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Husqvarna Nuda 900R

Husqvarna Nuda 900R

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Great and unique motorcycle.

Very fun naked bike with a Supermoto riding position.
Very striking design overall but you can tell of its BMW origins
in some of the details which are not as well finished as some of
its other Italian competitors.
Brakes are incredibly strong, I personally don't think ABS is necessary but
maybe if you want to buy one and you are not the most experienced/talented rider.
Shorter riders may not like the tall seat, but there are lower seat options. The seat
is quite narrow and you can shift your bum to the side to get one flat foot down.
I'm only 5'9 and the seat height doesn't bother me.
Great handling bike too, will take a bit of getting used to if you are coming from a sports
bike. Supermoto riders may not like the extra weight or stiff suspension setup on the bike.
Sounds and looks good with the factory exhaust, no need to rush out and buy an aftermarket
pipe straight after purchase.
They don't have any reliability issues that I am aware of. Forged motor should hold together
well into the 100's of 1000's of kms. Parts may be an issue down the line because of the short
production run and change in Husqvarna's ownership (BMW to KTM)
Wind protection is an issue on the standard bike if you like to do fast country runs.
Very good fuel economy, 13L tank will give you 240-260 km range.
Clutch and gear change is a little heavier than ideal for myself (would have liked a hydraulic clutch)
Great bike for carving up traffic and suburban hooning.

What motorcycling is all about

I was very fortunate to take out the Nuda 900R. If you don't know much about them the 'R' is the up spec version with better suspension, front brake and more carbon. If you plan to race or like the thought of more adjustability then the R is worth the $2k extra.
This bike holds the road so well, it's extremely easy to manoeuvre and feels 'right' as soon as you take off. Power delivery comes from the BMW F800R engine that has been modified and improved with more useable low down and mid range power. This thing has torque galore which really puts a smile on the dial. It's not a high revving bike like your inline 4's, more like a V-Twin in it's behaviour.
It's not a straight Motard nor a naked, something in between but will appeal to buyers looking at either one of these type of bikes. Without doubt it's the most enjoyable bike I've ever ridden, ever.
It's one of the few bikes that doesn't need a cent spent on it, even the number plate bracket looks good for a stock one. The exhaust note is brilliant. It's loud enough to turn heads and has a cracking note, it's sounds like an after market system. It's a unique deep throated note which turns heads.
Speaking of turning heads the looks of this bike are spot on. I like it because they've managed to look unique with strong lines and make it aggressive plus sporty. The looks match the performance and sound and are truly European in looks and quality.
Brakes are extremely strong, particularly up front. ABS is standard and if you buying a new bike and don't buy ABS then your shooting yourself in the foot. ABS will be a requirement soon in Europe for new bikes and will no doubt eventually be the same in Australia. Plus ABS will be important for resale not to mention that it may actually save your life!
If I had to be picky I did come across a few issues. When I tested out the brakes I noticed the back wheel was pretty much a bystander. It almost lifts off the ground but I believe this is due to the super powered front brake. The suspension makes the 'R' taller so I think the combination of lower seat height and slightly smaller front brakes would eradicate this. Another consideration is the bike was not set up for me so given the adjustability in the suspension I'm assuming that this could be greatly improved.
The only other issue I found was on the left handle controls. For some strange reason the horn is above the indicator controller which is the opposite to most bikes and takes some getting used too. I found myself beeping the horn accidently and found it difficult to reach the indicator at first. Picky I know but this is a review. The seat is firm but ok, perhaps on longer rides it could be an issue but I was so focused on enjoying myself that I didn't find it a real big issue.
Overall this is an awesome bike that really did excite my senses. The looks, handling, power and sound of this bike are brilliant. It's not a cheap bike but it's worth the money when you look at the construction quality and technology on the bike. There is no cheap stuff or cost saving measures.
I would buy the standard Nuda more cause I prefer the black/white colour and feel it has all the suspension I want as I'm not fussed about adjustability. I think you only notice that if your intend on taking your bike to the limits which I don't. Also the seat height is a tad lower and the seat a little softer.
Closest bikes IMO are the Ducati Hyper Motard 821, Triumph street triple 675R, BMW F800R. Kawasaki Z800 and Aprilia Shiver750.
Strong usuable low down power, brilliant standard exhaust note, looks and handling.
Indicator below the horn, hardish seat on the R version softer on the standard spec.

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Test rode - bought. On special $3500 off the Nuda-R - std Nuda with ABS not on special. Can't wait. Agree about the indicator, but I'll adapt.

Questions & Answers

hi im 1.64 m and i love this bike so much!I never had the chance to see it in person,but can a person of my height ride this bike?
No answers

Hi, Does the Nuda 900 have a heavy clutch pull? Can it be lightened with lubing? Does your bike have footpeg rubbers? What is pillion accommodation like? Does the riding position feel roomy or are you perched over the front wheel like a Hypermotard? Have your bikes been reliable? Is it easy to do an oil change? Does the std Nuda need the R smaller front sprocket? What difference does the 2 stage engine map do to performance? Cheers David
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I have a 2013 ABS Nuda900R - one of the last delivered into AUS in Dec 2013 Clutch is light no problem there Foot peg rubbers are standard - there was a factory alloy set as an option My wife is fairly small but loves it on the Nuda and says it is better and more comfy than the other bikes I have owned ie: Ducati, Buell, Suzuki SV etc Riding position is excellent and very comfortable - plenty of seat to move around on and tuck into the tank in the twistys My bike has done 8,000k now and not missed a beat - only have replaced tyres as it eats them for breakfast Oil change is super simple as with most bikes now days My R has the smaller front sprocket as standard - better acceleration but higher revving on the open road By stage 2 mapping - do you mean the sport and rain mode? - Never used rain mode as the bike is so stable Look around for one - but they are getting very hard to find now unmolested and in low klms By the way - I have a riding partner with a standard 900 and it has done 72,000k now and runs perfectly - they are a great bikeHi David. I find the clutch light enough but I have read tests claiming it is heavy. The passenger seat is very narrow and I wouldn't want to go far on it, even though I have the gel version. The standard one is a plank. I agree with NudaR about the riding position. In standard form there is a momentary delay in throttle response off-idle then it comes in quite suddenly. This is a pain in the @r$e, especially in the wet, but can be fixed with any of the various devices that lie to the ECU. I use an AFX-ied which improves it enormously, although you have to pull half the bike off to fit it and there are simpler, easier to fit devices. Some jobs that should be simple, like throttle free-play, are also a pain in the @r$e, taking over an hour. Overall though, there is no better bike for the roads around Canberra where I live.

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