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Husky Alfresco Bar Fridge

Husky Alfresco Bar Fridge

ALF-C1-840, ALF-C2-840 and ALF-C3-840
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Need help

The fridge used to maintain a reasonable temperature but not great.It is a bit on the loud side.Its easy to clean and look through. My problem is thar the compressor burnt out according to repairer this was caused by a leaking gas pipe sealed inside the unit, unfortunately, this pipe can't be accessed and therefore the fridge can't be fixed.Not a good result for a four year old fridge.Furthermore,I'm told by the repairer that they have encountered this problem many times in the past.who can I go to for help?My name is Sam my phone no.0419548248.

Date PurchasedOct 2014
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Hi Sam, I'm sorry to hear about this. I have forwarded your review and contact details onto our Service department. Please let me know if they haven't contacted you by mid next week. Kind regards, Husky Brand.

Handy item

Great item easy to see into keeps things cold well quiet fridge
Plenty of room for all required stainless finish looks great and variable levels are also handy
Temperature remains even through out fridge in hot or cold weather great size not too big or small can be kept up on counter easily

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Great Product, Great Value for Money

We bought this fridge for use in an office for Friday night happy hour. The main reason we decided on this fridge was look, we didn't want a fridge that was going to be ugly and also lockable doors.
The fridge has kept all of the beers and wine to perfect temperature, the adjustable shelves have also come in handy with beers coming in all shapes and sizes.

Date PurchasedApr 2017
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Great to hear, Cailey! Cheers, Husky Brand.

Questions & Answers

I purchased a Husky HUS-C1-Intelliganza-840. The temperature is set at 4 Deg. I would like it to be a little lower. The instructions advise to contact the seller to find out how to adjust the temperature. Can you advise how to lower the temp?
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Installed an ALF-C2-840 about 6 months ago in a new house. After turning it on in November 2017 the noise it made was so loud we had to turn it off. I phoned and was told to send an email to arisit.warranties.arisit.com outlining the problemwhich I did but have heard nothing back. We are currently turning the fridge on and off as required. The motor goes constantly 24 hours a day. Please advise what I should do next. Regards Len
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Hi 34Hawk34, please email arisit.warranties@arisit.com, you may have sent the email to the wrong email address. Kind regards, Husky Team.I can sympathize with you it doesn't get any better. get another fridge its the only solution. I had no joy from artist


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