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Husqvarna 236 E Series

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Ryan b

Ryan basked

Hi husqvarna rep, I currently have a husky 236 e series and I have been having trouble cutting with it as it seems to get blunt real quick. Even with new chain. Maybe cause of thickness of chain and the log size I’ve been cutting. Is there any chance I can put a longer bar and thicker chain on this model and would this fix my problem with getting blunt quick while I’m cutting big logs. Kind regards Ryan

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What’s different from the 235 and 236 and how can you tell the difference from a 235 and a 235e? thanks Harry

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The e stands for easy start. The starter system has an extra spring which cushions the jerking action from compression. The last 2 numbers stand for the approx. cc of the engine, not sure about differences there



I recently purchased a 236 e no problem starting but after awhile it seems like it has a sensor in the chain or bar as when I get close to the wood and rev it up it won't go just dies down, it idles ok but wont run under power, I took it ack to the dealer who harged me $65 to fix and told me I had water in the fuel, took it home made up new fuel using recommend mix got one tank out of it before the problem returned, I find it hard to believe it is water in fuel again, any suggestions or should I get my money back as I have a 1 hour round trip to get to my dealer?

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Nick Kilvert
Nick Kilvert

Wish I could give you a good answer because I've got the same problem. As soon as I fully depress the trigger it dies. No water in fuel but if you find an answer I'd like to know.


Thanks for your reply, I finally gave in and took mine back to the dealer he pulled it apart found very little water, then checked the fuel in the can not much in there either, he replaced the fuel filter at cost of $60 found small particles of aluminium in that, got home changed my fuel into plastic container and fingers crossed no problem since, in conclusion must have been aluminium in fuel filter causing all the trouble, question why are aluminium particles getting into the filter, obviously a design fault that needs to be looked at. I also had the starter pully changed as they put a plastic one in and the corners were stripped, something else they need to change.

I'm a chainsaws/small engines mechanic and trust me, 9 of 10 Husq. 236 have the same issue. Sithl 170-180 and Huqvarna 236 are the saw we don't want to repair. They never leave the workshop running as they should...

Steve Williams

Steve Williamsasked

Husqvarna 236 E chainsaw, wont start, i have new fuel new plug, but she wont fire, can any one give any advice? cheers steve,

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Hi Steve the most common reason that the husqvarna 236 e chainsaw won't start is due to flooding, follow this steps and it should start,
1. Pull plug out and make sure it's dry,
2. Pull machine over three times with plug out to empty the cylinder,
3. Replace plug,
4. Prime machine no more then three times,
5, pull choke control out, ( blue lever)
6, pull machine over after the second or third pull it should fire and die off, even if it doesn't after the third pull push the choke back in,
7, once choke in pushed in pull machine over, second pull it should start up,
If the machine was flooded then you will have a lot of smoke belt out of it, nothing to worry about,
Hope this helps


Hi Steve,
Pull coke out all the way,try to start, after it fires but doesnt start pull choke out again then push it back in only a small way it will now start.The only fidly thing is how far back you push it lets say approx 1/3 of the way.

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