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Stephen H.

Stephen H.asked

TS 242

My 242 hit a small root and caused the blade to split the stone guard. The mowing mechanism now makes a dreadful noise when engaged. Can the the guard be welded apor will it have to be replaced? If so, approximately how much would this cost?

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Willem V.

Willem V.asked

TS 242

Are the 242 and 342 ts now of a better quality now and are the spindles protected with a shearing devise in case of hitting an obstacle.? When a starting switch is accidentilly left on does the hour meter continues to count or does the meter only count when the engine is running? Which is important!
Looking forward to your reply WVB

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Marthese S.

Marthese S.asked

TS 242

What are they like now with the Kawasaki engine

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No idea. Mines 7 years old

Peter kleinschmidt
Peter kleinschmidt

Kawasaki engine is great they fixed all the issues mine is 2 years old now only done 55 hrs but no problems at all

James K

James Kasked

TS 242

Hi there,

we have a slopping block. I have been told this machine is suitable for us but when I read the reviews I am second guessing my decision. Are all these reviews before the Kawasaki engine was installed?


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How drastic is the slope... These machines have a pressure cutout switch in the seat (easily bypassed) which can be a pain if you have to get out of the seat on a sloping block. My main beef with these are the blade quick release setup... I have had a few plastic covers ripped off, but believe there is a work around for this problem... My block 3.5 acres is relatively flat with only a slight slope and other than the above problem works ok.. currently having a starting problem with mine ... to mush electronic rubbish on this machine... simple key start would have been fine



TS 242

Im looking at purchasing the TS 242 model with the FR Kawasaki engine, i believe its an upgrade from the issues they had on the previous TS 242. Any advise at all from anyone who has a new TS242?

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Good morning.
Unfortunately, I am unable to help with an answer to your question.
Just after I bought my new 242 , an upgrade on the 242 became available.
Also, just after I purchased my 242 ,there was 2 recalls on 242 's.
First being for blades replacement.
The second one was, to secure the fuel line away from the drive belts.
My 242 has a briggs and stratton motor which has given me no trouble whatsoever.
I 'm not aware or any problems with the briggs and stratton.
I've had a long association with briggs and stratton motors throughout my life , and they 've been a very good motor and have a good reputation reliability.
When the 242 upgrade occurred, there was much mention of a kawaski motor replacing the briggs and stratton, the reason ( I was advised ) was to replace the smart switch with a key ignition switch.
I believe that the smart switch is not a very smart switch.
Mine had to be repalaced when it was only 5 months old.
Dealership wouldn't replace it with key ignition, the whole wiring harness would have to be replaced.
I'm thoroughly grateful that I received a 5 year warranty.
Almost 4 weeks ago , I took my 242 to dealership for its 50 hour service and it wouldn't start and the husqvana dealership couldn't start it.
They had to contact husqvana head office , looking for reasons.
Apparently, the butterfly in the automatic choke is missing and it's never had one , along withanother part of the choke
I haven't seen my ride on for nearly a month and I'm not sure as to when I may see it again
I guess that there's a bun fight as to who is going to foot the bill.

I 'm not having much luck with husqvana.
My first one was a new 186 , traded it on the 242 when it was only a couple of months old.
It was garbage.
May you have better luck with your new kawaski 242.


Ian S
Ian S

The B&S engine requires 95 oct fuel to run well, but run well. other issues with TS2 series poor assembling/dealer support - fuel line recall, cutter deck quick release blades falling off



TS 242

does the ts 242 have a limited slip diff? thank you Ray

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Yes it does Ray .
Works quite well, fortunately, i haven't had any problems with that.

Ian S
Ian S

TS 246 does not have limited slip diff due wheel spin in the wet, not sure about TS242. But the TS2 42 inch or 46inch cut, should be something in the owner manual to confirm if slip diff is available


Country consumer
Country consumer

Yes, agree with Bear. It can be a little jerky when turning on full lock, but no problems otherwise.



TS 242

How much for a mulch kit for a ts242?

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