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Husqvarna TS 300 Series

Husqvarna TS 300 Series

TC 342, TS 342, TS 348 and TS 352
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Husqvarna TS342

Had my mower for about 12 months and done 80 hours. No issues in that time. Starts, runs, cuts and generally operates very well. No complaints. Kawasaki engine has enough power for my requirements - mix of lawn and paddock mowing.

Purchased in February 2018 for $5,499.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Product is used: Weekly
Hill / Slope Performance
Noise Level
Wet / Damp Grass Performance

Consider other options

The TS 342 is a powerful ride on mower. As a contractor I needed something with lots of grunt and reliability , the first few months were great, then things went down hill. The front wheel Bearings seemed to have constant issues needing regular replacing due to the mower not being good for tight areas. A bolt in the locking Diff recently broke causing the main drive belt to come loose which resulting in the brackets holding the diff to the body cracking. These are a few of the problems i have had in the 60hrs I've had running it. My main issue is that i asked the Husqvarna Dealership for something reliable and suitable for a commercial user being told this was the machine for me was a real let down. Now Im responsible with my machinery as I love to try and get as many years out of a machine as i can, but this mower just feels like a money pit, and for $6000 i wish i went to gum tree and got a 2nd hand one for $1500, atleast if things went wrong id feel better about spending hundreds in fixing it instead of spending the same amount on the TS 342

Purchased in January 2018 for $6,000.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Hill / Slope Performance
Noise Level
Wet / Damp Grass Performance

Bucket of expensive unreliable crap

Not the best comfort. Bit rough.. had a new skirt put on after bending the other. My fault . Brackets holding the diff , still not arrived after waiting nearly 3 months. Being a contractor , this machine is losing me a lot of money. Struggling to make ends meet now. Motor , strong as a ox, reliable... I would never buy another one. This is my 3rd one. Very disappointed . Overpriced, parts backup....poor,,,,parts expensive..

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Bucket of crap

It is ok to ride on when it runs. I have contacted the agent I bought it from to try and get it fixed so that I can mow my property, they have a four week wait at best. When I contacted the agent the mower was still under warranty but as they have stated on every occasion I have called they are booked solid. It just so happens now that the mower warranty has expired by 8 days.
We have tried to fix it ourselves because it is snake season and we want our grass kept short as we have horses on our property. I would never recommend our dealer to anyone as their customer service is non existent. I would never ever recommend buying a hasqvarna mower to anybody after my experience. Back the product you sell or don’t sell it. Not happy, sick of getting ripped off by people who sell and forget.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Great choice and upgrade from the chain store options.

After going through 3 chain store versions of riders, John Deere 110, cub cadet and Craftsman t3200 in 12 years and after seeing the new versions that are on the market I decided to spend an additional $800-$1000 and upgrade to this Beast. And she is a very good choice for 2 - 3 acre flat land with lots of grass.. After using one time I feel really good about this purchase. Don’t waste your $ on chain store junk. Go find a dealer that you like and purchase. !
It’s a bit slower than some models but it cuts so efficiently and looks sharp when you are done.
Love the deck for cleaning . Grass doesn’t get stuck under belt when it’s tall. Plenty of power.
Maintenance properly and I’m betting many years of good riding ahead. Will get back later after some time ..
Oh and this one had the tall commercial seat very comfortable having trouble getting my wife off of it.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Was a great mower until the problems started!

We had this mower for about 8 months before receiving a letter saying it was recalled due to the fuel line being located to close to the blade and causing issues. Prior to this is was great until we started getting more use after clearing the front of our yard up and being able to mow there the blade being so low was catching on roots given our land isn’t flat. Would say go for it if you have a flat block. Would avoid if there’s ditches or roots or uneven surface. Be careful and do your research.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

So dissapointed

New transmission/ difflock after 8 hrs, lights stop working after 20 hours, steering wheel came off, wash down attachment vibrated into two pieces, difflock stopped dis-engaging after 40 hours, lost drive after 60 hours as entire bracket/pulley assembly broke off. All my paddocks are flat and seemed no issue for my 15 year old MTD of over 1000 hours.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

early days

First 10 hours done and I could not be happier. Sure there are a couple of nuts that need tightening which the first service will sort out- but the cut quality-speed-traction and power are all exemplary- used to have a JD but can't see me going back. Very comfortable, feels higher than the JD 110 but isn't. the only thing I would change is the fuel tank indicator- but thankfully the reserve proved more than enough to get me out of trouble.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Save Your Money Buy Some Thing Else

Cutting - Terrible
Pto System - Terrible
Catcher - Terrible
Arrived damaged from transit dealer has ordered new front end.
Overall Finish absolutely terrible, poor quality manufacturing, Bonnet rattles and shakes like a blender, catcher system does not seal cause lawn clippings to fly all over you, plastic moves and catcher releases during mowing causing the mower to stop and backfire.
It's hard to manoeuvre and very heavy on petrol I mean heavy.
What a waste of money and it was not cheap.
Only had a week and it needs to go back to the dealer so they can try to fix.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

TS348 - large repairs after 27.8 hours!

After only 27.8 hours of use in a house yard, all three spindles needed replacing. The centre blade had the bolt snap, it did not hit anything. After 27.8 hours of use, we needed 3 new blades and three new spindles and a new blade bolt. Mowers owned by us before this had done 100's of hours, on the same yard. Never did we replace a spindle, let alone three.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

Can't complain

Bought this about several months ago, used it over grass on gravelly ground. It did the job.
As the block has shrub and scrub growing out again, i just went over it and it looked neat.
So far so good. I wished it moved faster when not cutting so can get around quicker but its not a complain.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

My 55 hours

At first it went uphill like a rocket compared to my previous Husquvarna (850 hours which thankfully I have still kept). Sadly over time the new mower as lost the power to go up the 45 Degree embankment it once conquered'.
Gets so far and screeches without and wheel movement. Sounds like a gear failure. Can only use on a fat surface now. Back to the dealer next week. See how we go??

Date PurchasedJan 2017

TS 352 my 80 hour review

Purchased to maintain 4.5 acres , a mixture of flats and 20-25 degree slopes , 5cm to 30cm high grass depending on frequency of mow. Hello everyone , here's my take on this machine hope it helps you all. I'll start with the good . Its A very comfortable machine it's a very quiet machine and it's extremely economical . The 15 litre tank will give u just over 4 hours of full throttle mowing with a reserve just in case.The Kawasaki motor is strong and starts first time every time. Tyres give good grip on slopes without tearing grass when turning . All controls are handy and simple to operate. The 52" deck is well made and floats well. If the grass is 5cm - 15cm high and not wet the mower will cut it beautifully. If the grass is wet you will be doing 2-3 runs to achieve a great look. The mower is one of the simplest things I've ever serviced. I can actually remove the entire mowing deck and slide it out in under 1 minute . Simply a few pins either side to slide the control arms off and it's out. This then gives full access to the drive belts underneath for service. Blades and belts are easily accessible and changeable . A novice could change all 3 blades and belts in under 30 minutes. Simply a great machine to work on . I'm genuinely shocked at this machines ability on slopes. I've pushed it to the max on some steep dam walls to find its limits when I first got it and it's quite a little mountain goat for a 2wd no diff lock Mower. In reality I should of bought a tractor / slasher but my budget was 8 and I wanted something smaller my young boys could handle and get familiar with. The mower is very low vibration and comfortable for my 6"2 frame. Essentially I'm throwing way more at this mower than it was designed for and it eats it up . It is a belt driven ,spindle & bearings set up and from my experience ALL these types have issues with belts and bearings at some stage. And I did to ... so now for the bAd . But I don't really call it bad . One of my 3 spindles blew a bearing at 40 hours and screeched it's ass off. No worries , I dropped the deck and pulled the spindle off and took it to the dealer who swapped the part immediately ( plenty in stock ) and I fit it up and she's been good to go since . The part didn't cost me and the dealer offered to fit it for me but with the easy serviceability of the machine I did it myself and was good to go in no time . Im guessing that husqvarna used a cheaper bearing in the spindles so I'm guessed the other 2 will fail soon but the spindle assembly is cheap anyway so happy days . Got a 5 year wArranty not sure how many spindles I can pull but like I said they're cheap anyway . All the drive belts are good to go . The led headlights were great at night when they were working , some of the led bulbs are actually not working some are , so it's not wiring it's the light itself , again not a problem and just a simple warranty thing . The front rubber bumpers mounted either side on the front nudge bar will fall off and you will mow over them . Just pull them off apply glue and push back on . Or do my fix and just mow over them. Well that's about it fellow mowers , Would I buy this machine again ? For sure .
Regards , Emperor Zurg

Date PurchasedFeb 2015

Comfortable, Easy operation Let down by Husqvarna dealer delivery

Not even 1 Hour of operation and both cutter deck spindle bearings failed, really loud screaching noise had to shut it down. On inspection spindle housings were so hot I could not touch them, this was the first time brand new mower was used to cut a manicured lawn so it was not hard work that killed the bearings, very poor quality. I took it back to dealer the next day they told me that they would order the parts and repair it, 4 days later I picked it up again ! Tested as soon as I got home All good, but don't know for how long ? Should Have got a Deere

Ok, but not the best mow quality.

1 year of use - 50hrs
Well, I've gotten used to mowing with this machine. I try to avoid down hill right angle turns to minimise scalping and I mow in different directions as much as possible to avoid uneven ridge lines across the lawn. Would be better suited to flat blocks.
Uneven mow across slopes of more than 3-5 degrees on 10-15 degrees the grass is cut 20mm shorter on down hill side - annoying.
Vanguard Vtwin Engine running well, no problems with transmission, most of the plastic and rubbers fell off in the first 10-20 hrs and got destroyed, so nothing to worry about there anymore. No faults elsewhere. why can't Husky get the plastic and rubbers right? With all this stuff rattling, falling off and apart, it ain't a great first impression.
Watch out for the hour meter it'll continue to count if your engine is off and your key is still on - remove your key when you're finished mowing.
It has a well built heavy duty mowing deck but There are issues with deck rock 'n' roll which are exaggerated by the front wheel suspension. It needs adjustable deck wheels!! The central roller doesn't cut it.
The supplied blades are great at lifting the grass right out of the ground and leaving bare earth in it's place. Probably good with tighter grass weaves eg- zoysia, buffalo? Not great with kikuyu -Try the mulching blades for less vacuum effect.
Comfortable seat , easy to drive and reasonably quick though still struggles in thick wet grass -and chews through the gas doing it.
Would I buy it again? Probably not.
Would I recommend it? Depends on your block and your expectations. Great for just hacking through, questionable if you like a really smooth finish on slopes.

Date PurchasedAug 2015

Questions & Answers

I have to have slight pressure on the forward motion pedal when engaging the mower deck drive, which causes the mower to begin moving at the same time. If not the mower stalls and have to restart. Is this an adjustment issue or???????????
No answers

Why does my brand new $3K ''TS348D'' with the 48'' clear-cut fab deck leave a strip of hardly-cut grass right down the center? The deck was adjusted to the "T"per the manuf.,and double checked by myself.No upside down blade,either-I'm not an idiot so don't even try.Will someone even remotely admit a poor deck design ?
1 answer
G’day Brad , From what I found out from our husky mechanic , it s in the adjustment of the deck....needs to be on level surface with just a tad of lift at the front of the deck so as to create a vacuum to the grass. Revs need to be flat knacker. You ll also notice a roller at the front that has a bolt and 2 adjustment nuts. It is not the best design , however , with some trail and error , I have mine pretty close. Also if the grass is wet or quiet long , you may have to go over it again. Grab a set of mulching blades. Since I changed to those , the cut has improved. I think they are called Gator . There is a bit on YouTube .....swapping to Gator blades on my Husqvana Nov 20. 2016. One thing to be wary of....if you do install the Mulching blades. Checkthat there is clearance between the 2 blades where they meet. I had to shave of a bit on the blades... not much though. If you are unsure....Consult your Husqvana dealer or a licensed Mechanic at a Reputable Mower Shop. I think it is a poor deck design. Hope this helps Annoyed Albert

ts342 cutter belts-original replaced-at my cost- after 13 hrs -broke today 23 hrs so far-new cost $55 -cost me $5/hr so far to mow anyone else having this problem --apart from this problem no worries so far
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TS 342TC 342TS 348TS 352
Cutting Width1070mm1070mm1220mm1320mm
Power (kW)15.715.715.717.2
Price (RRP)$5799$6799$6299$7299

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