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Husky Vino Pro HUS-WC168S-BK-ZY

Husky Vino Pro HUS-WC168S-BK-ZY

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Don't buy one, internal temp variances are crazy and compressor is EXTREMELY noisy

One of the most disappointing purchases I have made. The temperature variances inside the fridge are just not acceptable! When the thermostat in the bottom layer (red wine) is set on 22, it's actually 14 degrees, way too cold for the majority of reds i want to store. The top section is just as bad, but the opposite in temp, the thermostat reads 8 degrees but its actually 12! Plus the compressor is EXTREMELY noisy, I used to have this fridge in my house but it would wake you at night when the compressor cut in so I had to move it outside. Extremely disappointed in this fridge to say the least.

Purchased in March 2019 at Harvey Norman for $2,950.00.

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Does what it says on the box, but not that well

Fundamentally it does what it promises: it cools wine, looks decent, and I've had no reliability issues after a couple of months of use.

But while it does what it promises, I wouldn't say it does it that well. There's a host of issues which point towards this fridge not being particularly well designed and/or built - and make it a little frustrating to own and use:

- Large temperature variation from top to bottom (~3 degrees) - although the temperature does remain quite stable.

- Fairly poor humidity control - to the point where I'd be very hestitant to use this fridge to store wine under cork.

- Relatively high electricity usage (about 50% more than another, larger Liebherr fridge that I own).

- Issues with shelves being slightly different heights - this is my biggest gripe about the fridge. About 1/3 of the shelves fit standard chardonnay / pinot style bottles, the other 2/3 don't (the shelves either won't close, or are such a tight fit that the bottle labels catch on the shelf above and rip). This was tested using the same set of bottles, so the variation is the shelves themselves, not the bottles. My assumption is that standard chardonnay / pinot style bottles are MEANT to fit, but poor quality control means the actual gap from shelf to shelf varies quite a lot. Can be worked around by removing some of the shelves, but obviously not an ideal solution.

- Noisy compressor, particularly a loud clunk / pop noise when it shuts down. I've got the fridge in my garage so not a big issue for me, but loud enough that it would be pretty annoying if the fridge was placed inside.

- As noted above, I've had no reliability issues after a couple of months of use - but I must say that all of the above doesn't fill me with confidence that it will be reliable over the long term (especially the compressor noises).

My comparison point is a second wine fridge I have - a larger Liebherr model. It's a more expensive fridge, but doesn't suffer from any of the above problems - it "just works" in every way, and is going strong after ~4 years of use.

So I guess I would sum up by saying that I think this Husky fridge offers reasonable value for money - but in absolute terms it's not a great product. If you can afford it, I'd recommend spending the extra money on a Liebherr or similar (particularly if you don't need an attractive fridge - Liebherr make some models that are ugly as sin, but well priced). But if you need a more economical option, the Husky is an OK fridge - you just have to be prepared to deal with some quirks and frustrations (and, like me, hope that it remains reliable over the long term).

Date PurchasedDec 2018

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Husky Vino Pro HUS-WC168S-BK-ZY
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