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Hunter Pacific International Revolution

Hunter Pacific International Revolution

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Keep on having to replace receivers

Have 2 Hunter Pacific fans for 4 years now. One is on it's 3rd receiver, the other on it's 2nd. Receivers are around $80 delivered and installation has been around $50. I will just replace with a different fan next time they stop. The receivers are always slightly different when i get one and with different remotes compared to the previous. The fan speeds are also slightly different. Some slows are very slow, others are quicker. Weird mix and the inconsistency is probably a sign of poor quality. I can't recommend this product.

Date PurchasedOct 2013


We bought three fans on recommendation from our electrician, the one in bedroom one sounded as if a train was coming through at high speed intermittently, second bedroom loud humming, lounge also humming. We were asked to video the noise, as it was intermittent that proved difficult. After ten weeks an electrician came and replaced the motor in bedroom one but was not scheduled to do anything about the other two. The repaired bedroom one fan is now making a worse noise than before. I have never experienced such bad service. Do not buy these fans. I have no idea how long it will take them to send someone to fix the problem.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

What a waste of time and money

I purchased a Dc fan 23 January 2017. Paid $ 429.00 for me that is a lot of money. At the time we were doing a large reno, many trades at hand. the new fan was installed the next day. But it did not work. I took it straight back to LIGHTING ILLUSIONS and asked for my money back but was refused. I was planning on buying another 5 fans for next project. Fan was put back up in house and warranty clam was made. no reaction. A second warranty clam was made, this time I was send a new remote and control box and was told to install myself. Not easy when the fan is mounted at 3.5 meters. I don't like climbing as I only have one good leg.
Later got a friend to install new controller but fan still not working.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Waste of money

I purchased 7 stainless steel Typhoon Hunter Pacific fans. Within the first year of purchase 4 of the fans had failed and needed new capacitors replaced in switches. (under warranty) Since then, every one has failed at some stage and had to purchase new capacitors more than once (told they did not like the North Qld.) heat. One fan has failed completely. Not the switch capacitor but the fan itself, I'm told. These fans were not cheap and considering that at my old residence I had the same fans for 23 years without a failure these, these are very disappointing.
They have also rusted terribly, even the two in the kitchen which were supposed to be the better grade stainless.
No salt air out here as we live inland.

Date PurchasedMar 2009

I am soooooo sorry of buying these 4 fans and controllers!

Jesus...what EVER YOU DO...don't purchase Hunter Pacific ceiling fans. My electrician recommended them so I bought 4 Interceptor ceiling fans, with lights, controllers, white in color with 52 inch blades.
Electrician has installed these fans, worked great for about 3 weeks then the first to go in the bedroom, rumbled noise and went into top fan speed...the only way to turn this off was by wall isolation switch!
Went through the throes of a warranty check, then a video check (all on line I might add) then a rewrite of the application for a electrician to come and fix it. Got set a hand controller (what good is that the receiver in the fan is stuffed) rang this electrician and was told waiting for works order!!!! This was within 2 months and NOW the fan in the lounge room has done the exact same thing...yes folks...another warranty fill out claim (3rd one NOW) and sent in with receipts of purchase...it's becoming quite clear now...DON"T PURCHASE HUNTER PACIFIC ceiling fans EVER.....YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED...I shall be taking this firm to the NSW Ombudsman for a refund!!

Date PurchasedOct 2016

After initial failure, been very good.

Poor quality control. I bought six, all six failed to sync with the remote out of the box.
Luckily they are quite modular and easy to replace the transmitter / receiver inside. Just computer type of kettle plug. They sent me new units in the mail and mentioned something about electrician rebate, which I never received.

A quick tip which is in the manual, if you want to sync the remote, grab a laptop or computer kettle plug, plug it into a wall power point and sync the remote before installing it back into the fan. Saves you the trouble of opening the fan and closing it multiple times if the unit is faulty.

After two years they are still going strong.
In saying all that, I think they look very modern and modern.

Date PurchasedFeb 2014

Died in 2 weeks

Purchased from Beacon, Hunter Pacific Revolution 2 remote control fan. Yes, it looks good, neat and stylish, but broke down 2 weeks after installation. This is a remote control fan with no option for a wall control. BIG MISTAKE! the receiver crashed on the hottest night, grrrrrrr in our bedroom. Rang Beacon, and after much tooing and froing, they agreed to accept a return and exchange for a different brand, ROTO with a wall control. DONT BY REMOTE ONLY FANS, UNUSEABLE IF REMOTE BREAKS DOWN. Thanks Beacon, and also found out that
Beacon in future will not be stocking HUNTER PACIFIC because they consistently break down, I wish they had have told us that before purchase, it cost us twice the installation cost. Grrrrrrrr

Work great and easy to install.

I bought two Revolution 2 ceiling fans yesterday and installed both. Units come with an easy to assemble pack and remote module which fits inside the mounting cowl. Because they come with a standard plug and lead, you don't need to be a qualified sparky to install, assuming you have a PowerPoint within about 4ft of the fan. I believe the higher cost is because they are suited for coastal use. Remotes have 6 speed settings and they worked straight from the box without having to "Learn". Early days but they both work as described and will keep the 5 star rating unless they fail prematurely.

Do yourself a favor do not invest $$ in remote control only fans

Don't invest $$$ in any remote control fan. Especially if it's not wired to a light switch. Troubleshooting is a nightmare. Receivers are just flaky. Bought 6 fans and the only 2 that are still working are the ones with the pull cords. 1st one stopped 1st year. By year 3 all receivers stopped working. The problem is not the remote. It was the receiver in all cases.

Great Service

I know that there are some pretty bad reviews here but I have to say that we are pretty happy with our Revolution fans. We put one in each of our three bedrooms two years ago and just recently had a problem with one of them in that it stopped working. The service department was really helpful on the phone and even though it was two years old they suggested that we fill in the warranty form on the website which we did. A replacement part arrived about a week later which by following the video guide was simple to replace and now the fan works as new. They also sent a replacement remote which is far better than the remotes that were issued with the fans two years ago and I understand are now standard issue with new fans. The new remotes have LEDs to indicate what speed you are on and also have timers for auto switch off at 1, 2, 3 or 6 hours - huge improvement so Hunter Pacific have listened to the feedback! i would recommend these fans.

Hunter pacific worst customer service.

Anyone who wants a business idea should go into the ceiling fan business because it can't be hard to improve on the Hunter pacific model. The ceiling fans are not great, mine broke down within months. I made a call to the office six weeks ago, it took 2 weeks for them to send me a letter detail the electrician. The electrician they have allocated has not contacted me in 4 weeks. I've called him with no return call and his email address bounces back. They know that there product is terrible because the customer service is almost hiding in the website behind forms and procedures.

Oh my god ! these fans are crap. Avoid..Avoid...Avoid

We installed 4 of these fans and they all failed within 2 weeks. Hunter pacific warranty requires you to service and repair the fans yourself.
After getting new 3 new controller modules and 1 remote control, they now work. But not very well.
They all operate at different speeds when set on their respective speed level.
They make an annoying electric hum which is audible from the hallway .
The remote controls look and feel VERY cheap .
Do not waste your money on these items. I so wish I had insisted on my money back.
They are very expensive units that aren't worth 10% of their price.
I'll never buy Hunter Pacific again.


I bought 3 x Woodie fans total cost $2400. 2 did not work out of the box. I had to pay to return the 2 controllers as the envelope they sent me to return them in had no stamps on it..... it took nearly 3 weeks to get new ones and of course I had to install them myself. A month later, 1 fan stopped working. I have called them twice now and promised a call back - and have not received one. They keep wanting me to use their website to register warranty work... I figure I have done ENOUGH work for them. Terrible product and service. Do yourself a favor and avoid this company.

Disappointed so far

I bought 2 Hunter Pacific Revolution ceiling fans in late 2014. Went with HP because I believed that they are quality products, having purchased before. The price would certainly indicate that is the case, you would think!

One control module not working straight out of the box. Whilst warranty staff were excellent over the phone, no rush to get me a replacement module before end of the year. The other fan now appears to be making some annoying noises around the middle speeds, in particular. The remote looks and feels like something out of a cheap kids toy box, but I can put up with that. Can't put up with faults straight out of the box though, and why should I?

No value for money with these is my early view. How will they be in a few months time that worries me. Think someone in authority at HP needs to take notice here!

Would not recomend

I have only purchased 1 to see how it would go before I bought another 5 due to their cost.
i'm a electrician and was shocked that it was faulty straight out of the box, rang the warranty and got a new controller sent out two weeks later it arrived.
the stop function does not work from the remote and the fan stops after a few seconds after pressing the up button to make it start, I have no definite 7 speeds
the paint on the bottom of the fan looks like it could do with another coat (thin paint).
\customer support are very helpful the lady said she will send another controller out for me it's inconvenient to replace but i'm a sparky I would hate to feel what it would be like for someone without a ladder and tools ,
hence I will not buy another 5 for my house that's for sure!
They look awsome
Slow, hassle to get to work,expensive and the remote is terrible

Terrible product. Do not buy

I purchased 5 of these units because I wanted the best. They presented well in the showroom.
Delivery was 4 weeks, but I was prepared to wait.
4 of the 5 units all failed out of the box due to a faulty control unit in the fan unit. Very annoying., and 1 remote failed.
I wanted and asked for a total refund on all the units, but was convinced by the customer support people to accept the new power units, which were sent out express post and arrived in two days.
I have installed the 4 units...and then the 5th one failed today. I have also noticed one fan motor runs slower than the others. So taped a magnet of a bike speedo to one of the blades and proved it was running 25% slower than the others.
The customer service has been very good...even excellent. But these fans are LEMONS.
I recommend everyone to avoid this model of fan motor.
Appearance of the unit and customer service.
Faulty power units, poor quality paint work on the units, poor quality and features on the remote control. No speed indicator.

Terrible Service on Faulty Product Warranty

We have been happy with the two Revolution fans we purchased on 5 February 2014 although the remotes are hopeless due to no speed indicator. When one fan suddenly stopped working last week we struggled to find out why. Checked the user manual and then the website and could not get it working. Phoned HPI and was promptly told to refer to the 'self help videos' on the website to open up the control module of both fans and swap them over to test if it was in fact a faulty remote and/faulty control module. Shocked that there was no assistance offered to send out an electrician to service the faulty fan, I went ahead as instructed to confirm the fan was faulty and then get some proper assistance under warranty from HPI.
After an hour of climbing up and down ladders, switching mains power on and off to reset remotes etc I did confirm the control module is faulty.
No joy though, the only person to speak to at the technical/customer service number is an unhelpful, arrogant bloke with delusions of power and control. He told me with no compassion or understanding to go to the website and log a warranty claim so that I could then post the above mentioned control module to HPI to be repaired! I was told they do not do replacements and it is all clearly listed in the warranty terms and conditions.
Just not good enough on any level.
Requested to speak to the General Manager but this guy enjoyed blocking me at every turn and insisted my only option was to send an email to the service email address. There was no other contact for the company.
Frankly, at $489 each and this one lasted 6 weeks, do yourself a favour and stay well away from Hunter Pacific fans!
Beacon Lighting provide full warranty on their Lumix brand fans including sending out an electrician straight away to replace any faulty products. I will
definitely buy that one next time!
Easy to clean and quiet
Remote does not indicate which speed - 7 speeds so can be confusing. Product failed after only 6 weeks.

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This same fan has now failed again and I am replacing it with a new one from another manufacturer. HPI eventually sent the original control module replacement back to my home address 3 weeks after It failed (6 weeks after purchase). We used it for a couple of months and then did not use it over winter. Tried to switch it on with the remote over Christmas 2014 and it has again failed completely. The second control module has failed. I am now replacing the entire fan unit with an Aerotron e503 which is rated best by Choice magazine in their 2014 review. The Hunter Pacific product and service is appalling - do not buy those fans unless you have hours to spend sorting out faulty parts.

Great concept but atrocious quality

Our electrician bought 4 of these fans for us. All were faulty out of the box but hunter pacific insisted that they be installed for warranty. 3 are noisy , 1 had a faulty remote system, all had defective paint work. Replacements are not available. Have waited 4 weeks and they tell me another 2 to go. Customer service people don't seem interested . At nearly $500 each there should be better service and quality. Oh by the way no in house warranty on this lot. They just send you the new unit and you make your own arrangements.
Looks good, multispeed
Poor quality and service. Remote is strange as you can't tell what speed you are on

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Price (RRP)$399
Fan Blade Length1320mm
Blade Pitch9Degrees
Motor Wattage48.8W
Reversible FunctionYes
Release dateAug 2012

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