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Husqvarna 395XP

Husqvarna 395XP

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Max M.

Max M.Northeast, VIC

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Best Chain saw ever Made Husqvarna 395 XP


I have owned my Husky 395Xp for 12 years, It is the Best chainsaw ever made without a doubt. It has NOT cost me 1 cent, never let me down, and HUSQVARNA still make this model. There is no difference in any way between the Chainsaw I bought 12 years ago and the 395XP built in 2019. Just goes to show, when you build something right, you don't mess with it.
It starts by the 3 rd Pull, I use it everyday on hard wood, I keep my chains sharp, and swap them over with every tank of fuel.

Purchased in March 2007 for $2,500.00.

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Great saw until used on large timber


Great saw - Light, powerful, and easily maneuverable - and the filter never gets dirty!!
Bad Saw - Bury it fully into a log and the exhaust jet cuts the plastic kick back lever completely off like a hot knife...had to replace two before I sold the saw in frustration....

Date PurchasedJul 2009

Quality Saw


Powerful saw, uses a lot of plastic to keep weight down but does not cause reliability issue, great saw all round, if looked after will last a lifetime, I usually changed piston at end of season and on doing so found piston in good shape due to filtration system; run a tungsten tipped chain as I cut dirty timber and handles it easy.

Date PurchasedJan 2015

Fuel tank breather


There was a factory recall on fuel tank breather causing vacuum in fuel tank Hard to start when hot .Quiz your dealer I work on these saws fairly regular in our work shop .Being a Husky dealer workshop .We had several farmers come in complaining no hot start .Replaced vent tube and rod in tank .Cured cheers



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If it were a motorbike, it would be a KTM.


This is my 6th saw, 3 German and 4 Swedish.
Swedes win, the saw/s are far more ergonomic and pleasant to use, same reliability, etc.
To me the Huskys are a more refined less aggressive saw, easier to use and therefore you are able to cut more wood/timber. Simple.
I'm a farmer, not a "Lumber Jack", but the forestry workers I know say "Husqvarna" and they are hard men, For me Husqvarna are the tools. Comfort is safety, we are here to cut yellow and red box, not get shaken to death in a fight with a saw.
NB can't say the same for their back pack blowers!!! About as ergonomic as a fencepost.

Christmas Came Early For The Maddog




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cuts through like butter


I have been operating this chainsaw for about a year now. It is the best I have ever used. It has loads of power and cuts through every tree like butter. It is not hard to start, that is an unfair criticism - the engine is almost 100 cc so you must expect some resistance on the pull starter compared with the smaller models. The only problem with the saw is the weight. After a while it kills my back but that is hardly the fault of saw.

Some Issues


SvenbjNSW, 2154

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Just a great saw


A bit heavy to start with but the ease of cutting and the extra weight it has pushes it down and makes anything over 100 a breeze. Any log over 200mm it is "easier" to use than my 372XP.
I've had it for over 6 years & have done so much work & only 1 official service, just thought it deserved it. Very reliable. I only use the Husky lubricants & parts.
Not a saw for beginners, can lose a limb or head quite quickly. I always wear the gloves & Husky Forest Helmet, which I also give 5 stars to.

For the pro's


What a great saw, I brought this saw as a second to Husqvarna 288 XP that I have owned for 15 years and still going strong. The 395 is the equivalent to the 288 and has proven to be just as capable. Had for 2.5 years and no trouble cutting about 30 ton a year.



A very reliable saw , a joy to use, minimal vibration and well balanced.. makes me want to start my own tree lopping buisiness
i like everything asbout this saw....i also have the 3120xp (the biggest) and its also a top saw but the 395xp is just that little bit easier to handle and i've had it "tuned" up and she really screams. cuts any timber with ease and will go all day hot or cold...best saw i've ever used....no tree is safe!
the chain bar tensioning screw isn't strong enough .i've gone through a couple..they bend and eventually snap under pressure...also the one of the two nuts that hold the chain brake housing on the side come loose under vibration ....



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WOW! What a saw! Power to cut all Aussie hardwood
I bought this saw after 4 different people recommended it. One guy has cut 2500 fence posts and it starts first time and has never changed the drive sprocket. Word is the standard 24" bar is adequate unless you are cutting rainforrests down!! (then you can go to 36"!)If you can go the extra $$ GET THIS ONE!!!
Plenty of power, not too heavy (lighter than my old ProMac 800) Starts beautifully Well finished and quality throughout
Well thought out erganomics
Oil cutoff on idle
Decompression button a little arqward at first
A little noiser than smaller saws but I suppose thats normal (90db)



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i own two of these saws and use them on slabbing and rail mills,also firewood,seem to rev a bit harder than 066 magnums i have used.they like a drink but work hard for it.always better price than the stihl.very happy with all husqvarna products i have owned.
power but still pretty light.
mufflers tend to come loose,and some parts can be pricey.can be tricky to start when hot.

Questions & Answers

Bruce E.

Bruce E.asked

is a fuel injected 066 stihl a better bet to buy for hot starting problem

1 answer

Hi bruce never had a starting problem with 395, stihl is a great saw have used both brands for years hard to seperate both quality brands and powerful not sure if fuel injection is a plus, when i cut have it wide open anyway Id take one off each but a husky diehard cheers

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