster light in the lounge. I also purchased the wireless remote kit due to not wanting to update the light wires.
It installed without a problem, the fan is quiet and is used mainly used to circulate the air-con or heat throughout a large open plan living area.
It has been in action for over 6 months the only odd thing is the remote takes a 12 Volt AAA size battery which does not seem to last long....
Inexpensive, Great Quality.
Battery time not great in remote

Noisy motor

We have had 3 Hunter Pacific Concept 2 fans installed in bedrooms. All have a continuous engine hum. We are following up with warranty - but so far no luck, as Hunter Pacific are out of stock. It is very disappointing. I think the motors are made in China, even though the fans are advertised as Australian designed. Suggest you check for motor noise before buying.

Motor noise a real problem; delay of at least one month in warranty procedures.

Questions & Answers

I have a concept 2, 52inch fan which was installed in our bedroom six years ago. the other night I turned the fan on and went to bed, I woke because there seemed to be a burning smell which appeared to be coming from the fan. I had originally placed the fan on medium but it was going much faster than medium. I tried to turn the fan off using the remote control but the remote wouldn't control the fan any more. I had to switch it off from the wall switch. I tried using the remote again and it would turn the fan on but not off again. even though the remote turned the fan on it couldn't regulate the fan speed. I left it on for a while and the burning smell came back again. is this fan worth fixing? and why did it only last 6 years when other fans I have in the house have lasted 30y thank you, frank maniscalco 0412273978
2 answers
The burning smell is the remote receiving unit .If you can fix it yourself it’s worth it.There from China and cheap that’s why the don’t last long Remove the receiver and control the fan from the wall plate . D.C fans are better these days. Eg . Eglo Nevis d.c five speed.I can’t believe you had 6 years out of one. I’ve only had a couple of years out of mine. The remote controls are eternally reported by the electrician and the shop owner as “improved” , however they are still substandard and I will never purchase Hunter Pacific fans again. Have bought 5 and all were disappointing requiring various repairs close to the 2 year warranty mark. I gave the benefit of the doubt too many times.

What size capacitor is used in the fans
No answers

Hi. Does anyone know if the fans can be reversed so as to distribute warm air when needed? I can't see anything in the 'manual' to say that this is a feature. In my previous house we could do this with a different brand. Thanks.
3 answers
Yes, the Concept2 has a rotation direction switch. You may be familiar with other fans where the switch is clearly visible on the vertical portion of the fan motor assembly. On the Concept2, the switch is on the horizontal top surface of the motor assembly, and you need to be on a tall stepladder, looking down, to see it or adjust it. Refer page 7 of the installation instructions.I agree, yes there is a switch on the top.Thank you Stephen and Linda. That is good news. I'll give it a go this evening. Regards sydneymidge


Concept 2
Price (RRP)$279
Fan Blade Length1320mm
Blade Pitch12Degrees
Motor Wattage66W
Reversible FunctionYes
Release dateSep 2011

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