Husqvarna ST327P

Husqvarna ST327P

4.0 from 1 review

In the land of ice and snow

I have worked with this machine for 3 years and living in the part of Canada which I do, it gets a good work out. Over all I am pleased with the machine, now that I know of its qirks.
Once the snow blower is running and warmed up it will carve through drifts twice its size and go looking for more. The hydro static shift makes it easy to shift speeds and from forward to reverse in one smooth move without having to stop. Reverse is a little slower than I would like but it is all about safety. The independent wheels allows for easier steering just by depressing a left or right lever. What is wonderful is being able to throw powder snow in excess of 50 feet. The heated handle grips are wonderful when dealing with snow in our arctic temperatures lol.
Unfortunately no machine is perfect and this one has a few aggravating flaws. The most irritating is when the auger drive pulley gets iced up; the belt slips and the snow goes nowhere. To remedy this issue one needs to get the machine warmed up and motor around a bit until the belt and pulley warm up, otherwise nibble away at the snow and don't release the auger lever. should it stop throwing stand the unit on its nose and engage the auger allow it to clear itself. After about 5-10 minutes the issue should not reoccur. Speaking of belts, the two belts (one for drive and the other for auger) cost a significant amount and can only be purchased from husky due to their special sizing. Another little quirk is starting the machine. Turn on the fuel valve, throw the switch to "on", turn the throttle up and turn the choke lever to the appropriate position. After that depress the primer ball ONLY 3 times and pull the cord. when the machine starts, which it usually does on the first pull, count slowly to 5 and then turn the choke back one click. Count to 5 again and turn the choke back again. Continue this until the choke is in full run position. If you adjust the choke in one motion you will surly stall it and have fun starting it.

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