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Chewie B.
Chewie B. · Excel X3 (1995-2000)

Spongy brakes! Could it be bad bearings in the shaft that runs from right to left behind the firewall?


Excels are old now so could be anything, usually the brake booster

Steven R.
Steven R. · Excel

My 1998 hyundai excel fuel gauge sticks at half and stays there , fuel sender?

michael g
michael g · Excel X3 (1995-2000)

have replaced roters/ capliers master cylinder back brake shoes drumes and cylinders. the systerm is air free been bled several times. when the peddle is pumped up it is nice nice and hard. the problem is when you start the car the peddle goes soft it doesent come back hard .their isnt any leaks.

Maryanne H.
Maryanne H. · Excel

I have a Hyundai excel 98
The reversing light is staying on after I have reversed instead of cancelling out
What. Is causing this how do I fix thankyou


I regret I cannot help you there. It sounds as though there is something wrong that has to be looked into by an auto-electrician. We disposed of the Excel in 2014 and though I believe it's still running it is no longer mine.

Maryanne H.
Maryanne H.  

Thankyou I may have to look at getting another reliable vehicle

Farrin K.
Farrin K. · Excel

Why won't my Hyundai excel vim number excel 96 model manual start

Narelle · Excel

Engine light keeps coming on after I had a flat battery. What could be causing this and how do I fix it? Thanks

Paul M.
Paul M.  

this probably means that the battery needs replacing, or an error code is being held in the ECU which can be cleared if you have an ECU interface plug but my guess is u need to either fully charge the battery - test it or replace it

Davo B.
Davo B. · Excel

How many ks can I get when fuel light cames on in a Hyundai excel single cam

Kym · Excel X3 (1995-2000)

Hi when my interior of my car heats up from the sun.my left side indictors stop working instead my temperature gauge goes up and down.then I'm not sure iff car is over heating or not.

Montanna L.
Montanna L. · Excel

I wonder if anyone can help me, I have a 97 Hyundai excel x3 sprint single cam auto.... when the car is cold or is in reverse it makes a really loud clunking noise almost as if something is being thrown around inside the engine. Anyone have any ideas?

Russell M.
Russell M. · Excel

Why is my hyandai excel x3 reving high and Low in neutral

Renee G.
Renee G. · Excel

I have a Hyundai excel manual 98 model and it’s started to have a intermittent problem with starting.....does anyone know what the problem might be

Renee G.
Renee G. · Excel

I have a hyundia xcel 1998 model and if I have the high or low beam on and I turn the car off the headlights dim.....is this what it is suppose to do


In a nutshell, yes.
When a car engine is running, the alternator is being turned and generating electricity. When it is off, the lights are just running off the battery. In fact, testing the voltage at the battery with engine off, then on, is how you test your alternator.
Also, most cars won't let you turn on the headlights without the ignition on as the battery will flatten very quickly.

If you are having no starting trouble I wouldn't worry. Sounds normal.

Try not to run your headlights without the engine running though, you will flatten the battery!

Rebecca C.
Rebecca C. · Excel

What's the fuel economy on 98 hatch...tank to kilometres?

Tony · Excel X3 (1995-2000)

I've got a 98 x3 single can motor and I got a double ohc power steering set up but it doesn't seem to be able to be bolted to the single can in the same spot there's no casting holes for one except at the back of the block lower down. Did single cam motors ever have power steering?

Dan w
Dan w · Excel X2 (1990-1994)

My 1994 excel sprint has no power to car what so ever, dash lights, horn ect nothing is working won’t even start

Iv chew just battery and fuses all ok

Anyway got any ideas?

gazz man
gazz man · Excel X3 (1995-2000)

How many belts does it have? As i have a very noisy belt.

Grace G
Grace G · Excel X3 (1995-2000)

How do you change the cabin filter on an Excel X3? Everything I googled seemed to be for an Accent. Is it the same?

Grace G
Grace G · Excel X3 (1995-2000)

I just brought a cheap '98 Excel. It's my first car and I'm not allowed to even think of driving it until my Dad goes through everything - he is a little worried . Any areas he should look at in particular? What are the most common area to need fixing/replacing/adjusting?


I can't think of anything specific to the excel, all in it's a pretty robust little car for what they cost. However, as with all cars the first checks should be seatbelts, then tyres, breaks and suspension. You want it to stop and steer properly. So make sure you have good quality tyres with good tread. You can roughly test the dampers (shockers) by bouncing each corner (google if you don't know what I mean). The rear shockies go more than the fronts on these. Also you can have a look at the shockies for oil leaks.

Breaks might best be left to a professional to check thoroughly but a visual inspection can be done on the fluid, lines, rotors and pads fairly easily. There shouldn't be too much play on the peddle, it's a light car with more than adequate brakes so should pull up straight and true without much effort and fuss. If it doesn't, get it looked at immediately.

Bushes, CV's etc will show up as weird noises and odd driving. These things handle pretty well so if anything is upsetting it and it's not driving easy go get it looked at. Same goes for knocks over bumps, clicks and clacks on full lock, squeels or grinding noises etc.. It should be smooth, stable and turn easy.

There's checks you can do to any car but I'll not go into them too much. If you're in doubt about anything it's doing, go get it looked at by a professional! :)

There's little things that excels suffer from which are annoying more than a safety issue and you'll only find out when it breaks. Like:

The lock barrels wear out so the key wont turn in the door locks. You can either get used to pulling the key back out a tiny amount until it turns or get it fixed.

The door handles snap. Yep, one day you'll go to open the door and it will snap and leave you standing there. When this happens, go in through the other door to get you home but replace BOTH door handles with new ones asap before the passenger side also snaps and you can't get in at all.

The dashboard ages and cracks. Not much you can do. If you have a dash mat it will help. (By the way, check under the dash mat if it came with one to see if it's cracked already).

So yea, I'm going on and on but short answer is -good cheap car, no major safety issues with the model I'm aware of, check usual service and wear items and you should be plain sailing.

Enjoy your mobile. :)

nix13 · Excel

Hello hoping someone can help me out! I've just landed myself a little 95' Hyundai automatic excel for about two weeks now and all of the sudden my O/D off has just turned off and it lit up on my dashboard.. Is there a button or something I can use to turn it back on..?


If over drive is not a safety issue is wouldnt worry about it too much though if you still are concerned perhaps you could try taking the car into the hyandai Australia workshop to get them to check the car over


There is an over drive, o/d button on the gear stick.

Troy · Excel

has anyone come across the situation where the rear suspension seems to stop working on your excel?


It sounds like you need new suspension shocks / perhaps you could try taking the car to a hyandai Australia workshop or you could have the Monroe shocks workshop or a pedders workshop fit new suspension shocks @ Monroe shocks are great though pedders suspension shocks are even better quality

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