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Husqvarna 562 XP AutoTune

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Best all around Limbing Blocking pro saw ever to date!! Hands down

I'm a professional aborist in northern wi "nicolet national forest". I own over 25 husqvarna saws. Everything from 334xp's & t540's one hander bucket/climbing saws to 385xp's with 34 in bars and i own and operate my own tree service business this is by far my favorite saw to run i all ready sold 4 of the 562xp's to my close friends and they absolutely love them 5 stars dont even give this 562xp justice!!! The rev boost is like no other saw on the market!! Hang your stihl on the garage wall!!! And never touch it

562xp best work saw out there

bought and updated the autotune and then broke the saw in with the biggest wood I could find after the auto tune did its adjustments this saw was dancing around my brothers 361 stihl. the 562xp is better balanced and better power to weight ratio and better fuel efficient and has better general maintenance then the stihl dose air filter stays cleaner and the bar nuts are captured so I would loose them anymore this saw has almost doubled my work load capability faster production of wood clearing. this saw is really the holy grail for work saws
reliable, power, weight whats not good about this saw
nothing 2 years and still going nothing wrong with it great saw

Husqvarna 562XP Why you shouldn't buy one

This is the worst chainsaw that I have owned. It was hard to start right from the begining and it was broken within the first four tank refills. The local dealer Krambach Pumps and chainsaws gave pathetic service not even able to look at the saw for three weeks and then didn't have the correct diagnostic equipment to correctly examine it. Husqvarna Australia were no better in that they have not honoured the warranty. I have spoken to two separate people at Husqvarna Australia and they both have a different story. Luckily I taped both calls so it is going to be very interesting when this goes to the small claims court. The very first time the saw was used my mate was making a muck a round video so shortly I will put this footage on Youtube along with the lies that the dealer and the Husqvarna representatives have told. I am really fed up with the saw.

They really believed they were going to get away with saying that there was no oil in the fuel which was not the case.

In short stay clear of all Husqvarna products, they may have been a good brand a long time ago, but now they are trying to trade on their reputation. It is about time people found out about their products.
Extremely bad experience, very poor warranty.

Unfortunate you've had so much trouble with your machine Roj... I've had a 55 now for nearly 20 years & HAS NOT MISSED A BEAT..!Quite a few people have had problems ( fuel delivery ) with the 562XP and dealers are having problems rectifying it. Try and fix it out in the field, you haven't got a hope in hell. I also have 2 reliable Husky's amongst my 9 chainsaws but would not have a 562XP. Hotglueman we are talking about problems with a certain model, not the brand, stick to what is relevant.

my chain saw

i usually buy cheap saws on ebay which i usually throw away when they stuff up this time i bough husqvarna 562 and its magic it cuts the wood as if its made of butter the power is un real the saw makes cutting wood efortless imm 72 and i can cut 5 ton of wood no effort i even got energy to split with axe get one there good and the dealer in romsey is good to thanks john e
ev ery thing

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I bought a 562xp and I have mixed opinions. It's brilliant when running but I have trouble occasionally restarting it when hot. I use it professionally and one day it will be perfect all day and then the next it's problematic. When I first got it I had to read the manual to understand the high idle setting so that is not the problem. I use 95 octane fuel with husky 2 stroke oil at 33:1. This is a brilliant saw when running. Light, powerful, smooth and cuts as fast as my old 372xp which ran faultlessly for 9 yrs before the muffler fell off.

Great saw

I have a 372xp24"bar & 346xp16"bar & have just purchased a 562xp20"bar, this saw has heaps of power with its rev boost it makes it a great performer in all the hard wood i could find.It is well balanced & very easy to use.I would recommend this saw to anyone who wants a light yet powerful saw for demanding use.
Powerful,light weight well balanced

The worst saw that I have ever owned. Only used for four fuel tanks and it was broken. Hard to start right from brand new. Local dealer very unhelpful and now I am taking Husqvarna Australia to court to recover cost of saw as they will not honour the warranty. Please do not consider ever purchasing Husqvarna products and particularly don't buy the 562XP chainsaw. Do your research. This saw suffered from faulty injection modules in the USA, there have been several failures in Australia. Steer clear. I will never again buy a Husqvarna product and will spend the rest of my life making sure that people know how poorly Husqvarna Australia looks after it's former customers.Roger. You are obvviousely very emotional about this, I would suggest however that you proceed with caution as the more noise you make about this the more people may question you and not the product. Talk to the right people at Husky and I am sure you will reach a suitable compromise. Have a great life.The 562XP is one of the best saws every made, Out of the 3 Mowers Galore shops we have sold a lot of 562 saws with no issues The only thing customer need to be aware is they can run slightly rough for 2 mins after starting and then the ECU sorts outs the fuel map and then they run awesome And we make sure as a premium Husqvarna dealer, we have a laptop setup with all the tuning / test equipment for the Autotune setup Husqvarna Australia have a great tech support section and I find they favour the customer 9 out of 10 times or offer parts as good will

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What size bar is the 562xp able to take as I'm looking at buying one?
1 answer
I run a 20 inch and it works fine. It can handle a 24 but it is on the edge. If you get the saw make sure you get it from someone who can and has worked on the AT. I am still having issues with starting when it is warm. It's better but not fixed yet by Husky engineering.

Hi guys ,which saw do you think is the better all rounder between 357xp and the 562xp auto tune. Regards Adrian
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Hi you carnt go past the 562xp great saw light and heaps of power


Husqvarna 562 XP AutoTune
CategoryPetrol Chainsaws
Price (RRP) $1,739.00
Bar Length51 cm
Weight6.1 kg
Engine Displacement59.8 cc
Manufacturer Warranty5 year(s)

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