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Husqvarna K 3000 Cut-n-break

Husqvarna K 3000 Cut-n-break

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Perfect tool for intended use

I purchased the cut n break because it's the only tool on the market
That can cut through Concrete reinforced with grade 60 rebar with ease compared to it's only competition, the Concrete chainsaw.
The first pass seems the most difficult. By the third pass the slot keeps the saw aligned with the cut. Much easier to keep aligned than a core drill.
Electric motor is protected with electronics that prevent overheating and blades are top quality.
The process is a bit time consuming but considering what this tool can do
It's well worth the price.

Purchased in January 2019 for $1,799.00.

Great idea poorly executed

The idea is great. The only other electric diamond cutting equipment that I know of that can cut to 400 mm are diamond chainsaws that much more expensive due to wear on both chain & bar. The cutting action with the cut-n-break to reach 400 mm depth is quite slow - at least 6 passes, each time "breaking out" the masonry left between twin cuts - this gets to be slow and awkward for cuts deeper than about 300 mm (much slower than a chainsaw). The combination of small diameter blades & long bar means that you have to be carefull when cutting deep to keep the bar aligned and avoid jamming the blade.

Really disapointed with the belt tensioning system. The belt needs frequent adjustment, which is not helped by the mechanism. The cam used to adjust tension provides very little adjustment range. The belt needs replaceing after small amount of wear & stretch (I ended up making a slightly larger cam myself). On basic detailing, you have to turn the cam counterclockwide to tension. Then when you tighten the locking bolt clockwise, this tends to loosen the cam (have to try and wedge the cam in position while the bolt is tightened) - this seem to be the most basic of poor design input.

On the safety side, continuously alternating from cutting and breaking out wet masonry results in muddy hands. I have frequently found the saw to jam on with grit in the trigger.
400 mm deep cut potential. Electric power great for internal / confined space use
EXceptionbally poor drive belt tension adjustment. Slow cutting method, particularly for cuts deeper than 300mm

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