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Hyundai iLoad TQ-V (2008-Present)

Hyundai iLoad TQ-V (2008-Present) (2008-2020) Questions & Answers (page 2 of 6)

Also referred to as: Hyundai iLoad TQ-V (2008-Present) 2019 and Hyundai iLoad TQ-V (2008-Present) 2021.
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How do you bleed a clutch. I load van 2010 model

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Has anyone else had issues with the paint peeling off their iLoads? Ours is approx 2014 model & the paint’s been coming off for a couple of years now. We took it to the Hyundai dealer that we bought it off, but because it was out of warranty, they weren’t interested.
It’s looks terrible & it’s peeling off most of the panels, especially the bonnet..

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Gary V.

Gary V.asked

Hi folks. 2014 I load van here. minor issue. left sliding door appears to sit out a bit at the rear top of the door (compared to drivers side sliding door). I've adjusted the top slider all the way in but, it is still sitting out about 5mm further than the other door. the roller looks to be in good condition too. The rest of the sliding door is sitting nice and flat with all panels...just the top bit annoying me.
Question: do i adjust the front lower arm out to pivot the rear top in more? or is there another way of doing it.
Cancel this question. By loosening the 3 bolts on the rear hinged slider arm just a bit and then slamming the door shut...this aligned it perfectly. I then opened it very slowly a bit and tightened up the 3 bolts.

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zayly w.

zayly w.asked

Hi had a new turbo installed 2 years ago 2010 imax have it serviced every 5000km lost all power hard to get itup to 60km would it be the turbo again

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Your agr valve is stuck open. (It is emission valve what got lot of carbon in)



Does anyone know where the speed sensors are located on a 2011 TD iload with automatic transmission

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Boarding pass

Boarding passasked

Hi Guys,
I have 2008 I load & the passenger front window switch is not working. it could be the switch i know. But the drivers side control works & it stops when someone touches the passenger switch at the same time, so there is definitely a working connection in the switch. do these vans have a child lock for that switch somewhere? just thought id ask before spending money on a replacement switch.

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Just had too replace my manifold because of bad crack now my car has lost power for some reason ? Hyundai imax 2.4 petrol

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Macca M.

Macca M.asked

Can the iload be driven with the turbo disconnected?

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2011 I load what frequency do the door remote controlers work on please?

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Steve G

Steve Gasked

I've got a 2012 Hyundai iload petrol,clutch pedal bushes are worn have excessive clutch pedal play,can you replace the bushes without removing the pedal box and cost of repairs thanks

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Robbie J

Robbie Jasked

Need a wiring diagram for stereo on my19 iload 2019 model if anyone could help or even a pin out diagram? cheers in advance

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I have 2017 diesel i loader and also getting a flat spot usually between 1000 and 2000 rpms.
Dealer says cannot do anything because when they test drive it doesn't happen.
It is still under warranty and has been doing it since new. What should I do?

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iload petrol air in take to air filter, has anyone checked out restrictions & made adjustments?
Drivers side horn positioned & restricts air flow.
Ducted position inside grill had excess plastic protruding out & again restricts air flow.

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hi I've just purchased a genuine iload battery just wondering if they are a sealed unit or require topping up? thanks

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Has anyone had trouble with the seats in a diesel 2012 Iload?

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Arthur S

Arthur Sasked

2010 imax remote lock/unlock not operating properly. Any ideas?

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Stihl man
Stihl man

To ask the obvious, have you checked the battery and the contacts?
If this is in order then I guess you would have to try to narrow the problem down.
Try to determine whether it's the car locking system or the Key Fob.
If you've got two key fobs both with good batteries and they both aren't working as they should, it would point the problem at the car.
Perhaps after you have investigated this and you still have problems perhaps you could be more specific as to how exactly it's not working as it should.
ie Is it intermittent or only some functions work for instance.

Evan Shapley

Evan Shapleyasked

How do I back off tension on fan belt to remove alternator so that i can get to the turbo?

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Love my new i-load. Great reversing camera but no audio warning. Is this normal ? If not, how can I turn on audio proximity warning?

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Stihl man
Stihl man

No, there is no audio proximity warning on these vehicles. Just the infernal seat belt and door chime warning that won't shut up or stop nagging.


The door chime has turned out to be a blessing in disguise. On day 2 I took the keys out of the ignition and threw them into the console to stop the chime, not realizing I'd activated the lock. I closed the door and locked myself out. Now the chime reminds me to take the keys out. If you want to stop the chime, all you need to do is tape over the switch on the drivers door, (or pop rivet as small metal tab over it)


If the door chime bothers you there’s a third party product that adds the feature, automatically cancels if you are towing a trailer - talk tomAutoBarn



Can you put engine stop leak in a Hyundai Iload 2008 diesel?

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I have put a new motor into my imax 2011 but can not get it going.. any ideas?

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Gary Parker
Gary Parker

Have you programed the cpu for the injectors in the new motor.

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