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Hylands Teething Tablets

Hylands Teething Tablets

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Used this item on 1 out of 4 of my children

I do not recommend this product to any one. I used this on the youngest of my 4 children he is now 4 years old with rotten teeth. I used bonjela on my other 3 children with no teeth problem at all. This has also been recalled and taken off Australian shelves (and so it should be) thank goodness they are his baby teeth.


I have used this product before however I have now decided to discontinue because in my opinion it's very risky given that the product has been recalled due to safety concerns in America. It has not yet been recalled in Australia. Hylands have been great about it and have offered me a full refund.


Used these prior to them being recalled and my experience with them was great. Worked wonders for my son's eye teeth and molars. If he is handling his teeth fine then I don't bother giving him anything or I go with natural remedies first (cold washer, ice blocks etc). Over use of anything can't be good.

Best homeopathic medication for teething

After trying other products with no luck a friend recommended these. I am very impressed with the effect. I am not a believer in homeopathy but after having a teething baby I will try anything. My little man actually loves having these. Sometime I find I will end up needing regular medication such as paracetamol or ibuprofen but not as often if I use these tablets first.

Double trouble perfect for twins

Having twins these tablets have been a life saver on many nights and avoided needing panadol or neurofen
Highly recommend, I've only really used when nothing else seemed to work
One of our twins needed the tablets more than the other and never had any issues with reactions etc
Very good price too

How homeopathy works

Negative reviews due to product containing belladona are a little silly. These teething tablets are homeopathic. Homeopathy is an alternative medicine whereby exceedingly small, trace amounts of substances are given to a patient to allow their systems to counteract them and thus providing benefits to other symptoms they may have. For example the highly toxic venom from an amazonian Bushmaster (lachesis), a snake known for its aggressiveness, is commonly used in patients suffering from a range of symptoms from menopause to anxiety. The doses used are so minute that you have more danger of being poisoned by the fluoride in city drinking water than you do with the belladona in this product.
*0.0000000000003% belladona a in a tic-tac sized tablet, compared with 0.000007% fluoride (an equally poisonous substance) in town supply water (and we all drink way more than one drop at a time). This is a roughly 4 million times higher concentration yet is completely safe.
Poisons are only poisons with sufficient dosage. After all, according to the American Chemistry Society, just 6 litres of bottled water at once is enough to kill an adult human.

Contains belladonna

My daughter seemed to settle well with this but broke out in rash. The rash was that bad that she is on antibiotics now. did my bit of research it contains belladonna and its been recalled couple of years ago... somehow it's back on the supermarket shelves? Please be aware of what you give to your little ones. I do not recommend this product to anyone.
easy to use, dissolves immediately
contains belladonna

Couldn't have survived without them

I used these tablets for my second child (I wish I knew about them for my 1st, have ordered from USA for my youngest). They are a life saver, the dissolve almost instantly and work to ease pain and calm the child so quickly. I am not one yo use panafol on my kids all the time so loved a natural alternative. I tell anyone who will listen how good these are
Reliable, fast acting
Hard to get

These tablets are available in health food stores usually.These are not easy to come by, but they are fantastic. I put them into my sons bottles when he was cutting his bottom teeth and now for his top. it has made a huge difference :)

A great product

These tablets are great, they dissolve instantly on the baby's tongue so can be used from a young age. I have used with my son and now am using with my baby daughter with great results.

Am shocked with the reviews about safety issues, obviously they don't understand homeopathic medication.

The way it works is they take 1 dose of belladonna and put it in water, then take 1 drop of that water and put in water, and so on...so by the time it gets to the dose that is used, there actually isn't any of the ingredient at all just traces.

They then put the tablets in the bottle and just drop the required amount in, hardly dangerous. A child could swallow the whole bottle and it would still only be one dose.

That is proper homeopathy and i'm very sure thats what they would do at hyland's. Cheap and effective, makes you wonder why it costs $12 and not $5.

So if something like this works you can imagine it would be a lot better then using paracetamol or ibuprofen to help the child with the pain.
Tasteless, dissolves easily, safe, works well
Can never find it at any chemists, always out of stock,


I have a daughter who was horrible at teething. I would give her 3 of these tables that would fizz up and disolve in her mouth and would provide nearly instant relief for her, they are a natural product which is great. The bottle is plastic so there is no need to worry about broken glass. I have used and recommend these to other who have also found good results.
Small tablets that disovle and easy for the baby to take. A cheap and alternative way to help woth teething.
Heaps of tables come out at once. Spelling mistake on the box. Not all chemist stock them.


these tablets work well, if your child wont take them as a tablet they can be dissolved on a teaspoon with a little water and they cant taste it.
It worked a treat the few times we needed to use them.
These tablets were great when needed.
My daughter always vomited if I didn't dissolve them first so they must taste or feel funny for that split second it takes to dissolve.


It works well. When my son started cutting his first tooth at 2 months (very early) i wanted a safe and natural product. This was the only product out there. It amazingly dissolved straight away. Didn't need to worry about him choking on it. He enjoyed the texture of it in his mouth.
Works well. Dissolves straight away. Natural Homeopathic remedy for teething. Prefer this over liquid products due to ease of administering to a young baby. Can be given from 2 months (as confirmed by Hyland's). No risk of overdose as it's a homepathic remedy. Great!
Tiny tablets come out a few at a time.


My daughter would hold her tongue out in readiness when she saw the bottle! They seemed to work quite well,and they are safe enough to dose BEFORE the teething pain starts. If my daughter was having a few bad days I would just give her some tabs before her nap time so she could sleep though. There are plenty of tabs in the bottle so you never run out - I still have heaps leftover. Awesome product, a must for every baby first aid kit.
Easy to use, very effective, great price
Can be hard to find at all chemists


Really love these tablets, they work quickly and provide instant pain relief when teething. I find these tablets work well during the day but I often give baby panadol at night as this is when the pain really kicked in.
Easy to use, good value and provides instant relief. Homeopathic product.
Doesn't have a childproof cap.

First Class!

These teething tablets are absolutely first class. The minutes my toddler started to cry from the pain I would give her three and she would fall back to sleep for the rest of the night. I am so very grateful for these little gems. My child didn't give any trouble to take them, indeed after she has the first one she opens her mouth for the second and third!
Fantastic, they really do relieve the pain

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Can someone please tell me which pharmacy sells these?? I used them with my first child (born 2008)then cant buy them for the second. Have tried many pharmacies between Hervey Bay and Brisbane (QLD) and can not buy them anywhere! I live in Hervey Bay. Have been told by all pharmacies that I have been to that they were taken off the market. I have then advised that I have seen online that they are back but dont know where to buy them. Thanks heaps Rebecca


I relied on these tablets when both my girls were teething, they were so much more effective them any of the teething gels i tried. They were also cost effective as well and fit well into my budget. I liked the fact that they dissolved so easily in the babies mouth therefore there was no chance of choking. They aslo didnt taste bad which meant my kids would not fight me when i tired to give them a tablet. I also liked the fact that they were a natural remedy to help my girls fight the pain that comes with teeting.
Dissolve easily in mouth.
I was completely happy with this item


My son had a reaction to the tablets, which caused him to come out in a red rash all over his body. His face also swelled up and he almost lost consciousness, which resulted in me calling 000 and getting an ambulance to come to my home.
BUYER BEWARE.............
I purchased the product (Hylands - Teething relief) 2 days ago and on day 2 my son had a reaction to the tablets, which caused him to come out in a red rash all over his body. His face also swelled up and he almost lost consciousness, which resulted in me calling 000 and getting an ambulance to come to my home. My son was then admitted to the accident and emergency department and given some medication. After observing him for some hours the doctors stated that he had had a reaction to one of the plant extracts, most probably belladonna (I have since researched this product and found it is also called Deadly Nightshade - poison).

Belladonna isnt a poison in small doses... Many “poisons“ help people with pain. If u think that a small dose of something that can poison u in large doses isnt safe u should stop taking everythin... Like panadol and nurofe, codine products ect. Ur boy had a serious reaction to something and u should test for exactly wat in the tablet caused that reaction instead of putting it down to a plant name. Ur boy had a reaction like a child has,a sever reaction from peanuts. U will also find that bonjella is verry unsafe, but they dont tell u that on the tube. If i had to toss up between the both it would defs be teething tablets (unless sever reaction). Bonjella if not used correctly can cause salicylate poisioning. Many parents dont know that if overused it can stunt mental growth, effect major organs, cause irritability ect. The parents that dont know this tend.to give a little more because they think its needed and sometimes results in a hospital trip.

Questions & Answers

This product has been recalled in America due to safety issues. Hylands have been happy to provide a refund. Just wondering if anyone knows when it will be recalled in Australia? Thanks
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I haven't heard that they are recalling in Australia. I stopped using our supply just in case. It's not worth the risk.

Where to buy these tablets between Hervey Bay and Brisbane QLD?? Unable to locate at numerous pharmacies.
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They have them at my local Good Price pharmacy at Booval, Ipswich.


Hylands Teething Tablets
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